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How To Use The SizeGenetics Penis Extender Device?


The SizeGenetics extender is a simple device that uses traction to increase penis size. Every purchase of the SizeGenetics extender comes with an instructional DVD detailing how to use it correctly and effectively, along with its accessories appropriately and effectively, particularly the Ultimate System Kit.

Below, a video showing the basics of how to use the SizeGenetics extender device. The video is the official SizeGenetics instructional DVD that comes with any SizeGenetics package.

Parts of the SizeGenetics Penis Extender
SizeGenetics Penis Extender Device and its Parts

The demonstration presented in this video explains how to use the 16-Way Comfort System. Each of the components of the comfort system will be explained right below the video, as well.

Video User’s Guide On Using The SizeGenetics Extender

SizeGenetics Comfort System Attachments and Descriptions

The SizeGenetics traction system comes with numerous attachments that can be used in combination to come up with various ways to wear the device depending on which combination is comfortable for a particular user. The video above demonstrates how to use the multiple attachments and accessories that come with the SizeGenetics ultimate system.

Every purchase of SizeGenetics comes with an instructional video in DVD format. Hence, before you get excited about wearing the device and let is start working on increasing your penis size, always take some time to read, watch, and review the user’s guide. However, there is no available download for the SizeGenetics instructional DVD, but you can watch it above in advance before purchasing.

SizeGenetics Extender Comfort System

It will save you a lot of time and frustration, later figuring out how to wear or use individual attachments or accessories as to which combination suits your preference when it comes to comfort. Most of all, the instructional video shows you how to assemble SizeGenetics along with its various attachments, including the elongation bars.

Many users have a hard time wearing the SizeGenetics extender properly. Some even complain that the comfort system does not work. There is a reason why attachments and accessories are there available at your disposal. When it comes to how much tension is required, it differs from user-to-user. Hence, adjust the tension that is not too tight and not too loose as your preference.

Current users who have a hard time achieving comfort and quickness of wearing the device and potential users who are planning on purchasing SizeGenetics are advised to watch the instructional video to be familiarized with proper usage.

For additional information such as how long do you wear SizeGenetics for best results, please refer to the SizeGenetics Frequently Asked Questions.

The SizeGenetics Components and Attachments

Now, let us have a quick look at the SizeGenetics components and attachments that you’ll be receiving when you purchase it.


5. 1. Silicon Noose

The silicon noose works by firmly attaching itself just underneath the head of the penis providing an upward force towards the glans(penis head) when wearing the penis extender. This is the original method that extenders used to grip onto the penis and still considered the best by many experienced penis enlargement folks.

Because the nose attaches firmly just underneath the head of the penis, the extender will get a consistent hold which will help extend the penis size by inches over time.



  1. I have heard a lot about SizeGenetics extender. Been reading about it through different sources, but haven’t decided to get one myself. Seeing in the video how it works, looks simple and I tend to prefer this as it can be put on even while at work, which is great in my opinion.

  2. Thank you very much for this video. I have been wanting to know how to use the device since I wanted one for me. But, as with many others, i wanted to learn a bit about how to put it on. Great video man! Thnxxx

  3. I consider this as my advanced learning program. I’ve ordered sizegenetics yesterday and I’m happy with the instructional video. This means, I can have a little learning curve when it arrives sooooon….

  4. First heard of it a year ago, but didn’t pay attention to it until lately when I got interested in penis enlargement. My jelqing and stretching routines are doing great, but I think I have to step it up a bit with sizegenetics extender.

  5. I’ve heard a lot about SizeGenetics extender, so a few days ago I decided to learn more about. Hopefully, I can get one by the end of this month. And, thanks for having this instructional guide, sometimes we want to learn how it works prior to getting one. Thanks!

  6. i simply bought a penis extender a week ago(SizeGenetics), i wear it daily for about 5-6 hours. but typically 2 hours in, i have a desire to mastorbate, is it safe to remove the penis extender and mastorbate with out affecting the development?

    • Hey Ulrich, I have the same feeling as yours when I first got my SizeGenetics. I really like to masturbate, but I have to hold it off until the routine is completed during the day. With your idea, I haven’t tried it, but I don’t think it would affect much of the growth, but I suggest…go for the routine first and make it your priority if you want better gains.

    • I suggest as Barron suggested, too. It’s easy to hold off from masturbation once you’re getting used to the routine. After all, you want gains right? And, not just to masturbate all day long.

  7. hey do sizegenetics really work?. my best friend request me to try it out however am still curious about the product. the jelqing workout work and the jelqing strategy exercise is stretching of the penis so i personally believe the size genetics extender works however i personally never tryed it prior to but i have study about it and it said that it’s a danger if you don’t follow direction and try to over do it by attempting to stretch a lot all @ as soon as u can damage your penis. im inquiring about get it but i do not wanna waste my money if it doesn’t work … any suggestions ???

  8. I consider mine within the average range, and I want to increase the size to at least additional 1 or 2 inches. I’ve looked at several methods including pills, exercises and devices like pumps and extenders. Based on my own research, I’ve come to decide to use extender, but I think I’m gonna need to begin with manual exercises just to get used to the process and to set the right mindset and develop more motivation.

    Btw, this educational tutorial on using the sizegenetics extender is very useful for me in the future…

    • Hey Veamel, if there is some hesitancy in your mind right now, opting for manual exercises is a great choice. You don’t need to spend on devices and pills in order to get started. The first thing to do is set the right attitude as well as maintain and improve motivation to do the routines. When you’re on the right mindset already, penis enlargement devices like SizeGenetics extender, or pumps like Bathmate and Penomet are all helpful in speeding up the process of achieving gains.

      Try manual exercises for 60 to 90 days and maintain the right attitude to performing the routine consistently. If you’re just beginning, do it lightly if you have fear of having injuries…then gradually increase the intensity.


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