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Intermittent Fasting Boosts Concentration and Increases Testosterone Plus Many More Health Benefits

To cut right to the chase, I’m not a fan of any fad diets except for intermittent fasting. A few years back, I’ve gained about 33% of my total body weight making me an overweight, stressed, and depressed individual.

That was the time before I put up this website and even before my journey in penis enlargement begun. I’ve tried a lot of dieting regimens, but none of them work, well at least for me, perhaps.

Intermittent Fasting Time
Intermittent Fasting Schedule

So, in an effort to lose weight and get rid of my ever-increasing belly fat, which is taking a toll on me including low libido and moody.

I tried calorie restriction. It was awful at the beginning and I didn’t know this will set me through the proper implementation of intermittent fasting.

But first, let me get back to the basics of testosterone and how helpful it is for man’s health and lifestyle.

Testosterone performs a multitude of bodily functions from bone strengthening and muscle building to maintaining a high level of sex drive, testosterone is regarded as the male sex hormone.

Additionally, it is also responsible for keeping youthful looks and feel, and due to that, testosterone hormone is an amazing anti-aging hormone in the human male body.

Men Then vs Now

For sure you noticed, there are those senior men who are still very active in their 60s and even in their 70s.

While the vast majority who are at a similar age bracket was broke, miserable, depressed, lonely, vulnerable to disease, and spend most of their time sitting or walking with their staff.

While a few are still walking tall with heads up, positive outlook, and healthy with energy level sometimes better than those men in their 30s.

The big difference between these men is the level of testosterone in their bodies. The miserable ones don’t have enough and barely got for their daily lifestyle. Probably, due to unhealthy habits that are still unchanged since their younger years.

While those who were able to maintain and seem to found the fountain of youth are living a healthy lifestyle and maintain a physically active body.

Testosterone hormone peaks on men during the 30s and begins its descent through various factors including genetics and lifestyle such as diet and physical activity.

When low testosterone occurs, also refer to as Low-T is apparent through a decline in sex drive, decreased lean muscle mass, and mood swings.

Fortunately, there is something that can be done in order to maintain the testosterone hormone at its optimal level.

Intermittent Fasting Optimizes Testosterone Levels

There are numerous ways a man can maintain optimal testosterone, and one of them is through intermittent fasting. You might have heard the term “FASTING” as it’s being performed in Islam during Ramadan, and even Christians for ritual and cleansing purposes.

Good news, the same effect, and ritual can be done by anyone who wants to be into cleansing his/her own body of toxic from an unhealthy eating regimen.

I’ve tried fasting for 5 days straight, it was difficult, but during the time I did it, I noticed a boost in my interest about sex plus anything I want to do I can easily finish it as I’m more focused on it.

It was weird, but that’s what I’ve noticed. Initially, it was difficult, but the more often I do it, the easier it becomes.

The Eat-Stop-Eat Intermittent Fasting Guide

Later, when I was reading online researching about fasting, I came across a Brad Pilon’s website(Eat-Stop-Eat) where he talked about this method of dieting with twist calling it intermittent fasting.

Eat-Stop-Eat by Brad Pilon
Eat-Stop-Eat Fasting

I’m sure it was not him who coined the term intermittent fasting, but it was through him I discovered it.

Upon finishing my 5-day full fasting, I resume my normal eating paying attention to the food I eat and amount.

I had no idea about how much weight I’ve lost in that first 5 days of fasting as I didn’t weigh myself.

I continue to read and performed a bit of research and found out a lot are doing it and now after a few days of resuming my normal eating, I’m now ready to begin a new cycle of calorie restriction, fasting…but this time, I was following intermittent fasting.

Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle

Now, after several years of doing intermittent fasting, it became part of my lifestyle while giving me a boost in energy, and for sure a boost in my testosterone.

To summarized my first implementation of intermittent fasting for a month and doing it at least 3 times a week, I’ve been able to bring down my overweight from 33% to just 10%.

I kept on doing it, and even after a few months I’ve gained back my ideal weight, I still keep doing it especially if I have something to do that is very tedious and needs focus.

When I do intermittent fasting, my concentration is to roof. It’s amazing, and I thought I was the only one experiencing it.

It’s weird because you don’t eat anything except liquids and the strategy is able to boost both concentration and sex drive, and I’m having sexual intercourse and never get tired.

After a few minutes of recovery, I’m back at work laser-focused.

Intermittent Fasting and Bio-Hacking

This is one of the videos I’ve been inspired to continue doing intermittent fasting. If you search YouTube videos for intermittent fasting, you’ll find a lot, and this is one of them I’ve been interested in because I’ve experienced what this guy experienced, too.

He is a bio-hacker, which is the term coined by Dave Asprey founder of BULLETPROOFTM and author of the bulletproof diet book. In fact, I’ve also embedded a podcast by him interviewing Brad Pilon. So, check that out below, as well.

What’s Allowed During Intermittent Fasting

When fasting, you need liquid in order to sustain and avoid dehydration. Honestly, I can live for several days without food but not without water.

So, the liquid is an exception to this dieting technique. Drink lots of liquid like water, but not those sugary, pre-packaged, and highly processed bottled liquids.

1. Water

This is a must and when you get into intermittent fasting, always have water.

2. Coffee

I drink this every morning and only in the morning. My version of coffee is sort of bulletproof-style upgraded coffee, but instead of using MCT Oil, I use coconut oil.

I prefer coconut oil as it does give me the balanced of other benefits of coconut oil plus a boost in performance. It’s not as powerful as MCT oil, but it’s my preference. Everyone has its own preference, and that’s mine 🙂

3. Tea

There are lots of tea, but my favorite is green tea. I don’t drink it in the morning, but I drink it at night an hour after dinner. I don’t drink it immediately after dinner because there are studies suggest the caffeine in it can block the absorption of iron.

So, I follow the suggested procedure of drinking it at least 30 minutes after a meal, but I make it an hour.

There was a study suggesting drinking green tea can have a mild effect in altering testosterone levels or blocks to some extent. Through many years of drinking it at night after a meal, I haven’t seen any negative effects. Even the caffeine in it does not have any effect on my sleep quality.

These three liquids are my choices when I’m doing intermittent fasting, and all of these 3 are sugar-free.

My Very Own Intermittent Fasting Routine

My routine starts at night during dinner. We along with my family usually eat dinner together at 7:00 PM. My dinner includes some carbs particularly a cup(mostly half a cup) of rice along with fish, vegetables, and fruits.

During dinner, I don’t get myself full, just enough to feel I’m not hungry anymore. After that, 30 minutes passed the meal I drink my green tea. My wife does drink green tea, too… every night. Then, anytime between 9 PM and 10 PM, we go to bed and sleep.

I wake up at 4 AM, do my morning routine including short meditation and stretching exercise. By the way, this is body stretching not penile stretching. That will follow later.

That took about an hour to perform everything for my morning routine.

Making The Upgraded Coffee

Once I’m done with my morning routine, I make my coffee freshly brewed and I blend it with unsalted butter, coconut oil, and cinnamon powder.

Once all these are blended, it tastes great and you’ll never get back to conventional coffee making. Try and you’ll see, or go with Dave Asprey’s bulletproof coffee.

Basically, that’s all I take in during the morning. I don’t take breakfast and eat anything until 11:00 AM if I do 16-hour intermittent fasting, or 1:00 PM if I go for an 18-hour option, but sometimes I can go like 20 hours of intermittent fasting.

And, yes I do run on a treadmill for 30 minutes, or do 10 minutes of HIIT like the scientific workout along with pull-ups, chin-ups, and some stretching.

Am I Nuts?

Now, you might be thinking, I’m nuts! To be honest, when I first did this, it was some sort of torture, I thought.

However, the more I do it, my body is getting better and better at adapting to it. Now, it’s not a problem anymore, and it becomes a part of my lifestyle.

Whenever there is a party where I overeat unintentionally, this is the way I do detoxification. It works every time, that’s why I’m doing it a few times every month.

Not only for detoxification purposes, but when times I need more concentration, I fast up to 20 hours as during this time my concentration is to the roof, and I can finish, think, and plan well for the project I’m working on.

Kinda Weird, Right?

But it works! It’s difficult at first, but once I overcome it, it’s easy now and become a part of my healthy lifestyle.

That’s my intermittent fasting routine, you can either follow it, or the ones recommended by Bard Pilon, or some other fitness and health experts who have real-life experience with it.

Also, it is worth noting that some people can go intermittent fasting for 24 hours. I haven’t done up to 24 hours, but that’s something interesting trying.

Dr. Mercola On Health Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

Dr. Mercola is one of my favorite health experts online as he is a naturalist, or I think the proper term is integrative medicine.


Intermittent Fasting Increases Brain Power

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve been wondering why not eating and only consuming liquid and fats helps me achieve better concentration. Well, this video explains the reasons.

It might not be the real reason, but it makes sense as this guy connects the results to what our early ancestors did much like those who are following the paleo diet. I don’t have any experience with paleo, so I can’t comment on that.

That’s it for now, and I’ll keep updating this intermittent fasting as I go along. If you have any comments and tips, put them in the comments below. Certainly, your contribution can be useful to other readers.

Studies on Intermittent Fasting:


Lastly, before you go read another article on this website, or perhaps buy books about fasting to learn more about this amazing technique, I would like you to watch and hear from Don TolmanDonTolman.com|DonTolmanInternational shared the importance of fasting and how it helps in allowing the body to heal itself.

If you don’t know Don Tolman, you gonna love him after watching this video especially the so helpful information he shared about how to clean-up inorganic fruits and vegetables from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc and turn it as clean as the organic.

When I first heard it from him, I thought “WOW”, I was spending so much time looking for organic, yet I can just take inorganic fruits and vegetables and clean it up just as organic.

He shared this technique at the video timeline 22:45. The secret, or should I say the way to do it is using apple cider vinegar and water; 1 cup of apple cider vinegar into 2 liters of water and use it wash the inorganic fruits and vegetables.

Well, he only mentioned fruits, but in my opinion, it’s applicable for vegetables, too.

However, when it comes to GMOs, I think it’s a different story…


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