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SizeGenetics Penis Extender Device Frequently Asked Questions “Answered”

The SizeGenetics penis extender is not only popular as a penis enlargement device but also as a medical device. The good thing about the SizeGenetics system is it works.

SizeGenetics Frequently Asked Questions Answered
Most Commonly Asked Questions About SizeGenetics Answered (see below)

However, even with its popularity and any proven results published online, people seem to have some common questions about it, especially when it comes to gains and comfort.

Hopefully, this FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) information can provide answers to some of the common questions that linger in the minds of some individuals who want to know more about SG prior to purchasing.

Most Common Questions About SizeGenetics

Just like any other products, especially if it is popular, it is common for some people to have questions about it. Although the description of SizeGenetics penis extender system is quiet detailed, there may be some confusion to people.

On the other hand, it would be much helpful to address specific questions about SizeGenetics. After all, buyers are entitled to know about what they’re going to buy.

Below are the commonly asked questions about the SizeGenetics.

Q: Will the SG extender makes the penis longer?

Yes, the main goal of the extender to extend or lengthen the size of the penis. The SizeGenetics extender includes additional rods that extend the reach of the extender when the penis is longer or has already gained length.

Q: Will SizeGenetics or any penis extender hurts the penis?

A: Penis extenders when used appropriately will not hurt the penis. In fact, there are no reported injuries using the SizGenetics extender. However, soreness may experience, which is normal when doing penis enlargement. Other than soreness, an extender cannot cause impotence or trigger erection problems.

Q: Does using SizeGenetics extender causes pain?

A: A lot of men will feel soreness right base of the penis due to ligaments being stretched. It is normal to feel some level of pain, and as the penis stretch longer every single day, the soreness becomes less.

Performing warm-up prior to putting on the extender, and doing warm down upon finishing the routine can both help minimize the soreness or pain significantly. Overall, it is not more of the pain but comfort especially when the penis has gained size already.

Q: Do gains achieved using SizeGenetics permanent?

A: The gains achieved by using the extender is permanent. That means once you have reached your goal you can stop using the extender.

Q: Does performing manual penis enlargement exercises along with SizeGenetics can help increase penis size?

A: The SG extender is already an efficient penis enlargement device, yet when combined with manual exercises, it allows one to gain size quicker than doing these techniques individually.

Q: What is the maximum girth that will fit into the SizeGenetics?

A: The maximum girth that can fit inside the SizeGenetics entry is 6.25 inches of a flaccid penis. With that in mind, most men have a girth of a flaccid penis size around 4 or 4+ inches.

Q: Should the penis be flaccid or erect when putting on the SG extender?

A: The extender should be used with the flaccid state of the penis. Flaccid penis state is easier to stretch than its erect state. Hence use SG when the penis is flaccid for a more productive stretching routine.

Some men have experimented using the extender with an erect penis, but better gains are achieved when the penis is on its flaccid state. As a matter of fact, the recommended routine of SG noted not to use the extender when the penis is erect, and advise users to wait until the erection subsides prior to putting on the extender.

Q: How long does it take for one to put on the extender?

A: Putting on the extender is easy. However, the quickness of putting it on would depend on practice and attachments used. Some men reported they put it on as quickly as 30 seconds. Of course, this is no contest how fast to put it on, but practice can make it quicker. Hence, using the device more often will make one put on the device a lot quicker.

Q: How long will it take to gain an increase in penis size?

A: Typically, the average user of SG extender will start to see results in a 1 to 2 months period. Moreover, typical gains of up to 2 inches after a year of use are common on average users, as well. When SG is used along with other penis enlargement techniques such as penis exercises and hydro pumping, results can be achieved a lot quicker.

Q: How long should the SG extender be worn?

A: The length of time SG to be put on depends on the level of experience of the user. The SG recommended routine outlined this one, so check out the recommended routines.

Q: How much length a user can expect while using the extender?

A: There are no definite numbers when it comes to size gained. One can gain up to 2 inches after a year of using the extender, but the more often one uses it, the better gains achieved. Additionally as mentioned, putting manual efforts or used along with other penis enlargement techniques can help increase size gains significantly and quickly.

Q: What is the maximum penis length that SizeGenetics can take?

A: The SG extender can handle 9.5 to 10 inches of penile length using additional or extension rods.

Q: What is the typical success rate?

A: Men who have used the SizeGenetics extender correctly and consistently have achieved size gains. Therefore, the success rate is 100 percent. Although, the size gains would depend on how one uses it, consistently or sporadically.

Hence, prior to purchasing SizeGenetics or any penis extender, make sure you are committed and decided already to perform the SizeGenetics recommended routines as instructed. Acquiring the extender and keeping in the drawer or closet will not help the penis achieve any size gains.

Q: Will there be any benefits or advantages when using SG with supplements?

A: Taking supplements or pills along with SG helps. The supplements help facilitate an increase in blood flow. Taking supplements while doing penis enlargement is just as taking supplements for bodybuilding. Just make sure you are taking the right supplementation such as the Male Extra, or VigRX.

Q: When purchasing SG using CC, does it appear in the statement as SizeGenetics?

A: When purchasing SG through credit card, it will not be indicated as SizeGenetics. Instead, the statement will indicate Lativio LLP. This product is ship and bill credit card discreetly. No one knows what you have just purchased and what is inside the box delivered until you open it.

Q: Are there any extra attachments that can be used for the comfortable wearing of the extender for long hours?

A: Out of the box, SizeGenetics is already a comfortable device to wear. It is designed to provide comfort for long hours of wear. However, both Ultimate System and Device Only package include additional 16-way comfort system attachments that can be used to wear SG in many different ways with comfort in mind.

Q: Does warm-up necessary prior to putting on the extender?

A: Warming up is always a very smart thing to do when it comes to doing penis enlargement. In the case of putting on the SG extender, warming up is not necessary, but it can help significantly. A simple warm towel wrapping and slight stretching or massaging can help just to make the penis get ready.

Doing so, it makes the stretching more productive than simply not doing warm-up prior to wearing the extender. One additional great advantage of warming is it will not cause soreness at the base of the penis right after using the extender.

Q: Can SizeGenetics be worn underneath clothing?

A: The SG extender is designed to be worn underneath loose fit clothing. That means, putting in on allows you to work and walk around without people noticing you are wearing an extender. Just pick clothing you are comfortable wearing while putting on the extender.

Q: Does age a factor when using the extender?

A: Age does not matter when it comes to using extender for penis enlargement purposes.

Q: Will health insurance cover the use of SG extender?

A: This will depend on health insurance if they cover it with the plan. Even if SG is a medically-approved medical type 1 device for treating Peyronie’s Disease, it would still depend on one’s health insurance plan if it covers using such a device. Therefore, check with your health insurance policy or agent if such a device is covered or not.

Q: Does SizeGenetics has medical endorsements?

A: The SG extender is a medically-approved medical type 1 device designed to treat or correct curved penises. Clinically, it has been proven to straighten curved penises as well as extend the length of the penis.

As mentioned earlier, hopefully, this helps anyone seeking more information about this amazing penis extender. Keep in mind, doing manual efforts such as performing penis exercises can help using the extender to achieve more productive and quicker results.

Q: Are there any available instructions on how to use the SizeGenetics extender device?

A: Click here for an instructional video on how to use the SizeGenetics extender along with detailed descriptions about the attachments.


  1. I’m a big fan of these devices, but they did mess up my penis skin pretty badly. It wasn’t anything horrible, just some irritation that was both painful and inconvenient. It didn’t go away until I started using a penis health creme. The creme I use has Vitamin E and shea butter in it, which hydrates and protects the penis skin during the stretching process. It has helped me out tremendously. I recommend it to anyone who is using an extender.

    • How long does it stretch without feeling any pain… what I mean is the stretched flaccid? I assumed you’re referring to the normal hang flaccid without stretching the penis.

      Have you done any penis enlargement routines like stretching and jelqing?

  2. Looks like potential solution for me. Even though it’s embarrassing, my penis size is 2inches in length and only 4 inches long when i have full erection. I’m 27 years old now, and ever since I know about sex, I’ve wish to make it larger that can reach up to 6 inches when fully erect. I’ve tried lots of supplements, but didn’t worked…I guess it’s true and make sense supplements are not penis enlargement method, but for increasing virility because when I took vimax for 6 months, I can tell my erections and sex drive are both strong, but of course…sadly, the size is still the same.

    • the right woman will not care. But they make extensions that are fun that make you feel like your huge. Besides being small can be good because it means you can fit toys in their with you. Especially the vibrating ones. Girls love those. Just saying there is a bright side to being smaller.

  3. My partner is somewhat has a slight penile curvature. I’ve noticed it, but when I confronted him about that, he said it has been for awhile and it was not inborn. I’ll try to persuade him about using sizegenetics and see if it can help improve in correcting the curvature. I think based on what I’ve read, sizegenetics can still help it as it is not overly curved.

  4. This answers some of my important questions about the device. It’s already in my plan next month to order it and use along with my jelqing and edging routines.

  5. I want to buy SizeGenetics, and I thought I could find a discount somewhere before filling up my cc đŸ™‚

  6. I want something that will last for life not just for a few uses or a year. I hope this is it! I haven’t started and no experience with any penis enlargement devices, just manual routines.

  7. It’s been awhile that I wanted to to buy SizeGenetics, but I have no idea what is the price and rate of shipping for it.

  8. Hi Michael, appreciate for putting this faqs. I’ve been researching about SG as I wanted to get one for me. I think you cover a lot of commonly asked questions relating to the device. Although, I have a friend who is already using it lately, I still want some information I can get as I want to be familiar with the device. Great job, and appreciate the information here. Thanks!!!


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