Diet Soda Could Make Diabetics Go Blind


Earlier we’ve learned that spending long hours in front of screens has caused a global epidemic in blindness. Of course, this affects both children and adults.

Recently, a new study1 discovers a new cause of blindness very specific for diabetics. The researchers say that diet soda could increase the risk of blindness in diabetic individuals.

Consuming >4 cans (1.5 L)/week of diet soft drink is associated with a
more than twofold risk of having PDR in patients with diabetes. Longitudinal studies are needed to further elucidate the association and its underpinning mechanisms.

It is unfortunate, however, that the American Diabetes Association is advocating diet soda as a healthy alternative.

Earlier, in April of 2018, there was a press release saying that zero-calorie sweeteners can still cause diabetes. This is the same sweeteners used in diet soda like aspartame.

Other Unhealthy Effects of Artifical Sweeteners

This is not the first study2 to link the unhealthy effects of artificial sweeteners. An earlier study also says that artificial sweeteners in diet sodas are bad for the gut.

As we know, the beneficial bacteria in the gut play a significant role in maintaining overall health and wellness.

In fact, these beneficial community of bacteria in the gut work synergistically with vitamins D and B, and proper sleep.

Of course, typical sodas are not as safe as you think. A study found that it can causes problems in the kidneys.

Diet or Regular – Avoid It!

Most people try to justify that one is healthier than the other. But, the fact is either of the two is unhealthy.

One of the keys to achieving good health is minimizing or better avoiding refined sugars including artificial sweeteners. Of course, with the exception of certain sweeteners like Stevia.

Instead of preferring the consumption of bottled juices and sodas, drink water instead. When you start replacing your sugary drinks with water, it won’t be long to notice and reap the health benefits.

Of course, when it comes to sweetened beverages, this includes energy drinks, which increases the risk of heart problems.

Is Diabetes Reversible?

Through a complete overhaul of diet and lifestyle, yes, diabetes is reversible. In fact, The Guardian reports a study on a diet that reverses diabetes.

One of the ways to start doing it is eating a low-carb diet along with regular fasting. Of course, increasing intake of fruits and vegetables is another healthy way, which also helpful in minimizing cravings on sugary foods and drinks.


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