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Psychotherapist Reveals One Reason Most Relationships Fail

Aiming for a happy and successful relationship is a dream for many men and women. However, why is it that many relationships fail?

Joseph Burgo, Ph.D., author and psychotherapist says;

You can’t go into a relationship hoping for that other person to make you feel fulfilled and good about yourself.

Although the message is short, it’s clear-cut. If you’re looking forward to a happy relationship, begin working with yourself. Focus on developing self-esteem as confidence plays a vital role in life.

Joseph Burgo is absolutely right when he says; don’t go into a relationship hoping for that other person to fill what you lack. Of course, in a relationship, there is respect between the couple. Without it, the relationship cannot thrive.

Other Common Causes Relationships Fail

Certainly, getting into a relationship with a purpose that other person can fill something is not working. However, looking more seriously on this matter reveals, even more, reasons why relationships fail.

Psychology Today reveals top reasons in relationship failures. Among the reasons that made to the top of the list include trust issues and differing expectations.

While it may seem daunting to go through to the checklist of possible reasons and causes for relationship failures, aim at the opposite. For instance, instead of looking for someone who can fill something that you lack, try to give and make that person happy.

In other words, think of what you can give instead of getting. The more you do good things to that other person, the better and higher chances that person reciprocates on what you do.

Saving Your Relationship

While most people simply let go when their relationship fails, others attempt to save it. If this your case, try to consult an expert such as a sex therapist.

But, how can you tell if it’s time to let go?


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