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Sex Misconceptions Worth Knowing To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy and Health Risks

Sex education is not always a thing that is universally taught and understood by the majority. This means on occasion people will find themselves doing actions supposed to improve their sex life, yet such actions may end up causing more harm than good in the long term.

Sex Misconceptions and Myths

Previously, we have covered topics about facts and myths of the male penis. This time, we will be covering some of the popular and widespread sexual myths especially those associated in preventing pregnancies.

Hopefully, the information presented, and facts explored can help redress and fill up appropriate information in which many are not aware.

These myths are so widespread that we have inherited it. Probably, factors why these myths become so popular allowing many to perceived and believed they are true and factual may be due to the following;

  • Complete ignorance
  • Inability to listen and reason
  • Lack of general awareness about the subject of sex
  • Simple denial of facts

Now is the time to uncover and debunk these sex myths. Doing so, it might help people today applying these myths hoping to prevent pregnancies or thinking of being hygienic. Sex is an extraordinary and blissful experience.

Every human being must be aware and open up the mind about the subject. Becoming aware and avoiding these myths can put away men and women of the risks it offers.

Sex In Standing Position

Standing Sex Position Prevents Pregnancy

For many years, people believed that having sex standing is a reliable and natural means of contraceptive.

However, the reality is when the man releases the sperm into the vagina during sexual intercourse sperm cells still, have the ability to travel into the woman’s uterus unaffected by gravity.

In a single ejaculation, a man releases millions of sperm cells, and even just one enters into the uterus can cause pregnancy if the woman is fertile.

Coitus Interrupts Prevents Pregnancy

This myth is closely related to the one previously mentioned. Coitus interrupts in plain English is withdrawal. Many people considered withdrawal as a natural means of birth control.

However, using such method is not safe totally. Men especially those who are just beginning to explore sex tend to ejaculate prematurely. Moreover, even the small volume of pre-release semen during sex intercourse contain sperm cells that can make a woman pregnant.

For those who want to use coitus interrupts as pregnancy prevention, keep in mind this is not a safe and natural means. Many women end up pregnant while others are successful. Look or talk to an OB/Gyn(Obstetrics and gynecology) doctor for proven and safe method instead.

Douching The Vagina Makes It Hygienic and Prevents Pregnancy?

There are women who considered vaginal douching as means of hygienic routine, and use water along with mild cleaning agents to wash or douche vaginal opening. Health experts and ACOG(American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) advised women to avoid douching.

The female vagina is complex and intricate designed to self-regulate preventing the formation harmful bacteria. Should you be worried about the hygiene, consult your doctor and ask recommendation for an approved feminine wash.

Failing to care the female genital carefully can lead to serious complications such as;

  • Vaginal infections
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Cervical cancer

Artificial Female Lubrication Prevents Arousal

Her Solution Gel

Another great misconception about sex circles around synthetic female lubricants. Most women who are naive about synthetic lubricants assumed it could hinder arousal and orgasms.

Females who are unable to produce sufficient natural vaginal lubricants can result in a painful sexual experience.

Similarly, when there are not enough lubricants produced by the vagina during sexual intercourse, this could mean there is something not right going on, and this can include bladder and yeast infections.

Commonly, one of the causes of the inability for a woman to produce natural vaginal lubricants is caused by psychological reasons. Perhaps, anxiety and stress are the most popular ones. Even with men, both these psychological factors affect in achieving erections significantly.

No matter whatever means of foreplay, it will not go any further when these psychological factors are present. Seeking expert help is essential to bring out possible solutions that can restore a healthy sex life.

Certainly, there are many other myths circling around not mentioned here. Should you know something interesting and worth discussing, put them in the comment below so that others will know and avoid it.

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    • Hello Niklas, are you a man or woman? I can’t figure out exactly 🙂

      The best thing you can do is to have a pregnancy test. Pregnancy test kits are available usually at drugstores in your local area. Also some signs like morning sickness and menstrual period does not happen when it is supposed to be expected.


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