Eating French Fries Increases Risk of Early Death


If there’s one food that almost everyone knows, it’s French fries. However, fried potatoes like French fries whether it is home fries have been linked to early death. This is according to an 8-year longitudinal cohort study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition1.

In this study, the researchers say that eating fried potatoes 2 times a week or beyond that doubles the risk of early death.

The researchers add that cooking potatoes in high temperatures can create a cancer-causing chemical compound acrylamide. Additionally, doctors recommend steaming or boiling potatoes in order to avoid the risk.

The conclusion of the study says;

The frequent consumption of fried potatoes appears to be associated with an increased mortality risk.

However, the researchers recommend that future studies should be performed with larger data for confirmation.

No Increased Mortality Risk on Unfried Potatoes

In the results of the study, the researchers clearly stated that consumption of unfried potatoes was not linked to increased mortality risk.

Sure, mash potatoes are delicious but fried potatoes are even more delicious, right? This is especially true when fried potatoes are still hot and crispy to eat. The taste is simply delicious.

The original goal of this study was not to discover a link between potato consumption and mortality. However, as they researchers say, there are only a few studies that assessed this association. So, they go ahead with it.

During the study, the researchers discovered that the diet of participants eating fried potatoes twice a week. The preparation does not matter as long as the potatoes are fried, it doubles mortality risk.

What Could Be Causing The Risk?

Fried potatoes are normally drenched in oils during the frying process. Unfortunately, lots of the oils used in frying potatoes have trans fats in them. Trans fats are bad. In fact, it has been banned and food manufacturers are allowed to use trans fats up to 2018. This regulation was first announced back in 2015.

Furthermore, fried potatoes can’t be delicious without sodium. Unfortunately, the sodium used in fried potatoes are in high amount. Trans fats, or hydrogenated fats plus sodium makes the fried potatoes taste good.

Additionally, french fries produced and sold by fast food chains like McDonald’s contain more than just a potato in it. Take notice of this video below on how exactly McDonald’s made their French fries.

Final Thoughts

Potatoes are among the staple foods for many people. There are other ways to prepare it such as boiling or steaming. They’re just as delicious when prepared with other healthy ingredients.

However, fried potatoes may not be as bad as the study finds when the type of oil used during frying is carefully chosen. For instance, coconut oil is one of the healthy oils to use for cooking.

But there’s always a limit. Although frying is one of the easiest ways to cook potatoes, certainly, you don’t want to do it more often. Make sure you minimize fried foods and make use of healthy oils as dressings instead.

Moreover, eat a wide variety of foods. Therefore, along with your potatoes whether fried or steamed or boiled, including fresh salads. This way, you’ll be able to get a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins including Magnesium, Zinc and other essential nutrients the body needs.

Here’s a healthy recipe with potatoes and okra as main ingredients.


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