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Stress In Men Causes Negative Impact On Their Sperms

Healthy lifestyle practices including diet and taking supplements are essential for male fertility. Additionally, knowing what can possibly hurt the sperms is just as vital.

But do you know that stress is another thing that can negatively impact male fertility? One study1 by a University of Pennsylvania researcher Jennifer Chan, a neuroendocrinologist says stressed men may pass stress to their children.

How Does Men Passes Stress To Their Children?

This is a study in mice but it has significance on human males. There’s a reason mice are the number one choice as subjects in studies relating to human health.

The changes begin in caput epididymis, a part of the male reproductive tract. This is the place where sperm cells mature waiting for their release into the vaginal canal through the process of ejaculation.

In the caput epididymis, there is a glucocorticoid receptor, which is a stress-hormone receptor. In the study, eliminating this stress-hormone sensor prevents the transmission of stress.

During the study, Jennifer Chan found that offspring of the stressed mice dads overproduce corticosterone, a stress hormone. On the other hand, offspring of mice dads without the receptor in the epididymis have normal hormonal responses.

What About In Human Males?

The same vesicles can be found in human semen even after ejaculation. Jennifer Chan and team are testing humans for signs of stress of stress in the RNA.

Although the researchers do not have any recommendations on how to avoid this in human male, managing and keeping stress controllable is important. Today, due to the hectic and fast-moving environment, stress is very common in almost all walks of life.

Therefore, doing something for stress management is a vital lifestyle practice. Moreover, if you neglect to manage stress and keep it low, it has negative impact on heart health, too.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways in which stress can be managed and keep at bay. For instance, regular yoga practice has been proven effective, tai-chi and meditation are also effective.

Furthermore, a simple and ancient practice known as grounding is another great way to keep stress minimal. Of course, eating mood-boosting foods is a good habit, too.

Of course, don’t forget to exercise. Simple physical activities such as walking, running and rebounding exercises have many health benefits.

Also, check your habits and lifestyle. Make sure you’re engaging on those rejuvenating lifestyle and habits. If you are a morning person, check these life-changing habits you should be engaging.


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