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Doable Ways To Minimize Sugar Consumption

The documentary entitled “The Secrets of Sugar” produced by CBC’s fifth estate is a wake up call to minimize sugar consumption.

It’s clear that over-consumption of sugar can result in unhealthy consequences including heart disease, obesity, and a host of numerous other health complications we are seeing with your very own eyes today.

Therefore, making an effort to minimize sugar consumption is essential.

Sugar Nutrition Facts

WHO recommends PDF no more than 25 grams of sugar a day for an average adult, yet while the recommendation is very clear, it is easy to exceed beyond what’s recommended.

For instance, a 12-ounce soda such as Coca-Cola contains 39 grams of sugar, which is way beyond the recommendation.

Moreover, there are hosts of other foods particularly highly processed foods with high amount of added sugar even if they’re labeled “healthy”.

The majority of the foods today have added sugar, and it’s somewhat difficult to totally avoid sugar especially refined sugar at all.

For me, I’ve quit using refined sugar and get mostly my sweets from whole fruits. Sure, I do sometimes eat those highly processed foods, but the amount is very minimal and occasional.

Below is a list of recommendations for people who have difficult in decreasing sugar consumption. If you’re one of these people, start wit these tips. You may not do them at once, but doing 2 or 3 is a good starting point.

But, first let’s learn what happens inside the body upon sugar ingestion…specially fructose.

To help us understand better the mechanism that happens during sugar consumption, Kimber Stanhope of the University of California, Davis explains it based on their clinical study designs.

Start introducing and incorporating these doable ways in cutting back sugar on your diet. If you do it regularly, you’ll find soon it becomes a habit and keeps on doing what you do until you can reach your goal of minimizing refined sugar consumption.

If you’re concern about your health, start taking action on cutting back sugar consumption.

Numerous health conditions mention earlier will inevitable if you neglect to start minimizing refined sugar consumption, and if you’re concern about your sexual health and performance, it’s worth knowing sugar is a sex drive killer.

And, before I share you the tips that you can implement in your journey towards reducing and even eliminating refined sugar consumption, let me share with you the numerous names sugar is known for.

Yes, they may not be called sugar as ingredients in certain foods, but they’re still sugar and it’s important to know them because being clueless about them can still lead you to over consumption of sugar without you knowing it.

Eventually, you will get frustrated despite the best effort you do to avoid sugar, it seems you do not get any progress. That’s probably because you’re avoiding the obvious “sugar” label, but ignoring the names which literally means sugar.

This is not an attempt to explain fully and scientifically about any of these names in which sugar is known for.

This is to give you an idea and awareness about them. Links to external resources that explain it further in details and scientifically are provided should you want to research more on them at a later time.

Various Sugar Names

Sugar Is Hiding In Many Different Names

Surprisingly, there are close to 50 names in which sugar is known for, and probably there are more out there that’s not mentioned here. This list is a combination of refined and un-refined sugars, and some are highly processed.

With these numbers, it’s difficult to remember them at once but to star with, pay attention to those sugars ending with “ose” that are written in bold.

These sugars ending in “ose” are commonly used as sweeteners in many packaged foods including sodas. Educating yourself about these names is one of the primary keys to minimize sugar consumption.


In addition to the list of sugar names above, artificial sweeteners are also very common these days. Of all the artificial sweeteners, a few of them pose danger to health, and that includes Aspartame used in diet sodas and branded natural sweeteners.

Artificial Sweeteners Source: https://supersweetblog.wordpress.com/list-of-artificial-sweeteners/

Why It’s Important To Know Sugar Names?

I admit, when I first did this kind of auditing on my sugar consumption it was tedious and overwhelming. Ignoring the facts about sugar consumption, it’s easy to consume way beyond our body needs.

Read The Food Labels

For instance, if you use 2 tablespoons of sugar in your morning coffee that’s already equivalent to over 28.3 grams ref, and WHO’s recommendation for sugar consumption is only 25 grams.

What that cup of coffee alone along with 2 tablespoons of sugar maxed out your consumption for the day.

Then, you go to work, and while in the office you’re offered another cup of coffee with another 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Now that doubles of what you just consumed at home. At 9:00 AM, it’s time for a snack, so you reach out for sugary snacks and perhaps along with can of soda, so it significantly increases the amount of sugar you consume before lunch time.

Imagine what you could be munching right after lunch to dinner.

Tips To Minimize Sugar Consumption

This why it’s important to pay attention to minimizing sugar consumption in everything you consume and train your sense of taste to handle just the right amount of sweetness.

When reaching for a snack, better choose whole fruits or nuts. While fruits contain sugar, you’ll also get other nutrients from it including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. So, let’s see what small changes you can start to minimizing sugar especially refined sugar.

1. Morning Coffee Makeover

Sugar-Free Morning Black Coffee To Minimize Sugar Consumption

If there’s one drink that’s popular morning drink, it’s coffee. You may drink it black or instant coffee with added sugar in it. With the right amount of coffee, it’s beneficial but it can be turned into an unhealthy beverage with you add on it, and in this case, it’s sugar.

If you’re putting 2 tablespoons of sugar in your freshly brewed coffee, that’s a lot. Start cutting sugar by just putting 1 tablespoon on it for the next few days, and make it 1 teaspoon after, until you’ll be able to taste your black coffee sugar-free.

A lot of people complain drinking black and sugar-free coffee is bitter, but they don’t have any issue drinking beer. The key is here is to train your taste, and it’s not depriving of sweetness in my opinion because you’re simply aiming to consume the right amount.

Also, when it comes to coffee, you can some healthy stuff to make it taste better. Personally, I add unsalted butter, coconut oil, and cinnamon powder, and blend these together.

Now, I’m not just having a better tasting coffee, but also healthy and sugar-free.

2. Quit Drinking Soda For Good

Minimize Sugar Consumption By Quitting Soda

Drinking soda on a daily basis can lead to weight gain, and increase cravings regardless if you’re drinking regular, or diet soda.

A can of soda alone contains 39 grams of sugar, which is more than the recommendation of daily intake. On the other hand, with today’s prevalence of sugary beverages, it is almost impossible to avoid totally at once.

Now, it may be difficult for you to quit at once without replacing it with something. So, instead of reaching for a can soda, drink a glass of water, instead and eat whole fruits and salads as snacks.

I know this may sound weird as you may be the only one doing it in the office but just do it. It’s your health you’re trying to maintain anyway.

3. Eat Something Healthy Before Heading For Shopping

Eating something healthy before going for a shopping spree can encourage buying more healthy foods by up to 25% according to a research conducted by Cornell University. For instance, before leaving home for shopping eating an apple can help the shopper to buy more fruits and vegetables than eating nothing or simply eat fast foods.

When you fill your shopping cart with whole foods, you avoided the sugary items, and the fewer the sugary items you bought, the less you consume sugar, which is good. In other words, the healthier you set yourself before shopping, the more healthy foods you buy.

4. Stay Hydrated

During snack time or even after an hour of eating a meal you may feel hungry, but is it really hunger? When this happens, the majority will reach for snacks that mostly contain sugar, but in fact, this is a sign of dehydration disguising as hunger.

If this happens to you next time, avoid reaching any snacks particularly sugary ones. Instead, drink a glass of water and wait for a few minutes and notice if you’re still feeling hungry.

Most of the time, you won’t and feel good instead. Make this habit and you’ll be cutting sugar consumption through not eating sugary snacks.

What the body tells you when you feel hungry even if you’re not hungry is you’re somewhat dehydrated and need to re-hydrate with water and not other sugary liquid like soda.

5. Make Your Very Own Homemade Salad Dressing

Salad dressings you can find in supermarkets and groceries normally contain lots of sugar. Unfortunately, the majority of its consumers consider them healthy.

Although every serving seems to be a minuscule amount, you can end up putting more. Hence, making your own salad dressing should be a part of your effort to minimize sugar consumption.

Keep in mind, every added sugar counts towards the recommended daily intake. Even this is just a small amount from salad dressings, why not make your own sugar-free salad dressing. It’s easy and cheap.

There are also available sugar-free salad dressings, but chances it won’t suit your taste. My personal choice when it comes to salad dressing is a combination of vinegar, coconut oil or olive oil, ground pepper, and a little sea salt.

6. Eat Fresh Fruits Instead of Dried Ones

During the drying process of fruits like grapes into raisins, apricots, and blueberries they lost moisture content and increase sugar concentration.

In other words, focusing more on fresh produce is ideal if you’re aiming to minimize sugar consumption.

7. Change Condiments

One of the most widely consumed condiment is ketchup, but are you aware that ketchup contains sugar? If you used to douse your fries with ketchup, try alternatives like vinegar or mustard.


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