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Simple Dietary Changes For Achieving and Maintaining Prostate Health

According to the American Society, 1 in 7 men or 14% of American males will be affected with prostate cancer at some point in their lifetime, and 1 in every 38 men will die of this condition. It is known as the silent killer and considered as the second leading cause of death due to cancer in men.

The good news, one study suggests that dietary habits is linked to prostate health and could increase survival rate.

Most of the time, the progression of prostate cancer is rather slow. However, some men may have been experiencing aggressive progression causing the disease to spread very quickly. Early detection is key to surviving prostate cancer and during the early stages, the survival rate is much higher.

Dr. Aaron Katz, author of the book Prostate Health explains the conditions and symptoms of Prostate, and at what usual age do men can potentially be affected by it. He also mentioned BPH(Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).

Prostate Video Animation Demo

To have a good understanding and a clear picture of what Dr. Aaron Katz explained here’s a good animation video below that provides us with a virtual tour inside the prostate such as how it affects the urinary tract and enlargement of the prostate itself.

This is not complete and comprehensive, but it’s good enough for us to have a good idea what is going inside that we can’t see. It also explains the function of the prostate and where it is located.

Diet and Prostate Health Connection

In this video, Dr. Katz explains about integrative medicine, which uses a combination of natural and modern medicine approach to treatment.

Dr. Katz is one of the doctors who practiced such method, and another doctor I know is Dr. Stephen Sinatra, whom I’ve mentioned in the article “Grounding“. There are many other doctors who do this approach of treatment.

Since this approach does involve proven natural alternative treatment, diet is one of the recommended factors to look.

As Socrates said; Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. The UCSF(University of California San Francisco) supports the idea as well on nutrition for prostate health.

Natural Remedies For Prostate Health

Saw Palmetto is one of the supplementations that have been used extensively around the globe for prostate health. Health experts consider Saw Palmetto as non-toxic, so it’s safe.

The University Of Maryland Medical Center listed several references to various studies of Saw Palmetto for prostate health.

Best Foods For Maintaining A Healthy Prostate

Dr. Elson Haas is another integrative medicine explains the various foods to avoid to maintain prostate health and foods to eat that support prostate health. He also mentioned a very important concept, which is maintaining any organ in the body health means taking care of the entire body.

There’s no isolation for a specific organ as everything in the body works in unison and harmony. This is one of the amazing benefits of an integrative medicine approach, it’s holistic.

Among the foods to be avoided include sugar, particularly refined sugars. If you’re consuming soda and many other bottled drinks, you’re consuming sugar.

If you like sweet drinks and foods that are highly processed, start cutting back on those starting today. Check out these tips on how to minimize sugar consumption as part of our effort to avoiding excessive sugar.

A little may not be harmful, but for a person who already has prostate cancer, it’s a good idea to avoid it at all.

Red meat is also another one to avoid because just as sugar it encourages the growth of cancer cells. Even foods loaded with refined carbs like white bread should be avoided.

Dr. Haas mentioned to avoid foods high in fat, but he was referring to bad or unhealthy fats. Right to the end of the video, he mentioned healthy fats are good for prostate health.

There’s one diet that became popular due to its cancer-killing ability. It’s the Ketogenic diet. This is a diet that includes a high amount of healthy fats including coconut oil, nuts, avocado and among many others.

Dietary Tips For Prostate Health

VigRX Prostate Support Supplement

Now let us quickly explore what changes you can make to your diet for a prostate health. Most of these tips are minimizing the consumption of mainstream food sources you are likely consuming.

  • Limit red meat consumption to no more than three times a month.
  • Minimize consumption of sugary foods particularly refined and processed.
  • Limit dairy products consumption.
  • Switch to whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Organic is preferable, but as long as they’re not genetically modified, it’s fine. If you get your fruits from mass production, make sure to wash them on the water with mixed baking soda or apple cider vinegar to remove the pesticides used.
  • Increase Omega-3 fatty acid intake from plants, fish, and even from good supplementation.
  • Decrease Omega-6 fatty acid found in fried foods(fast foods), hamburgers, hotdogs, as well as foods fried in vegetable oils. Our body needs Omega-6, but when it overwhelms Omega-3, it’s bad. The proper ratio must be maintained.

Saw Palmetto and Prostate Health

To continue the topic on Saw Palmetto for prostate health here’s a very informative interview with Dr. Rudi Moerck by Dr. Mercola.

It’s a bit long, but it’s worth watching as the information shared throughout the interview is vital for maintaining prostate health. Keep in mind, prevention is always better.

Moreover, VigRX Prostate Support supplement also contains saw palmetto and other natural ingredients like Pygeum and Stinging Nettle. It also contains Beta-Sitosterol, which is a plant sterol with a similar structure to natural cholesterol in the body.

Studies1 find it interesting as it is helpful in maintaining better urine flow in men. In fact, it has a better outcome than the placebo.

One of these studies is in the Lancet2, which states;

Significant improvement in symptoms and urinary flow parameters show the effectiveness of β-sitosterol in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.3

Exercise Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk

Exercise is not just a memory booster and anti-aging, but it also reduces the risk of prostate cancer. A Swedish study says that a higher level of physical activity is linked with reduced rate of prostate cancer mortality.

So, get up and exercise regularly. Even a weekend exercise is just as beneficial. So, there’s no reason not to exercise even just once a week.


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