What Do You Know About The Male Sex Organs or Reproductive System and Would It Be Worth Knowing?


The human body is intricate and perfect. Perhaps due to this intricacy, many people shy away from knowing more about the inner processes and simply leave it to a few people on learning how the body works.

However, one needs not to be a doctor or a health professional in order to learn how the human body works especially these days in which we have the technology allowing us to learn and gain knowledge.

The human body is consists of systems and one of these systems is the male and female reproductive systems. We’ll be focusing on the male reproductive system on this article.

Fortunately, we don’t have to dig into many books as college professors like Steven A. Fink, is a professor of Biological Sciences at West Los Angeles College shared his knowledge on this subject in the form of video. Below is his video teaching the fundamentals of male reproductive health.

We’ve already covered interesting topics in the past including facts on erections, penis, and sperms. Additionally, intimate topics like the body on sex, sex and happiness connection, and male sexual health-related topics like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and male fertility, but nothing covered yet on the basics of the male reproductive system.

Another potential benefit of knowing the basics of the male reproductive system is it might encourage men to take responsibility for their health including prostate and penis health. The reproductive system is a part of a bigger and more intricate network of systems including the brain.

Most people think that sex organs only include the penis for men and the vagina for women. However, as you’ve learned from Professor Fink’s lecture above, the brain is always involved in sex processes particularly the pituitary gland.

Talking more about the glands or the endocrine system, there are many environmental pollutions today that disrupts it. Probably, this is the reason many men today are unable to reproduce, or in other words, they suffer from male infertility. Additionally, the prevalent used of wireless technology like cell phones also contribute to male sexual health.

Here’s an informational documentary that tells the many potential risks including plastics and chemicals on male sexual health.

The information revealed in this documentary can be somewhat shocking. It’s a good one to watch in recognizing the potential risks in our environment causing the harm not just for men’s health, but for everyone.


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