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12 Stress Relieving Yoga Poses For Better Focus And Health

We’ve talked about the usefulness of mindfulness, particularly as one of the natural solutions to relieving stress. Now, adding a yoga routine to it makes it more effective. One can do a daily practice of one or two stress-relieving yoga poses to achieve calmness and focus.

Stress-relieving effect of Balasana
Balasana or Child’s Pose Has a Relaxing Effect on the Body and Mind

Most of these stress-relieving yoga poses are easy to do. However, if you’re not flexible enough, take your time and practice regularly. It won’t take long with regular practice to achieve better flexibility.

Stress-Relieving Yoga Poses

Regular yoga practice is one of the best ways to manage stress and stay healthy. As a matter of fact, the NIH recognizes its health benefits. In one feasibility study1, researchers find yoga a safe and acceptable complement in trauma treatment.

Right now, we’re going to explore these yoga poses for stress relief. Keep in mind, consistency and regular practice make yoga an effective means of relieving stress.

1. Child’s Pose [Balasana]

The child’s pose or balasana is probably, one of the easiest poses. Besides it’s simple and easy to do, it’s relaxing, too. This posture quiets the mind and eases stress. It calms the nervous system as well as beneficial for the lymphatic system.

2. Bridge Pose [Setu Bandha Sarvangasana]

The Setu Bandha Sarvangasana may be difficult for some people to do a perfect pose for the first time. But take your time and put an effort into practicing until perfection.

Don’t worry if you’re not doing it perfectly for the first time. It doesn’t mean you’re not getting the benefit. Simply push through your practice and until you’ll be able to it right.

Moreover, the bridge pose is actually a back-bend yoga pose, which is also a preparation for a more advanced pose, the wheel pose.

3. Standing Forward Bend [Uttanasana]

Although this pose looks simple, it is somewhat difficult for first-timers who don’t have flexibility. If you can’t reach the floor, yet simply bend your knees until you’ll be able to reach the floor.

As you progress with standing forward bend, try to straighten your legs. With regular practice, you’ll be able to do the pose correctly. The aim of this pose is to stretch the hamstrings, thighs, and hips.

Note that some variations of this pose do not require reaching the floor. Instead, the elbows are folded together just like the one shown in the video below. The key is here is to allow yourself to relax while in this pose.

This pose increases blood flow to the brain, which is good for relieving stress. Additionally, this pose is also helpful in achieving good sleep.

4. Eagle Pose [Garudasana]

The eagle pose begins with a chair pose. The chair pose is an easy one. However, you might find the next layer of pose difficult. But keep in mind, practice allows you to do it the pose correctly.

This pose is helpful in improving focus and balance. It releases tensions on shoulders, legs, and back.

5. Corpse Pose [Shavasana]

Certainly, this pose is an easy one to do. It’s hard to make mistakes doing this even for first-timers. But don’t underestimate its simplicity.

The corpse pose puts the body at ease emphasizing total relaxation. It allows for deep relaxation. It slows down the breath, lowers blood pressure, and quiets the body’s nervous system.

In short, this simple pose provides total relaxation and stress relief. However, to make it more stress-relieving, make sure to observe your breath, which is helpful in suspending judgemental thoughts. As a matter of fact, this pose is a good way to get into a deep meditative state.

6. Extended Triangle Pose [Trikonasana]

This is one of the excellent stress-relieving yoga poses and it stretches the entire body. Additionally, it also helps in boosting the digestive function.

Besides its effectiveness in lessening symptoms of anxiety, it is also helpful for osteoporosis and sciatica.

7. Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose [Viparita Karani]

This pose is one of the recommended yoga poses for stress relief. It has been said in the ancient Tibetan yoga practice that Viparita Karani rejuvenates the body and slows down aging.

Therefore, if you’re looking to look young and slows down aging, regular practice of this pose can be helpful. After all, it’s the stress that triggers aging.

This calms the body by reducing stress and rejuvenates the blood supply.

8. Puppy Pose [Uttana Shishosana]

This looks similar to the child’s pose except that the hips are lifted instead of resting on the floor. It is a good pose for opening the heart.

Moreover, regular practice of the puppy pose prevents shoulder slouching especially during stressful times.

9. Cat Pose [Marjariasana]

The cat pose is not only for stress relief but also useful for back pain. It stretches and soothes the lower back as well as massages the spine resulting in stress relief.

Additionally, there is a variation of this pose that adds additional pose to it. The resulting pose is known as the cat-cow pose. In the end, getting into a child’s pose is also useful while resting.

10. Dolphin Pose [Ardha Pincha Mayurasana]

The dolphin pose looks similar to a downward face dog but in this case, the elbows are resting on the floor instead of the hands.

Among the benefits include stress relief, lessen anxiety, and quieting of the mind. Hence, making it not only one of the easy but also among the excellent stress-relieving yoga poses.

This pose stretches the shoulders, neck, and spine. The dolphin pose is also a good variation or resting position while doing a plank pose.


11. Easy Pose [Sukhasana]

You’ve read it right. This is an easy pose and yet the benefits are so helpful in relieving stress. This promotes inner calmness eventually alleviating stress and anxiety. It is also helpful in relieving both mental and physical exhaustion.

The regular practice of Sukhasana opens the hips, lengthens the spine, and increases serenity. Here’s how to do the Sukhasana or easy pose.

Sounds and looks easy, right? Well, looking at it alone it’s easy. However, while doing the easy pose, you need to pay attention to your alignment. But don’t worry if that does not make sense. Watch the video and learn how to do sukhasana the right way.

12. Head-To-Knee Forward Bend [Janusirsasana]

If you a first-timer, you may not be able to completely reach your forehead to your knees. That’s fine. Simply do the pose to your maximum reach. With regular practice, you’ll be able to completely reach your knees and rest your forehead.

Basically, this pose calms the brain. The benefits include relief from anxiety and mild depression, relieve pains such as a headache and menstrual discomfort. Additionally, Janusirsasana is helpful for people with insomnia and also relieves fatigue.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article you’ll feel motivated to practice these stress-relieving yoga poses. There are lots of other yoga poses but these are good enough to get started. In fact, most yoga poses are helpful for stress relief.

However, for most people who are not into this practice, it would be difficult to execute advanced poses. These are the easier ones and the good thing about it is you can do it anytime without additional accessories.

All that is needed is your effort and discipline to follow through and make it a part of your daily life. Not addressing stress is not only unhealthy but deadly. Stress is a predictor of heart disease. And if you notice your libido is going downhill, stress may one of the major causes of it.

Instead of taking and relying on medications, try regular yoga practice. It’s free and you can do it anytime and anywhere without the risk of side effects.

Lastly, practicing certain breathing techniques is also helpful in relieving stress.


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