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2 Simple and Natural Ways To Boost Heart Health

As part of the heart month celebration, here are two ways to boost heart health. As a matter of fact, don’t just think of having awareness during heart month, but continue to raise heart health awareness at all times.

Certainly, sticking to good nutrition and regular exercise are good for maintaining heart health. Additionally, doing these two ways to improve heart health are just as vital. Some people may find them simple to do while others may not.

Fortunately, with practice and continuous conscious effort, these natural and simple ways to boost heart health are doable. Not to mention, both are free and the only requirement is one’s effort and willingness to put them into practice.

Good Posture

In one study1, researchers found that posture affects heart rate and blood pressure. Another study supports it2 and that researchers said body position have significant effect on both heart rate and blood pressure.

Most people may not be aware of it, but bad posture limits breathing capacity. It also limits blood circulation throughout the body. Having a good posture with proper spinal alignment allows better blood flow making the heart’s job easier.

Good postures are also signs of healthiness and confidence. Additionally, it balances the muscles around the back and front of the shoulder girdles.

It also allows the breast-bone to be lifted and open up the ribs, which is helpful in allowing more space for the lungs. For some people, this may require practice. But that’s it, conscious practice with good postures will eventually make it a habit.

Once this becomes automatic and subconscious, it helps in relaxing the body and losing down heart rate quickly. It also lowers blood pressure and breathing is easier. Plus helpful for managing low back pain.

Do you know that certain posture can result in an ectopic heartbeat?

One of the effective ways to improving postures is through yoga. There are certain yoga poses that work well on improving good postures.

Good Attitudes

Another simple and natural way to boost heart health is practicing good attitudes. One of the best ways to make good attitudes into a habit is through gratitude.

Noticing and thanking simple accomplishments and small things being done by others to you is a form of gratitude. This simple gesture of gratitude makes you feel good. And what organ in your body that makes you feel good? It’s the heart.

Of course, it has a constant communication of the brain as no one body organ can work without interacting with other parts.

When you have this good feeling, stress is minimal and easy to manage. While it’s the brain produces the stress hormones, it’s the heart that will eventually handle the stress. When not address early, it can result in depression.

One study3 finds that negative emotions and CHD(coronary heart disease) coexist.

The main symptoms of negative emotional states that seem to be most closely associated with CHD are nervousness, getting easily upset, feeling fatigue, being indecisive, having sleep disturbances, being usually worried about something, and feeling that others would be better off if oneself were dead.

Tips For Improving Mood

Gratitude and journaling are both helpful especially when done in the morning. Make it a habit to have a personal time with yourself first thing in the morning and prior to sleeping.

Additionally, small things such as listening to calming music, laughing and even hugs can all boost mood. You might have heard that laughter is the best medicine. Certainly, it is one of the ways to boost heart health.

The same is true with a simple gesture of hugging.


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