9 Facts About Male Erections You May Not Aware Of


There’s more we need to know about the male reproductive system than just simply knowing it’s about the penis.

When you begin to know the fascinating anatomy behind it, you’ll find interesting information on it. Facts about the penis and sizes have been covered in the past.

So, why not go further and learn the interesting things and science behind male erections. After all, we’ve recently covered the facts on sperm.

Furthermore, it’s not just fun knowing all these things, but also educational.

Do you know that a man’s sexual or penile health is also an indicator of his overall health condition and what certain lifestyle and activities can affect it negatively?

Exploring The Facts About Erections

Fact No. 1: Men Experience 3 Kinds of Erections

While erections only indicate the hardness of the penis when sexual arousal occurs, it comes from different sources either physical or psychological; and these are:

  1. Reflexogenic – erections triggered through touching or physical contact.
  2. Psychogenic – erections triggered through fantasy.
  3. Nocturnal – erections occurred during REM(Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

Fact No. 2: Many men experienced up to 11 erections during the day, and 3 to 5 erections during night while sleeping

Fact No. 3: Male fetuses have erections as early as 16 weeks during pregnancy

Fact No. 4: Smell of donuts plus the smell of black licorice can increase blood flow to the penis by 32% according to Chicago Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. The researchers discovered this during their study back in 1995.

Alan Hirsch, foundation neurologist said;

One theory is the smells made men recall lovers, producing an associated mood state. Or, maybe the odors induced relaxation, which removed inhibitions.

However, it was not just donuts and licorice were found to be the winner, but also lavender and pumpkin pie combination, which have been found to have similar effect but at higher percentage, 40% as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

The study is posted at The American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Fact No. 5: To achieve hard erections, the penis needs approximately 130ml of blood to fill up the erectile chambers, which is the same amount of ink in certain printer ink cartridges.

Or, less than 4 shots of whiskey at 35ml each shot.

Fact No. 6: The longest known erect penis is 13.5 inches long by Jonah Falcon, but recently one man name Roberto Esquivel Cabrera has taken the record but not officially.

Fact No. 7: Smoking especially during teens double the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Fact No. 8: The venom found in Brazilian wandering spider can cause a persistent and usually painful erection lasting for hours.

It is a condition known as priapism in the medical wold, which is derived from the word Priapus.

This is similar to overdosing Viagra. Researchers from Brazil and Medical College of Georgia were able to isolate the compound causing a long-lasting erections.

Fact No. 9: There are benefits of having frequent sex and one of them is prevention of erectile dysfunction on men aged 55 to 75 years old according to a study.

Two studies according to Harvard also found that frequent sexual intercourse is helpful for maintaining a healthy prostate.


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