6 Tips To Achieving A Healthy Sex Life


One of the major commitment in a relationship especially in a man’s perspective is to be a good provider and able to perform sexually.

Well, some men may not agree with this statement, but I’m sure the majority will do especially when it comes to sexual matters. While there are those believers in sexless relationships, still I’m a firm believer that one of the major catalysts in a relationship is sex.

To be able to perform such intimate commitment, one has to be sexually fit, and below are list tips about achieving a healthy sex life.

Maintain Healthy Sex Life

While the majority of these tips are geared towards men, women can also benefit in it. If you’re a man reading this article and looking for ways on how to improve or maintain better sexual health, invite your significant other to learn and dissect these tips.

Most of the time, if you allow your partner to get involved in this matter, results are much better than doing it on your own. Of course, you can still get results on your own, but if you have someone to have beside you reminding some important things, it’s always a lot easier to keep up.

Besides, you don’t have to hide anything, after all… an intimate relationship is not about sexual matters, but respect and open communication.

Here are natural libido-boosting tips that could help you restore or maintain perfect harmony with your partner intimately.

1. Lose Weight and Eliminate Sugars and Grains

Eating too much sugar particularly fructose can turn off the gene that regulates testosterone levels, and estrogen in the body according to the findings on a study conducted on mice.

This study was back in late 2007, and here’s a video showing more proof how bad is fructose when consumed in high amount.

Moreover, being fat or obese can hugely affect sexual health. In fact, the majority of obese individuals have some sort of sexual health issues.

Hence, if your belly fat is beginning to get noticeable, start taking action towards eliminating it and you’ll be thankful in the end you did.

2. Maintain Eating A Healthy Diet

This simply means maintain good nutrition. Eat real foods like fruits and vegetables, meat occasionally but definitely not daily.

Eating the right foods at right amount help stabilize insulin levels. This is really simple, but due to the bombardment of highly processed foods that are easily available, the majority of people get addicted to it and it’s now difficult to maintain healthy eating patterns.

But don’t complicate things. It is still possible to eat healthy even with today dominated by the food industry’s highly processed foods.

This simple measure of maintaining to eat a healthy diet has a huge impact on the body’s overall health including the sexual health of course.

Also, consider optimizing Vitamin D intake as this plays a crucial role in preventing arterial plaque formation, which has been linked to erectile dysfunction.

If you’re in a sunny region, make it a habit of exposing yourself to the sun. Experts suggest to get out to the sun at noontime, but I believed it’s best to do it in the morning when it’s not yet hot, but do it regularly.

I do it daily for at least 30 minutes doing my stretches right in the open sun.

3. Exercise Regularly

Maintaining a physically active body is very helpful for health purposes. In fact, being sedentary especially sitting for excessively long hours can lead to numerous health risks.

Set aside at least 30 minutes a day to doing kettlebell that can boost testosterone level up to 136%. Remember, testosterone is an important hormone in men.

In fact, it is been known as the male sex hormone. So, there’s a good reason to exercise, and when done regularly you’ll surely notice a boost in sex drive.

Moreover, experts suggest to doing HIIT(high-intensity interval training) as this help optimize natural production of HGH(human growth hormone), which is very helpful when it comes to staying and feeling younger, and better sexual health.

Don’t make an excuse you don’t have time for the gym. You can do quick HIIT exercises at home without any equipment, but body weight.

Here’s an example of a short HIIT exercises that do not require special equipment. You can do this at home while watching television. There are other more of these types of exercises. Go to YouTube and search for HITT exercises.

4. Quit Smoking and Minimize Alcohol

Smoking is really bad for the health and not just for sexual health. Smoking was previously covered in this article along with other stuff that needs to be avoided including alcohol in order to achieve better health.

Nicotine in cigarettes when smoke can’t kill according to experts, but it’s the smoke that contains over 7000 harmful and toxic chemicals including those carcinogenic ones.

While nicotine may not be the killer, it can constrict blood circulation, which means it can eventually result in erection problems. If you’re a smoker and want to achieve harder and stronger erections, quit smoking.

It’s not too late, if you have issues on erections, smoking should be one of the things to look at as this can cause other health issues including reproductive health.

5. Get Enough High-Quality and Restorative Sleep

Never take for granted the importance of sleep as this is a re-charging mechanism that makes the entire body replenish from fatigue and exhaustion due to work and even stress.

In fact, quality sleep can relieve stress, which is one of the major sex drive killers.

If you have trouble sleeping, seek medical advice or you can do some relaxation like deep breathing exercises, practicing short meditation, and even Yoga.

6. Take Supplementation

Talking about supplementation, I’m not just referring to male enhancement supplements, but other supplementation for Vitamin B5 and choline.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter for arousal in both men and women. One effective way to effectively and safely boost acetylcholine is through choline supplementation. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t say how much you should take.

In that matter, consult your doctor, and watch this video below to learn more.

When looking for alternatives, among the effective one is L-Arginine, amino acid and precursor for natural production of Nitric Oxide(NO) helpful in relaxing the blood vessels for proper blood flow.

It also helps boost fertility in men. L-Arginine is also present in many supplementations like Male Extra.

Furthermore, L-Arginine, when combined with another agent Pycnogenol results in an improved sexual function in men with erectile issues.

One particular formulation that combines both L-Arginine and Pycnogenol is Prelox with a study conducted and authored by Dr. Steven Lamm who also endorses VigRX Plus.

Additionally, a pilot study published its findings at the Journal of European Urology found that L-Arginine combined with Yohimbine is effective for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Yohimbe extract is also contained in numerous supplementation including ExtenZe.


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