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8 Immune System Boosting Foods Against Common Diseases

The body’s immune system is like the military force of a country. The stronger it is, the better it can protect the country. In our body, diet plays a huge role.

Strong Immune System
The Immune System is Your Last Defense Against Viruses – Keep It Strong

Therefore, we should be eating immune system boosting foods that keep our body healthy and better at resisting common illnesses.

On the other hand, caloric restriction works well for boosting immunity. Having intermittent fasting in just three days can boost the body’s immune system.

However, after having the intermittent fasting, which foods you should be eating to continue boosting the body’s immune system? Here are a few suggestions but known to have a positive impact on improving immunity.

Check out these immune system boosting foods that are common and yet ignored to some degree by many people.

Immune System Boosting Foods For Better Health

Let us quickly go over a few of the immune system boosting foods you can regularly eat for better immunity. Most people only resort to eating these foods during the wintertime.

While these foods are great for preventing common diseases like colds and flu during winter, these foods can be consumed at any time of the year.

Hence, instead of focusing on eating highly processed foods, these highly immune system boosting foods should be your focus on your diet.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables Are Natural Immunity Boosters

1. Fruits and Vegetables

One of the requirements for boosting the body’s immunity includes enough supply of vitamins. Fruits and vegetables are whole foods containing natural sources of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins like vitamin C, A, and E are essential in building up the body’s immune system. As a matter of fact, people consuming more fruits and vegetables tend to live longer.

Hence, always make fruits and veggies part of your typical diet and less of the highly processed foods. In fact, include more plant-based foods in your diet and fewer meats.

Of course, don’t forget the green leafy vegetables. They are rich in vitamin E, which is an antioxidant along with avocado. Greens are also rich in vitamin A along with carrots, and sweet potatoes.

When it comes to vitamin C sources, include bell peppers as they contain more vitamin C than citrus fruits. Of course, you can include both including tomatoes.

2. Zinc-Rich Foods

Zinc-Rich Foods Are Excellent Immunity Boosters

Zinc is a vital mineral for men’s health, particularly sexual health. It helps maintain male fertility.

Moreover, zinc mineral is also essential in boosting your moods and even building muscles.

However, there is more to zinc. One study1 shows that zinc is helpful in shortening cold duration when taken immediately.

And, there are studies2 showing zinc influences the immune system. Aside from being helpful in maintaining lean muscles, it also accelerates the healing of wounds3.

In other studies, zinc shows that zinc along with other antioxidants like vitamin E, C, and Beta Carotene reduces the risk of developing AMD(age-related macular degeneration)4 and indispensable to the immune system5.

The best natural sources of zinc include eggs, oysters, fortified cereal, and pumpkin seeds.

Moreover, red meat is also a good source of zinc. However, eating a lot of red meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer6. Hence, eat it sparingly and make sure it is grass-fed7.

3. Garlic

Garlic Boosts Immunity Naturally

There are many health benefits of eating raw garlic. However, for those who can’t take the strong flavor, garlic supplements are also available.

So, why is garlic a good immune system booster? Garlic has allicin, which is fights against bacteria and infection.

One study shows that those who eat garlic daily were less likely to get colds. Moreover, Healthline mentions several studies on the positive effect of garlic on the body’s immune system.

4. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is the Chinese way of fighting colds. One study8 finds that chicken soup has an anti-inflammatory effect. Researchers say that the anti-inflammatory effect could potentially ease symptoms of infections in the upper respiratory tract.

The present study, therefore, suggests that chicken soup may contain a number of substances with beneficial medicinal activity. A mild anti-inflammatory effect could be one mechanism by which the soup could result in the mitigation of symptomatic upper respiratory tract infections.

Rennard, Barbara O. et al. CHEST, Volume 118, Issue 4, 1150 – 1157

This was a study by researchers at the University of Nebraska. The researchers even have a recipe for chicken soup that can fight against colds.

5. Fatty Fishes

Wild Fatty Fishes Are Rich In Immune System Boosting Nutrients

Fatty fishes, mainly those caught in the wild like salmon, halibut, tuna, and sardines, have been known for heart health benefits.

They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which is not only beneficial for the heart but also in controlling inflammation.

It is vital to put inflammation in the body under control. When chronic inflammation occurs in the body, it disrupts and weakens the body’s immune system.

Healthy fats are always part of the Ketogenic diet, which is helpful in reducing inflammation in the brain.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most studied herbs for medicinal purposes. Many health and nutrition experts touted turmeric as a superfood. And, there is a good reason for that.

Turmeric contains a high amount of antioxidants plus potent anti-inflammatory properties. One of the simplest ways to use turmeric as an immune system booster is making a tea out of it.

On the other hand, there are a wide variety of ways you can use turmeric. For instance, turmeric powder is useful and delicious for many dishes. It enhances the flavors while at the same time giving you its anti-inflammatory benefits.

7. Yogurt


Yogurt is one of the meatless sources of proteins and rich in probiotics, which is vital for nurturing the good bacteria in the gut. In other words, yogurt improves gut health.

Now, why is this important? Gut health plays a substantial role in boosting the body’s immune system.

A healthy gut also improves sleep quality and better digestion, which increases the absorption rate of nutrients from the foods.

Moreover, probiotics help in maintaining the intestinal tracts healthy, as well as free from germs and bacteria.

All of these are vital in maintaining a healthy body and strong immunity.

In one study9, researchers found that higher consumption of yogurt especially the elderly may enhance immunity.

The next time you taste and eat yogurt, certainly, your body is grateful you are eating this immune system boosting food.

8. Water For Hydration

Storing and Drinking Water From Copper Bottle

One of the keys to fighting diseases is proper hydration. And, what could surpass the hydrating benefit of water?

Substituting your sugary drinks with water has many health benefits including disease prevention.

Therefore, besides consuming the immune system boosting foods, always consider water as part of it.

It is even more hydrating and beneficial if you drink lemon water every morning.

Interestingly, storing your water in a copper container or bottle makes it even become an effective immune system booster.

A copper water bottle kills bacteria by merely storing water in it—a useful and practical option to purify water safe for drinking. Plus, drinking water stored in copper containers has other health benefits, too.

Final Thoughts

Most people want to boost their immune system to prevent colds and flu. This is particularly true during wintertime.

However, a strong immune system is also valuable for other things such as the prevention of serious illnesses.

Moreover, a robust immune system can slow down the aging process. No one magic food can overall boost the body’s immunity.

Instead, eat a wide variety of immune system boosting foods as part of your healthy diet at all time.


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