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Daily Drinks of Sugary Beverages Is Linked To Heart Problems

Hearing or reading a news about the unhealthy consequences of sugar is not new. Although the sugar industry tried to hide its side effects, the truth is beginning to surface.

Recent Study Links Sugary Drinks To Heart Disease

A study presented at the American Heart Association Meeting Report on March 21, 2018, researchers link sugary drinks to heart problems. Although this is just a preliminary study, the findings are worth taking into consideration.

Drinking Soda Causes Heart Problems

The researchers from Emory University found that adults with over 45 years of age consuming sugary beverages have a higher risk of heart problems.

The sugary drinks in which the researchers are looking into include fruit drinks and juices, soda or soft drinks.

The researchers add that these sugary beverages do not only increase the risk of developing heart disease but also a higher risk of death.

Moreover, daily consumption of these sugary drinks also causes other problems.

The researchers tracked the diets and health of 17,930 black and white adults over a period of six years with data REGARDS study or REasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke1.

Jean Welsh, Ph.D., MPH, study author, assistant professor at Emory University, and research director with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta says;

There were two parts to this question we wanted to understand. Do added sugars increase the risk of death from heart disease or other causes, and, if so, is there a difference in risk between sugar-sweetened beverages and sugary foods? We believe this study adds strong data to what already exists highlighting the importance of minimizing sugary beverages in our diet.

How Much Sugary Drinks Trigger Heart Health Risk?

The findings of this preliminary study show that individuals who are consuming 24 ounces of sugary drinks daily double the risk. A 24 oz. of sugary drinks is equal to three cans of soda.

24 Ounces Equal To 3 Cans of Soda

Moreover, the researchers added that those who people in this type of lifestyle are likely to die from all other causes, as well than those who barely drink soda.

On the other hand, the researchers were not able to find a link between sugary food consumption and increase risk of heart problems. Perhaps, the difference may be related to how the body metabolizes sugary foods. It might not be as bad as sugary drinks as sugary foods contain fat and protein, which tend to counterbalance the effect of sugar.

In fact, some experts emphasize that high concentration of sugar in drinks has the potential to cause poor health.

Dr. Michael Miedema, a research cardiologist at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation says;

It’s largely related to volume. There are so many more grams of sugar in a soda than a cookie because you need to add a lot of sugar in soda before it starts to taste sweet. Once you start dissolving sugar into a liquid, you can get a lot more in there.

What Happens When You Drink Sugar?

One thing to note in this study is that…it’s observational. The study does not prove cause and effect but rather shows an association between sugary drinks and heart disease.

Well, does this mean the findings are not worth noting? Honestly, the findings are worth taking into consideration seriously. A Harvard article covers the link between soda and disease including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Furthermore, one study2 back in 2015 has linked sweetened beverages to heart failure particularly in men.

Our finding that sweetened beverage consumption is associated with higher risk of HF[heart failure] could have implications for HF prevention strategies.

In a different study, men who are consuming a high amount of sugar have increased the risk of suffering from depression. Therefore, minimizing added sugar consumption is a vital move to staying healthy.

Alternatives To Sugary Drinks

You might ask if there are alternatives to sugary drinks? Well, of course, there is. Instead of grabbing a can soda, drink a glass of water. It is hydrating and contains zero calories.

You can also opt for lemon water or even a watermelon. These alternatives should be your main options as these are not only hydrating but also trigger the body’s detoxification process.

Other drinks you should be consuming instead of sugary drinks including coffee. Drinking black coffee and if you can a sugar-free black coffee is beneficial to the body. In fact, coffee has been found helpful when it comes to longevity.

And, if you’re thinking coffee can cause dehydration, worry no more as coffee won’t dehydrate you. One study even found that coffee consumption reduces the risks of heart failure and stroke.

Another natural juice you can drink is pomegranate juice. A component in pomegranate juice is helpful in boosting longevity and even your sex life. Plus, pomegranate contains ellagic acid, which is included as a component in certain male enhancement supplements like Male Extra for boosting sexual stamina.


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