7 Reasons To Eat Raw Garlic and Make It A Part of Your Diet


Garlic supplements health benefits are real. However, if you can and train yourself to eat fresh garlic, it’s just as beneficial.

When it comes to men’s health, garlic should be a staple food for better sex and health. Consuming raw garlic offers many health benefits such as the following;

1. Prevents Cold

Garlic has antiviral1 properties. Studies show that individuals who are consuming garlic are 60% less likely to catch a cold2.

To make garlic more effective for common cold both in prevention and elimination, soak it in unfiltered raw honey, or even with apple cider vinegar. Just like this guy is doing.

2. Antibacterial and Anti-Fungal

Kills bacteria and fungi

Garlic is not just for ingesting but also for topical use. Using garlic topically can kill bacteria and fungus helping wounds heal quickly and avoiding infections.

Studies have shown that raw garlic has antimicrobial effects.

Garlic, from crushed to capsules, is consumed throughout the world. This review paper demonstrated some of the benefits of garlic for its potential uses in preventing and curing different diseases and acting as an antioxidant for many radicals. Fresh and powdered garlic are popular for food flavor and should continue to be used. Today, with the ever-growing resistant organisms, the taking of garlic extract remains a powerful antimicrobial agent.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Eat Raw Garlic and Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Studies found that consuming raw crushed garlic causes blood vessel relaxation up to 72%.

4. Protects and Prevents Heart Attacks

Heart Attacks and Strokes

Allicin found in crushed raw garlic can help in the prevention of common heart-related diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. In addition, garlic also contains Vitamins B6, C, and selenium.

In one study3 that reviews previous studies, researchers find the following benefits of garlic on cardiovascular health;

  • reduction of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and cancer
  • stimulation of immune function
  • enhanced detoxification of foreign compound
  • hepatoprotection
  • antimicrobial effect
  • antioxidant effect

The wealth of scientific literature supports the proposal that garlic consumption have significant cardioprotective effect, which includes both animal and human studies.

In a different study4, researchers did not only find garlic as beneficial for cardiovascular health but also beneficial in reducing the risk of dementia.

5. Prevents Cancer

Cancer Prevention

The study that finds garlic beneficial to heart health also finds garlic can also prevent cancer. Even the NCI(National Cancer Institute) recognizes garlic potency for cancer prevention.

Garlic is rich in sulfur, which stimulates the body’s immune system and naturally prevents cancer. Some studies have shown that garlic consumption can reduce risks of certain cancers by as much as 50%.

In one study5, researchers find that garlic along with onions can indeed lower the risk of cancers including prostate cancer.

Moreover, CBC News reports a study covering the health benefits of garlic for cancer prevention.

6. Prevents Male Impotence

Erectile Dysfunction Prevention

One of the prevalent men’s health problem today is erectile dysfunction. Erectile issues used to be an issue on older men but today many younger men are also affected.

Garlic consumption helps stimulates the natural production of nitric oxide, which is responsible for improving blood flow and maintaining ideal erections.

In one study6, researchers find that s-allyl cysteine, which is a bioactive component found in garlic is beneficial for restoring erectile tissues in diabetic individuals.

7. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Another one notorious health problem today is cholesterol. However, there are two types of cholesterol; good and bad cholesterol. There are many foods that can increase bad cholesterol.

On the other hand, garlic consumption lowers the bad cholesterol. In 2007, Stanford researchers didn’t find interesting results of garlic in reducing cholesterol.

However, another study7 find garlic is beneficial for lowering cholesterol. And, a later study supports it as Express UK reports.

Studies have shown that garlic consumption can help in lowering bad cholesterol by as much as 12%.

What’s Next?

Garlic has been a part of every culture. In fact, it is one of the widely used spices. Almost all dishes need garlic.

However, today, make sure you choose a garlic that is not loaded with chemicals. So, the next time you shop and pick a garlic, ask where the garlic comes from and make sure it comes from a reliable and clean source.

Growing Your Own Garlic

Probably, one of the safest and healthiest way to obtain garlic is to grow it yourself. When you eat raw garlic from your own produce, you can be sure it’s of good quality.

Unfortunately, not all of us have space. But, just in case you decide to grow your own, here’s a tip.

How To Eat Raw Garlic?

Probably, the best way to learn how to eat raw garlic is to learn it from someone doing it. Well, here’s one doctor that does it.


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