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Weight Lifting Reduces Anxiety Symptoms (Study Finds)

Weight lifting or resistance training is not just for those who are doing bodybuilding. A recent study1 shows that weight lifting reduces anxiety.

What’s even more interesting is that the researchers add that weightlifting is perhaps as effective as psychotherapy or medication.

In the study, the researchers reviewed 16 studies published earlier with 922 participants. Among the participants were 68 women who were assigned to two groups; workout and inactive group.


Weight Lifting Reduces Anxiety Symptoms

During the course of the study, those who are in the workout group did resistance training for 2 to 5 days a week and do it for an average of 11 weeks.

Those who are in the workout group reported a significant decrease in anxiety symptoms.

Brett Gordon of Ireland’s University of Limerick who is also the lead researcher said that the decrease in anxiety symptoms whether the participant has been diagnosed with mental disorder or not.

Gordon also noted that more positive impacts were observed in healthy participants who don’t have psychological or physical problems. He also adds that while exercise boosts mental health, most of these studies used aerobic exercise and not weightlifting.


Weight Lifting Is Essential For Health and Fitness

Resistance training is truly an essential part of a health and fitness program. Additionally, aerobic, HIIT and other full body workouts are essential for cardiovascular health.

Moreover, resistance training using kettlebells can give men a quick boost of testerone. Unfortunately, not exercising in just 10 days have been shown to decrease blood flow to the brain. For seniors, regular exercise has shown to improve motor skills.

When it comes to flexibility, regular yoga practice is essential, and yoga also offers many brain health benefits.


One of the primary goals of doing weight lifting or resistance training is not only to build muscles but maintain fitness. Lifting weights regularly can maintain and improve fitness in major muscle groups plus it helps in toning and strengthening the muscles.

Resistance training is also a good way to keep the body burn calories and increase bone density. Furthermore, along with appropriate foods, weight lifting might be helpful for boosting your moods.

What’s even more interesting especially for men is that, regular exercise can have a Viagra-like effect, which in turn boosting your sex life naturally. However, make sure you don’t overdo it.

In the study, 2 to 5 days of weight lifting has been shown effective in reducing anxiety symptoms. On days you don’t do weight lifting, you can do your yoga practice and even meditate on a daily basis.

Previously, we’ve mentioned regular exercise is one of the natural ways to reduce anxiety as well as having sex. Moreover, breathing exercises are also a simple and yet effective means of overcoming anxiety. Keep in mind you have plenty of choices that are natural when it comes to managing and overcoming anxiety.


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