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Sex Therapy And How It Help Couples Restore Relationships

There comes a time when couples cannot handle their sexual relationship. When that happens, a sex therapy is necessary in order to bring the luster of sexual relationship back.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of couples sexual problems.

Sex Therapy For Couples

Most of the time, sexual relationship deteriorates due to anxiety and health problems. For men, there is the anxiety of not being able to satisfy his partner sexually due to penis size, or perhaps erection problems.

Eventually, that anxiety can lead to an inability to sustain erections. On the other hand, women can have issues, as well. Perhaps, due to health problems, or painful sex experience due to lack of lubrication.

All these issues are preventable if both partners have open communication. Communication is an essential key to solving the problem. However, most of the time, it is neglected, and the couple needs help from a professional.

This where sex therapy comes into play. A therapist will evaluate the couple to bring out what truly causing the problem, and may give certain activities to perform to help the couple get closer and open to one another.

What Is Sex Therapy or Pyscho Therapy

Sex therapy is now widely available almost anywhere. Therefore, it is not an issue contacting a professional therapist for a professional help. The only issue is whether the couple is open to it, or willing to admit they have a problem.

Even online, there are online sex therapists that can be contacted through phone, chat, or email. This is a good choice for a couple or individual who wants to be anonymous and does not want to visit a therapy center for help.

Online sex therapists are similar to one who can be contacted at therapy centers, the means of communication is different.

How Sex Therapy Is Conducted

Click here to talk to an online live sex therapist, or check your phone directory to contact a local therapist in your area.

Every couple especially married ones deserve a happy and satisfying sexual experience. Be open in discussing each of your sexual weaknesses.

It is easy to start an open communication doing that way. Men sometimes are not willing to admit and talk about sexual issues, even with his wife or partner.

Instead, some men resorted to using medications without informing the partner. Sometimes, resort to using male penis enlargement devices such as penis pumps and extenders.

There is no problem using such penis enlargement devices. However, if you are a man who has an excellent erection, which hard and able to sustain it for an extended time, yet your partner seems not satisfied.

If this is the case, there may be nothing wrong with you, but perhaps your wife or partner has something or feeling not good about it.

Online Sex Therapy Consultation Services

Ask her if she experiences pain during sexual intercourse. If it does, ask her to use lubricants in order to lessen or eliminate the pain during sex.

Otherwise, seek medical help so that the cause of the pain will be known and address as early as possible.

How Sex Therapy Helped A Couple With Sexual Problem When Medical Procedure Failed

This is a story of a couple in which the woman has a condition known as vulvodynia. The condition causes an excruciating pain every time having a sexual intercourse.

Possibly, lots people have been able to watch this episode at TLC’s {strange}Sex program, but for those who were not able to watch it, here it is.

When medical cure fails to solve the issue, sex therapy can be very helpful in maintaining the couple’s relationship even though physical sex contact is almost impossible.

In addition, even if sexual penetration might be an issue, the couple can agree to do manual stimulation.

There are numerous ways a couple can do to enjoy sex even without penetration. Who knows, with the immense power of the mind and through the couple’s patience and persistence the condition would go away, eventually.

Well, that sounds like science fiction, but we know there are men and women who have successful healing from cancer through mind power.

Now, we’re going unconventional, but when all else fails and the desire to heal completely and enjoy life lives, there is nothing impossible…even science cannot explain it.

Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy

This is actually a book written by Gina Ogden and available at Amazon. The book is a winner of the 2014 AASECT(American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists) Professional Book Award.

This sex therapy book covers beyond behavioral treatments, performance goals, and pharmaceutical interventions towards a complete picture about clients’ needs upon entering the process of sex therapy.

The book also demonstrates the authors ISIS wheel as shown inside the book cover to the right, which is an innovative template the understands a wide array of sexual issues including mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual aspects.

While this book is geared towards sex therapists whether trained or not in the field of sex therapy, this could also be useful and valuable to people who want to learn more about sex therapy in their own way.

There are lots of couples who have issues or feel embarrassed consulting a professional sex therapist, and if that’s the case wherein the couple recognizes they have an issue, self-discovering what needs to be done can be appropriate, and this book can be of help.


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