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Limiting Children’s Screen Time Is Good For Learning Development

Allowing children limitless time in front of the screen is bad for them. In fact, it can negatively affect their behaviors. And, one study supports the positive benefit of limiting children’s screen time.

The Study

Limiting children’s time in front of screens is beneficial to their mental performance. In this study1, children who spend 2 hours or less in front of screens are better performers in tests.

Moreover, combining screen time limit with enough amount of sleep makes them achieve their best performance.

Right now, researchers have no obvious clues why limiting children’s time is beneficial for their cognitive function. Therefore, they recommend more future research to better understand the effects of different type of screen usage.

On the other hand, the researchers admit this only an observational study. Although it reveals only an association between screen time and mental performance, they cannot prove it through cause and effect.

Regardless, the findings are promising. And, it is not just for mental boosts for children while limiting screen time but also beneficial for their heart health.

Hopefully, future studies on screen time in children will look at various screen types such as social media, playing video games, and watching TV. However, a previous study finds spending more time on social media can lead to addiction.

And, even excessive video gaming is now considered a mental disorder.

Screens Have Drug-Like Effect On Teenagers

The PBS Newshour reports one documentary looking at the effect of digital devices on the brains of teenagers. Screenagers documentary explores the reason young people are hooked on social media and playing video games.

The documentary explores its effects on their brains, and here is the report.

Unlimited Screen Time Experiment

One experiment was set to find out what if children are allowed unlimited screen time for a week? Well, the first 2 days are to the roof but subsequent days the children settle on 5+ hours per day.

However, 5+ hours per day of screen time is still way too much for these young children. Here is the experiment.

Even the late Steve Jobs didn’t allow his children to use the iPad while they are young.

Furthermore, it is not only Steve Jobs but Bill Gates as well and even the elites of Silicon Valley recognized the potential addictive property of digital devices.

Children’s Brain on Screens

Here is a quick presentation on the effects of screens on a child’s developmental brain. In this presentation, it favors the use of screen time.

However, while it may be beneficial to some degree, it always depends on the type of contents the children spending their time on screens.

Final Thoughts

Spending limitless time in front of gadgets with screens is causing a global epidemic in blindness. Moreover, cellphones also RF radiation, which can be bad for health particularly for children.

Moreover, allowing children to spend excessive hours in front of the screen particularly smartphones could lead to addiction. On the other hand, limiting their use of these gadgets can be beneficial for both physical and mental health of children.


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