The Link Between Sex and Happiness : Do Couples Having Frequent Sex Happy (or Unhappy)?


There have been studies conducted exploring the link between sex and happiness.

One of the studies conducted by Carnegie Melon University1 found that increasing sexual frequency didn’t lead to happiness.

The researchers theorized that it was perhaps due to a decrease in wanting sex. In a different study2 conducted by researchers at University of Toronto Mississauga lead by Amy Muise found that couples who are having sex once a week was somewhat the optimal level.

Our research suggests that couples do not need to aim to engage in sex as frequently as possible but instead aim to maintain a connection with their partner. Perhaps this is the average since it seems to maximize the benefits for well-being. It is likely that weekly sex is enough for the average couple to maintain their intimate connection and to feel like they have an active sex life, and this is why we see this as the leveling-off point.

Another study3 looked at the connection between sex frequency and happiness found that happiness tended to increase along with frequent sexual activity.

However, just like the previous studies the couples were no longer feel happier when they engaged in sex more than once in a week.

Establishing Sex and Happiness Connection

These studies attempted in establishing the connection between sexual frequency and happiness.

Having sex and I mean sexual contact physically is just a part of a couple’s spectrum of activities to achieve and maintain happiness.

There was also one study that shown that an active sexual lifestyle is good for cognitive function. But, studies like these can’t be relied upon.

Although the findings can be somewhat interesting if it matched ours. If the findings didn’t match, yet you have the most amazing experience and relationship with your partner, then who cares, continue what works for you.

Most couples aim to have a successful relationship, yet every couple has different ways of achieving it.

Just like traveling from point A to point B, there is no one single route, but as long as it reaches the destination, that’s OK. That’s the goal in the first place.

Additionally, better sex does not have to be done everyday. Although this is possible, but definitely not possible the entire time.

For instance, couples who are apart due to career and work cannot engage in sex physically, yet there are things that can be done in order to maintain that inner connection regardless of distance.

Sex Frequency

When it comes to frequency, this is truly based on what the couple’s convenience.

There are may be weeks where sex can be done almost daily, other weeks none, and some weeks once.

There is really no definite schedule to having sex. Some couples may consider frequent sex as a few times a month, while others consider once a week.



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