3 Squat Workouts For Men To Gain Sustainable Power To Carry Her In Standing Position


Sex in a standing position requires power, control, and endurance. Any man who wants to experience power sex in the bedroom and give his girl a satisfying experience must gain this exceptional power.

The good news, there are certain power workouts that can help a man achieve muscle power to carry her on extended period while having sex in a standing position. In fact, this is not only applicable for bedroom performance but wherever it may be applicable.

Squat Power Workouts

All these power squat workouts will give the arms, quads, and calves enough power to carry her while giving her that powerful thrusting motion. While supplements are good for boosting sexual stamina, having sex in a standing position that requires a man to carry her girl will require muscle power.

Just as with many sports, standing position is legs and arms game. Prior to implementing this power sex position, make sure you have the guts to carry her sustainably because dropping her will hurt her, and perhaps become disappointed.

A man will not let her girl be disappointed sexually. Therefore, check out these squat workouts below, and begin training to achieve an optimum power to carry her.

1. Hammer Curl Squat

Use moderate weight dumbbells do simulate stain of the arm of carrying her. At this point, there is no need to caress the dumbbells, but simply focus on training for power gain. A hammer curl is just like a bicep curl with palms facing one another. If you are not familiar with this workout, watch the video below to have a good idea of doing it correctly.

The squat must be done in 10 repetitions, making the last repetition of the squat at the lowest point and holding it for 10 seconds. For first timers, this will hurt. However, no pain, no gain, and she will be thankful to you for doing it, eventually.

2. Full Squat (5 Repetitions)

Whether your girl is heavy or not, carrying and holding her demands a sustainable muscle power. A full squat workout can help one achieve gaining this power.

3. Squat With Calf Raise (20 Repetitions)

This is a variation of the full squat.

Experimenting with various sex positions can be very exciting. Probably, one of the positions that require a lot of energy is the standing position. Having to perform these squat power workouts regularly can help sustain energy while enjoying a pleasurable encounter.


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