Frequent Sex Makes Women Smarter (Study Says)


Certainly, there are many health benefits of having frequent sex. Having sex is beneficial for men’s heart health. And, for women, frequent sex is associated with better verbal memory.

A study1 by McGill University in Canada finds that sex may strengthens women’s hippocampus. This the region in the brain responsible for memory. In this study, researchers find a connection between frequent sex and better memory.

These results suggest that PVI may indeed have beneficial effects on memory function in healthy young women.

The study findings are somewhat controversial. But, hopefully, it would trigger motivation from the scientific community to further look into this subject. After all, the technique is easy. Make more fun and experience pleasurable sex while at the same time boosting women’s memory.

Frequent Sex – Quality Matters

When it comes to sex, quality is preferable over frequency. Quality sex means there is a deep connection between partners allowing a more intimate connection. During sexual intercourse or even genital stimulation, it sends signals to the brain of women.

In Barry Komisaruk’s research, he says that the scrotum, testicles and penis project sensation to different brain regions.

Additionally, in this study, penile vaginal intercourse is not directly linked to memory boost. Rather what women experience is the benefit of a workout, which results in an increase of blood flow in the brain. And, indeed, sex counts as an exercise.

Sex As Exercise

Therefore, any physical activity especially if it’s fun such as running, walking and even doing yoga is beneficial to cognitive function. As a matter of fact, exercise not only boosts memory but also an effective natural anti-aging. In one study, researchers find that not exercising for just 10 days causes a reduced blood flow to the brain.

So, while having frequent sex may not be a definite way to boosting women’s memory, regular exercise does. On the other hand, let us not discount the health benefits of having sex. And, keep in mind, sex quality matters over frequency.

Another thing which this study highlights is the benefit of sex beyond procreation. Sex especially quality sex can help reduce anxiety. Moreover, another study2 finds that individuals who are practicing BDSM are more open-minded, less neurotic, more aware and sensitive to rejection, better relationships and health.

In fact, the conclusion of the study says;

We conclude that BDSM may be thought of as a recreational leisure, rather than the expression of psychopathological processes.

Does this mean you should practice BDSM, too? Well, not at all. This just means that having a more intimate and quality sex truly has benefits beyond reproductive purposes.


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