How To Kiss Her The Way She Wants It?


In previous few articles, we have covered how to french kiss the right way. Now, we are going over some cool tips on how to kiss a girl the way she wants it so badly. Make every kiss you make an unforgettable experience.

In fact, kissing is one of the hottest forms of foreplay. Women love to be kissed. It is somewhat a key that turns them on. Consider it a car key, without it, the car will not start.

Being a first-time kisser, it is a smart move to learn certain things about kissing. Regardless you and your partner are first kissers, you as a man should know at least the basics and learn more about it along the way. But, wait…do you know there are health benefits of kissing?

Hopefully, this article will be able to shed some tips on how to kiss a girl the right way, the way she wants it to be done. Most women consider kissing a gateway to sex, and that is why it is essential to seal the deal every time you do it.

Breath and Hygiene

Always make certain your breath is fresh and clean. Having a bad breath suggests a person is sloppy and not hygienic. Moreover, kissing is one way of assessing a man’s health, and the woman’s primal brain may interpret a less pleasant breath as a sign of inability to get rid of germs. Plus, women have a stronger olfactory sense than men.

Taking care of your breath to be clean and fresh at all time is vital as breath is being processed almost immediately. Women’s olfactory bulb is directly connected to the brain; hence unpleasant causes more visceral and disgusting reaction instantly.

Make it habit to brush teeth regularly to keep off the germs inside the mouth and gums that cause bad breath to develop. Also, change your flavor of gum to one that has eucalyptus extract. According to a 2010 Japanese Study, a eucalyptus flavored gum is sufficient enough to mask out a volatile and bad smelling sulfur compound on a person’s tongue.

Salivating Too Much Is A Big Turn Off

When a woman gives off moisture, it is a sign of receptivity. Yes, when kissing there should be enough moist to smoothen the kissing process. However, when there is a flood of saliva coming from you while kissing her, it simply will not make her turn on, and desire for more. When asked, some women love to kiss women even if they are not bisexual. Why? Simply, because women kiss hygienically pleasant and gentler than men.

Furthermore, men assess women through kissing. However, with men’s reduced chemosensory detection, men tends to release a substantial amount of saliva to sense it. Plus, men’s saliva is associated with testosterone, this may be one reason why men salivate more compared to women during kissing.

On the other hand, a mouth as dry as the Sahara desert is even worse than one flooded with saliva. Therefore, minimize the water and keep it at the right level. The longer and more intense the kissing, the more the saliva is produced.

As she become more excited, her desire or turn-on changes. When kissing, begin with feathery kisses or light kissing. Lightly touch both of tips of the tongue together. Doing so will allow less saliva. Furthermore, the tongues’ tips are very sensitive and feel good when doing it.

Get The Tongue To Work Inside Her Mouth

Inexperience or first-time kisser tends not to move the tongue inside the girl’s mouth. Perhaps, he is waiting for her to make the first move, or not comfortable moving the tongue fearing of not doing it right; or, simply, because of laziness. Not using the tongue to do the action is just as a girl lying on the bed, motionless.

One big question is how to strike the right tongue movements. Certainly, you know how to lick an ice cream. Bringing the tongue to work correctly is simple as licking ice cream. Consider her mouth as an ice cream, lick it slowly and gently just as savoring the ice cream’s flavor.

Moreover, explore the outside of her mouth by tracing her lips, licking as you are applying on her lip balm. This takes practice and intimacy, meaning the more you practice the art of kissing, the better kisser you become.

While the tongue is in motion, use your hands as well to caress her hair, touch her neck, trace her back spine and hips, as well as a gentle reach of the breasts, if you are in a private place. Pause and whisper sexy languages to her, or simply tell her how amazing and sexy she is. In reality, verbal affirmations keep women in tuned mentally and maintain the desire to for more kisses.

Avoid Being An Aggressive Deep Kisser

Kissing so deeply into the tonsil is not hot and sensual. Forcefully kissing a girl that way will create an artificial sense of passion while a purposeful and slow smooching generates the “take me now” sense of lust within her.

Therefore, avoid kissing so deeply. Instead, shape your lips into an “O” and gently suck her tongue. Just a gentle and slight suction to her tongue, and be careful not to suck it aggressively as it hurts. While the tongue is busy toning her voice, never keep your hands idle.

Let it do the things it supposed to do. Caressing and touching her can add more excitement and turn her on more intensely. Touch wherever your hands can reach, but keep it away from her genitals. Why? The more you thrilled her, the better arousal will be.

Ask What She Wants and How She Wants It To Be

This is what most men neglects, not asking her girl what she wants. Women when ask what they want, they will appreciate it very much. However, do not be literal about what she will tell you about what she wants. Instead, gauge her reaction about what you do. If she enjoys it, go ahead and apply twists to make it more exciting. Most women, especially those first time being kissed do not know  what they want exactly. As her man, it is your job to discover what she wants and give it to her.

Asking Her About Kissing

Keep in mind, do not be boring, experiment with her instead and ask her if it feels good. One key thing to making kissing hot is the position. There are many positions for kissing such as standing, sitting, allowing her to lend on the wall, or perhaps lying on a couch, or on the grass. Experiment what she wants, and a great way to achieve it is to ask her.

Another way of igniting the fire of kissing is giving her a back massage and gently kissing her neck. Most women tickles when kissed at the neck, but it is a great turn on for them. Do it right, and you just heightened her pleasure, and perhaps arousal. This makes you an unforgettable kisser she wants every time.


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