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Your Back Pocket Wallet May Trigger Hip and Back Pains

It may not all things in which size matters. However, carrying a big and fat back pocket wallet might lead to unhealthy consequences like back pain.

Carrying a back pocket wallet is very common in men. But are you aware that sitting on that wad of bills and cards can put stress on your lower back and hip joints?

In turn, these pressures can result to back pain, as well as pain in the hips sending down to the legs. The reason for this is that the thick wallet in the back pocket is putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. This nerve starts at the right side of the hip joint.

Every time you sit with a thick wallet in the back pocket it puts pressure on that nerve, which eventually pains.

In one experiment, it has been found out that stuffing your back pocket with a thick wallet can tilt the pelvis to one side. This causes a stress on the spine, which eventually lead to pains.

What’s even more alarming is that the thicker the wallet, the more force is put on one side.

Avoid Sitting With Thick Wallet In Your Back Pocket

The best way to avoid the unhealthy and painful consequences is not to set with a thick wallet in your back pocket. Of course, you can put it there while you’re walking and once you feel or necessary to sit, take it out.

If that’s inconvenient, you might try another type of wallet that you can carry without putting it in your back pocket. Or, perhaps, if you have comfortable pants, put it in the front pocket or at the side.

What Are Your Options?

Probably, the best option if you always forgot to take out your back pocket wallet when you’re sitting is to change your wallet. There are many other choices when it comes to men’s wallet.

For most women, this may not be a problem as they tend to carry their purses and not put it in their back pocket.

Eliminating The Pains Cause By Back Pocket Wallet

One of the recommendations is to consult a chiropractor. Or, practice yoga poses on regularly to help correct the posture.

Additionally, pelvic floor exercises might be able to help. Plus, there’s more benefit as it can help boost your sexual performance, as well.

Lastly, it is important to note that carrying a cell phone in your back pocket instead of a thick wallet has the same effect. As a matter of fact, it might do more harm, especially to your sexual health.


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