What Happens Inside The Body During Sex?


Sex is not just a pleasurable act, but it’s also a powerful emotion. When we feel or evoke emotion certain emotions it led to an increase of certain hormones. During sex, the level of oxytocin, the love hormone increases. In addition, the level of endorphins also increases, which is a natural pain-killing hormone in the body.

Regardless, the bliss you experience during sexual arousals and orgasms, have you asked yourself or anyone else what’s going on inside the body during that pleasurable sensation of having sex? Well, many people don’t care including myself until recently when I get into more details about how the body works. Although this is something unnecessary, it feels great to know how amazing our bodies are when it comes to function.

Fortunately, we don’t have to become a Ph.D. just to know how our body works. We can find a lot of reputable information on the web. Even some take it to the next level by explaining it visually similar to this video created by BuzzFeedBlue.

Knowing this behind the scene stuff may be able to for us to better intimately and passionately connect with our partners during sex. Most likely, the majority of men don’t have any idea on certain facts about erections. They simply feel and it just happen. Even worse, most men don’t even know what could hurt their fertility, or even knowing certain facts about the sperms, which could be a valuable knowledge towards improving and maintaining male fertility.

Unfortunately, there are men and women, and even couples who shy away on talking about sex. They feel it is somewhat a taboo topic, but it’s not. It’s fun to talk about sex with your partner and make you more connected intimately. This is where sex education is valuable. So, take some time to know even a little of your body. You’ll be amazed on discovering how amazing the human body is.

MRI Scan During Sex

This video below is known as sex-ray vision. It reveals how the internal parts of the body work during kissing and sexual intercourse filmed using an MRI scanner. It is also worth noting, this MRI scan sex footage won the Ig Nobel Prize in 2000. Believed it, or not, there’s a paper of it published in the British Medical Journal entitled Magnetic resonance imaging of male and female genitals during coitus and female sexual arousal.

Additional details about the video above and its creators. With the advancement in miniature gadgets, researchers now are also able to monitor what’s going on during vaginal penetration and ejaculation with a specially designed small camera.


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