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8 Clues The Penis Can Tell About A Man’s Health

Health experts claimed the penis is a great indication to tell a man’s overall health. Hence, it’s reasonable enough to take care and be pro-active about caring the male reproductive health, and the reality is… caring for the overall health takes care of the penis health, as well.

When a man is not able to achieve an erection, or have a hard time achieving or maintaining an erection to the point in which achieving it needs a conscious effort, there could be certain underlying problems beyond a man’s sexual health alone.

Better Penis Health

Looking at a broader angle, a man’s penis can tell almost everything is working well when it comes to the body’s overall health status. Achieving a good erection quality indicates blood blow is is normal not just to the penis, but as on other parts of the body, too. On the other hand, if it does not get hard enough, something is wrong with the arterial health, and this needs to be addressed as early as possible.

It is worth noting the penis should not be evaluated by its performance alone based on every day life. For instance, it is wrong to think when erection quality deteriorates, a man should only think of fixing the erection issue while disregarding other factors.

One thing I can think of why many men isolate penis health issues to the penis alone is ignorance. I was not aware of this fact years ago and I thought the issue with penis health is on the penis alone. I was wrong, and when I began to look at the bigger picture, I was not only achieving better sexual health, but the effort I’ve made also allowed me to achieve bigger penis size.

A healthy penis is truly an essential factor and indicator to a man’s entire health condition. Healthy penis means health body. It may not be true at all times, but when it comes to cardiovascular health, it’s definite. It is also important to note, bigger penis size does not directly mean a man who owned that penis is healthy if it does not achieve a good quality erections.

On the other hand, a small penis size can tell the owner of that penis is health if it is able to achieve good erections on demand. Fortunately, anyone can achieve a bigger penis size that is able to achieve good erections.

1 – Penis Shrinkage Occurs Due To Temperature Changes

Penile shrinkage does occur whether it be temporary or permanent. If you haven’t read the previous article, read it here as it covered more in details about penile shrinkage. Basically, penis shrinks when men feels cold as the blood vessels constrict due to low temperature. However, the blood vessels expand once again as soon as the temperature back to normal and blood flows normally once again.

Moreover, slight changes in temperature can also affect the sperm and testosterone production. The production of sperm as previously mentioned in male fertility article thrives in temperatures below normal body temperature, slightly at least. This is probably the primary reason testicles are situated outside of the body as body temperature can rise higher affecting the sperm motility.

2 – Prostatic Congestion During Sexual Arousal (Blue Balls)

“Blue balls” is coined by one American doctor sometime during 1916 referring to testicular pain that could occur when blood fills the penis during sexual arousal, yet does not subside with orgasm. To explain and make it easier to understand, here’s helpful animation video that explains it well. Btw, some urologists also call this condition “epididymal hypertension“. Also, you can read an actual incident documented from a 14-year old male, or you can download the PDF at this link.

Luckily, this condition does not affect all men. Personally, I don’t experience it. However, women are not exempted in this condition, and I have first-hand experience on this condition with my wife during our early engagement on sex when we were just dating. When I saw her moaning and complaining for pain, that triggered me to find a way on how I can prolong my orgasm allowing her to reach orgasm first before I unload. That set me in a mission to find a way in overcoming premature ejaculation. Now, she’s a happy wife 🙂

Neil Baum, MD Further Explained “Blue Balls”

3 – Alcohol Consumption Affects Erection Quality

There is a sweet spot when it comes to alcohol consumption and how it affects erection. However, over consumption of alcohol can indeed affect erections. Drinking just a bit specially for younger males may reduced stress and anxiety, but drinking too much is not good either. On older male, drinking just a bit may not a good idea and can cause not to achieve good erections suitable for sexual penetration resulting to a temporary erectile dysfunction.

McKinley Health Center stated a Blood Alcohol Content(BAC) above .08 is considered a high dosage. Also, always remember long-term over consumption of alcohol can do harm to one’s health for both man and woman.

4 – Smoking Affects Penis Health

Toxic or poisonous chemicals contain in cigarettes can damage the blood vessels when these chemicals are taken internally during smoking resulting to sexual dysfunction, or ED according to the NMMC(National Male Medical Clinics). In fact, not only the NMMC is concern about it, but health experts in general know the destructive effect of smoking not only to penis health, but for the body’s overall health. Cigarette smoking cause clogging of the heart’s arteries, and since the heart’s primary function is to pump blood to all parts of the body, and erection involves blood flow, penis health is significantly and negatively affected.

So, quit smoking!. This has been previously mentioned as one of the major thing to avoid in order maintain better sexual health and overall health, generally speaking.

5 – Penis Sensitivity Declines As Man Ages

Male penis sensitivity begins to deteriorate starting at age 25, and usually decline drastically on men ages between 65 and 75. At the moment while I’m writing this article, I’m almost 39 years old, and so far sex and penis sensitivity is going strong. Probably due to a healthy lifestyle and of course regular sexual activity. Yes, there are times when work is so hectic and erection quality decline, but I think that’s normal for someone who is stressed and focus is diverted to something more important than sex.

Penile sensitivity is determined with the least amount sexual stimulation a man can feel. A diminishing level of libido or sex drive due to aging normally linked to changes in receptor site sensitivity to androgen, and decline in production of testosterone.

6 – Erections Maintain Penis Health

Many claimed especially those who are dubious about penis enlargement that penis is not a muscle. The reality, penis consist of smooth muscles, and just like the typical muscles on in the body it requires oxygen. Penile muscles receive oxygen through blood flow that in turn engorge the smooth muscle tissues resulting to an erection. When a man does not care to achieve erections or involve in regular sexual activity, these smooth muscle tissues ended up become less elastic, and can result to permanent penile shrinkage.

Typically, when the shrinkage occurs, the penis loses about 1 to 2 centimeters in length. You might have heard doctors or urologists in particular say; “Use it, or Lose it!” Personally, I think you should use it. Even those without partners may use it through masturbation, or advanced form of masturbation such as edging. Even regular massaging of the penis through various penis exercises can help in penis health maintenance. Additionally, using a hydro pump like Bathmate is an excellent for penile health therapy purposes.

7 – Vasectomy Does Not Immediately Stop Semen Release

A lot of men opt for vasectomy with their partner’s consent in an effort for pregnancy prevention, or perhaps for some reasons. Personally, I don’t like the idea of vasectomy unless it’s inevitable for health reasons. However, for those who are planning of having vasectomy to avoid pregnancy, you might want to educate yourself before delving into the operation as the procedure does not immediately stop semen release. This means, after the vasectomy procedure, a man can still impregnate his female partner.

When vasectomy is performed, sperm count starts to decrease until it is totally not release along with the semen. The process usually takes 2 to 3 months, or until the doctor confirms it through a test that semen is free from any sperm.

8 – Penis Is A Favorite Abode For Bacteria

In a separate article, a penis condition called pearly penile papules was covered in details. If you’re new to that term or penis condition, you might want to read that article as PPP affects many men, and to be honest, that includes me. Fortunately, the condition is harmless, so there’s nothing to worry, but it’s good to know how it and how it can eliminated should you prefer.

The amount of bacteria living in the penile skin, particular the foreskin depends on whether a man is circumcised, or not. The skin of the penis is an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply, but the amount of bacteria depends on whether the man is circumcised or not. There was a study published in ASM(American Society for Microbiology), circumcised males have fewer bacteria on their penises compare to those who are uncircumcised.


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