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Your Cell Phone May Contains More Bacteria Than A Toilet Seat

Cell phones are both a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately, only a few care to know about it. In one study1, researchers find that cell phones have high level bacterial contamination. Yes, your cell phone is loaded with harmful bacteria.

Moreover, men who are not using cell phones responsibly can hurt their fertility and sperm count. On the other hand, when cell phones are put to good use, they’re a blessing and they can even be used as a male fertility test kit.

How Germy Is Your Cell Phone?

The researchers in the study say your cell phone carries 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. Among the harmful bacteria that thrive in cell phones include Escherichia coli(E. Coli), streptococcus and MRSA.

Every time you get contact or touch your cell phone, you either deposit or acquire germs. And how many times most people check or touch their phones? Well, one survey finds that most people check their phones around 47 times in a day.

Number of Microbes Living In Cell Phones

This is somewhat alarming as the study finds over 17,000 microbes on 27 cell phones from high school students. The good news is that the researchers conclude that most of these bugs don’t appear to be contributing to the spread of antibacterial resistance.

However, further investigation is necessary. In addition, the experts who comment in the study say that the bacteria in the phones are likely coming from the bathroom when the user carries it. The microbes in the toilet can spread during flushing.

Therefore, experts recommend cleaning your phones periodically to minimize or even eliminate germs. Also, washing the hands several times a day is a good idea.

What Bacteria Does Your Cell Phone Has?

This study is not the first to find how dirty is your cell phone. The first study can be traced back as far as 2010, or even earlier.

Here are some tips on how to clean your cell phones and minimize infections.

It is essential to periodically clean your cell phone as it can potentially make you sick.

Flu Virus Living In Your Phone’s Touchscreen

You’ve read it right. The touchscreen of your cell phone can harbor the flu virus. One study in 2010 from the Journal of Applied Microbiology finds that viruses like the flu virus can live on nonporous surfaces like the cell phone’s touchscreen.

The researchers add that up to 30% of viruses can be transferred from your cell phone’s touchscreen to your fingers. In a separate by British researchers say that cell phones are 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles.

Healthy Eating and Habits Against Germs

Well, now you know your cell phone carries germs that can potentially make you ill. However, don’t limit cell phones only as stuff like the game and remote controllers can also a potential abode for harmful germs.

Aside from cleaning these stuff regularly, there is one thing you should do and make it a habit. It’s eating healthy, as well as healthy lifestyle practices.

For instance, eating more fruits and vegetables nurture the beneficial bacteria in the gut, which in turn boost the body’s immune system allowing your body to fight and prevent infections.

Therefore, it’s not just taking control of your gadgets by cleaning them but also taking control of what you’re putting in your mouth.


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