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Penis Facts and Myths Revealed and Debunked

There have been a lot of changes happened over the past decade about the subject of penis size and male sexual pleasure, in general. Penis facts and myths made to the mainstream. For some, they’re funny while confused others.

Penis Myths Debunked

New advancements in medicine and technology offer development for new products that can aid improve a man’s sexual performance, even changing sex organ or transgender is now possible.

However, even with these technological advancements, there are still myths that are popular among men when it comes to pleasure and enlargement.

Below are among the most common pervasive myths about the man’s penis. On the other hand, facts about the penis were discussed.

Hopefully, by revealing these myths it will make things clear about the perception, decision and enlighten those who are hesitant and confused whether to get started with penis enlargement program.

Do Girls Care About Penis Size

Women Do Not Care About Size

Studies revealed that women in a committed relationship were not concerned with their partner’s penis size. However, this does not mean women never care about penis size. Many of the studies did not yield 100% accurate all the time. There are occasions women do care about size either in girth or length.

In serious relationships, both partners are working to keep one another happy in every aspect of life. Particularly, making love is one of the things that each partner can show and contribute towards a happy couple.

Penis size above average can give considerable advantage and women prefers it. Unless, the penis can be considered a micropenis. Men, try to ask your partner what she says about your size. Believed me when you do, she has her own opinion.

Size Has No Effect On Performance

Physically, penis size might not affect sexual performance, but it is a different story emotionally and psychologically. Most men measure their sexual prowess based on their member size. When man think he has a small load, anxiety can happen quickly resulting in poor performance.

Furthermore, if a man thought he could lose his partner towards another man, this can lead to a serious loss of self-esteem. Both these emotional and psychological factors are quick means to deter sex performance.

Size Has No Effect On Women Sexual Pleasure

This myth can be dictated by a simple ignorance of common sense. Just as with men, women’s vaginal opening comes in different sizes. Hence, the relationship about how penis size and vagina fit together has an effect on pleasure and sensation.

It is possible for a woman to enjoy and experience better sensation and pleasure with a bigger size penis, or discomfort if the size maxed out the vagina can accommodate. This is where open communication plays a crucial role.

Discuss with your partner if the enlargement is necessary. Otherwise, explore different sex positions that do not cause discomfort if the penis is large.

Get Bigger Penis Size

Achieving Permanent Penis Size Increase Is Impossible

This is not true. Surprisingly, many men and even women do not believe that achieving permanent size increase is possible. The science of human has discovered since 100s of years that it is possible to stimulate the growth of tissue through various stresses.

One example, surgeons perform surgical procedures using skin grafts. They install instruments that stretch the patient’s skin temporarily with the goal of using the skin for grafting in the future.

The process of stretching a human tissue is called traction, and this existed for centuries before the advancement of modern medicine.

Proof of this can be manifested on people with elongated necks in South America and Asia, stretched ear lobes, and lips are evidence that traction works. Today, one of the popular application of traction is in penis extenders.

Penis Enlargements Are Risky

Penis enlargement is safe and effective as long as it is done appropriately. One of the safest ways to increase penis size is using a penis extender. However, not all penis extenders are created equal as some are not comfortable to wear.

Today’s popular penis extender that provides comfort in many ways is SizeGenetics. Additionally, hydro penis pumps are safe means of penis enlargement. When used according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, impressive results can be achieved.

Likewise, pumps and extenders can be use along with supplements or pills. The pills do not provide permanent size increase, but it helps conditioned the inner functions in the penile area such as improving blood flow.

Penis enlargement can become risky when opting for surgical procedures especially if the person conducting the operation is not an expert in the field.

Penis Enlargement Is Painful

Endeavoring to increase penis size in both girth and length is not painful using appropriate devices and exercises. Again, extenders are popular penis enlargement device, and it is crucial to invest on an extender that provides quality and comfort.

Additionally, when opting for penis pumps, the two popular choices are Bathmate and Penomet, both are proven effective when used regularly with a good routine.

Penis exercises are also good and effective. When done properly, it helps increase penis size and strengthen erections.

Penis Enlargement Is Associated With Priapism

Priapism is a condition that cause painful and prolonged erection that can last ranging from few hours to days. This condition is not associated with penis enlargement, but rather caused by cardiovascular problems.

Hands and Feet Size To Penis Size Connection

Penis Size Can Be Determine Through A Man’s Thumb or Index Finger

This myth is extremely popular and had been known globally judging penis size based on the thumb or index finger. This is not true, either. The only connection between the penis and hand is masturbation. Now, that is a fact.

However, one research was conducted on Korean men reveals this is true. Well, might be true for Koreans?

Penis and Feet Size Connection

Similarly, this myth is related to the previous one mentioned above, and it is not true. This myth mentioned, the larger the feet in proportion to a man’s height, the larger the penis when erect fully.

Masturbation Can Reduce Penis Size

During the old days, it is particularly common for parents and even doctors to advise young boys to avoid excessive masturbation as it can shrink the penis. Today, it is believed why it was forbidden at that time in order to discourage the practice of self-pleasure.

Later, it has been proven that excessive masturbation does not affect penis size unless it is done so excessively resulting harm or injury to the penis.

Certainly there are many other myths about the male penis that are not mentioned here. Knowing the myths and getting the facts can be useful especially for people who are interested in increasing penis size.

If there are any interesting myths not mention, put them in the comment section so it can be included, and let everyone knows about it.


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