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5 Life-Changing Morning Habits Worth Doing For A Lifetime

For morning people, you should be doing these life-changing morning habits. And, to those who are not morning people, these might encourage you to be one of the early birds.

Good Morning Habits

There’s a good reason to prepare yourself first thing in the morning Being prepared allows you to face the rest of the day with ease, joy, and enthusiasm. It makes you efficient and productive both at work and family matters.

1. Be Silent and Meditate

Upon waking up, instead of making and sipping a cup of coffee, better bring yourself to silence and do meditation. When you take time to silence yourself, you’re tapping into an unlimited source of power, which can help you prepare your day.

Truly, even if meditation is an ancient practice, modern science and medicine are starting to embrace and recognize its benefits both mentally and physically.

However, while it seems very easy to do, it’s not if you’re just beginning doing it. Fortunately, doing it consistently until it becomes a habit is doable.

So, tomorrow morning when you wake up, ignore your phone. Instead, bring yourself to silence and meditate. It doesn’t take long to do that. Simply dedicate between 10 to 20 minutes of sitting while watching your breath.

Moreover, you might want to include positive affirmations to your meditation, which makes it even more effective. The key to making it more effective is to relax while in silence and putting feelings on your affirmations.

If you’ve heard of mindfulness, it’s pretty much the same.

2. Stretch and Exercise

Next, when you’re done with your meditation, one of the first things to do is to stretch or exercise. Stretching through yoga is the best option especially during the morning.

Regular yoga practice can help boost focus and overall health, maintain and improve brain health, and yoga is also beneficial for your sex life improving your erections and helps overcome premature ejaculations.

Furthermore, if you want to build muscles, you can do weight lifting or strength training. Doing HIIT(high-intensity interval training) 3 times a week is another good idea for boosting physical strength.

Moreover, if you want to boost your sex life, regular exercise can have a Viagra-like effect. For seniors, regular exercise is helpful in maintaining motor skills and anti-aging benefit. So, definitely a good idea to add to your morning routine.

3. Regular Bowel Movement Habit

Now, that you’ve done your meditation and stretching exercise with yoga, it’s time to poop.

While it may sound funny, pooping is one of the primary ways the body release wastes. Regular body movement means you have a healthy gut or digestive system that breaks down the foods and absorbs nutrient efficiently.

The stretching exercise also promotes gut and metabolic health particularly when it becomes a habit at an early age. Hence, it’s a smart and healthy idea to encourage your kids to exercise at an early age.

Daily bowel movement is one of the signs of good health especially if the poop is in the right form.

4. Eat and Drink

While it’s OK to skip breakfast, many of you might don’t like it. So, eat your breakfast but make sure it’s healthy. Of course, make sure your breakfast is rich in proteins and dietary fibers.

On the other hand, you must avoid eating highly processed foods like hot dogs. Furthermore, your lunch should include dark green leafy vegetables.

Moreover, when it comes to food choices regardless if it’s for your breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, make sure to choose energy-boosting and mood-boosting foods.

If you’re trying to lose weight but struggling, try intermittent fasting, and don’t’ to stay well-hydrated.

5. Gratitude Attitude


This can be done along while doing meditation, or you can do it separately along with journaling.

As simple as saying THANK YOU feelingly makes you feel good.

Although this habit is so simple, its benefits to both physical and psychological are immense.

This particularly becomes more effective when done in front of a mirror, or while writing a journal. So, do this every morning.


There you have it! Five simple but life-changing morning habits you should consider committing to doing for a lifetime. Of course, if you’re not into doing these habits, don’t rush doing them all at once.

Instead, do one at a time. When you master one, it’s time to add another one until you’ll be able to incorporate these 5 life-changing morning habits in your life with ease.


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