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Frequent Sexual Activity Can Boosts Memory

Sex is wonderful, beautiful, pleasurable and offers many health benefits. As a matter of fact, studies show that frequent sex makes you smarter.

In one recent study1, researchers say frequent sexual activity can boosts memory as Business Insider reports.

Sex Boosts Memory Performance

Why Frequent Sex Boosts Memory?

There is evidence2 that sex has a positive impact on brain performance. Researchers say that pleasures during sex produce oxytocin and dopamine. These happy chemicals can linger up to 24 hours in both men and women influencing performance and perceptions.

In this recent study, led author Mark Allen of the University of Wollongong in Australia says that intimacy may boosts memory. How? Stimulation of certain parts of the brains such as the hippocampus occurs.

The hippocampus is the part of the brain associated with memory.

Furthermore, it is not just sexual activity alone that can boosts memory, Allen adds. Simple activities like kissing and hugging were also linked to better memory. Interestingly, this association is more apparent in older individuals.

This is not the first study on sex linking to better memory performance. A previous study3 also supports the recent findings.

In 2016, Huffington Post reports a survey with similar results supporting frequent sex lead to better memory.

How Much Sex Is Good Enough?

Truly sex is beneficial to both the body and brain. But how much sex is good enough to reap the health benefits? Well, research suggests that having sex once a week is good enough.

Although this sex frequency is not good enough for some people, the more frequent the sex the better especially for women. However, make sure you focus on the quality of the sexual encounter maximizing emotional and romantic connections.

What Time Is The Best Time For Sex?

Well, that varies from individual-to-individual. However, make sure that you and your partner are both in the mood for sex. There are couples who want sex early in the morning as it has some benefits, too.

On the other hand, some couples prefer making love at midnight when they’re both get enough rest and gain energy from last day’s work. Moreover, there are couples who prefer their intimate encounters during the day.

In short, there is no exact time for sex for everyone. Talk over with your partner the best time to have your intimate moment. The more comfortable you and your partner discussing sex, the more intense the experience resulting in pleasurable intimacy.

You can even engage yourself and your partner on mindfulness practice. Science shows that this practice not only eases stress and anxiety but also led to better sex. Just in case you do not know, there is a thing called mindful sex.

How To Boost Your Sex Drive?

Boosting sex drive is no different from boosting overall health and wellness. Of course, prioritize healthy eating or good nutrition plan. Particularly, focus on eating aphrodisiac foods. These foods are not magical but contain the essential nutrients necessary for boosting your sex life.

Furthermore, regular exercise offers a significant boost in your sex drive. As a matter of fact, doing your exercise regularly can give you a Viagra-like effect. Even doing a few yoga poses can have tremendous benefits in boosting your sex drive.


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