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Quick Rundown On The History Penis Enlargement

The majority of people these days thought the concept of penis enlargement is new. However, truth is the complete opposite.

Penis enlargement concept can be traced back to the earlier civilization of ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs.

Quick Recap On Penis Enlargement History

Today, penis enlargement is a huge industry.

Historically, penis enlargement was first started by young Arabs men.

These young Arabs men were taught by their fathers the art of Jelqing their penis.

It was said these young men have been able to achieve visible gains in both girth and length successfully within a month of performing Jelqing consistently.

Until these days, Jelqing is still a very popular penis exercise.

In fact, experienced men who are seriously involved with penis enlargement came up with various other forms of Jelqing such as dry and wet Jelqing.

Ancient Egyptians Used Weights

Ancient Egypt in particular, their leaders or the Pharaohs attached weight to their penis in an attempt to stretch penile muscle tissues gaining length.

However, there was a big issue with putting weights on the penis as a means of stretching as it often decreases penile girth.

In addition, too much pressure from the weights can cause damage to the cells and erectile chambers, which is filled with blood during an erection.

This results in partial or total loss of sexual sensation or pleasure, and even the inability to achieve or maintain an erection suitable for sexual penetration.

Herbs For The Africans and Chinese

Even with the risks associated with using weights to stretch the penis, Africans at that time used weights made of clay. The use of clay weights gave varied results leading African men to began experimenting with aphrodisiac herbs.

Also, the Chinese used herbs in enhancing male virility resulting in better quality erections. Among the first herbs that were discovered as effective male enhancement like Yohimbe, horny goat weed, and ginseng.

All these were found beneficial in boosting male virility. In fact, all these herbs used in ancient times are still in use today as a component in mainstream natural male enhancement pills.

Codpiece For European Renaissance

Codpiece To Show Manliness
Europeans during the Renaissance period were using a codpiece to cover the penis area.

Although there was no evidence as it is a means of showing male virility, it became a custom back then, and the bigger it gets the better.

Today, the codpiece is a very popular custom for rock stars as they wear it during concert performances.

The invention of the Early Penis Pump

During the early 1900s, the very first penis pump was invented by Otto Ledever, an Austrian doctor, and inventor. Unfortunately, there was no detailed historical record written for this inventor. It would be very interesting to know more about him.

However, it was in the 1970s when the penis pump became so popular. The first penis pump was an air vacuum pump in which the concept and the actual device are still in use today. Later, the air vacuum pump became the primary device used to aid erection on men suffering erectile dysfunction.

The Birth of Male Enhancement Pills and Modern PE Devices

It was a decade later when male enhancement pills started springing in the 1980s. Today, there numerous companies continuously performing research to formulate a safer and effective male enhancement pills that deliver desired results. However, keep in mind pills alone are not the primary means of increasing penile gains

Instead, pills are great for improving erection quality and enhancing blood circulation. Particularly, Nitric Oxide, which is a component of certain male enhancement such as Male Extra.

Later, following the trend of the development of penis enlargement devices is the penis extender. Penis extenders are based on traction techniques used by surgeons for many years. Traction-based penis extenders provided lasting results especially for length gains, though a lot of its users have reported having gained in girth, as well.

In fact, traction-based extenders have been proven effective in numerous clinical tests including correcting curved penises and increasing size for micropenises.

One other smart innovation for the penis enlargement device is the hydro penis pump. Similarly, it works just as the air vacuum pump, but rather than using air to create a vacuum it uses water. Although there have been no detailed clinical tests for hydro penis pumps, its effectiveness and safety have been proven by numerous men who have used it as their primary PE device.

Modern Devices

There are other advanced PE devices being designed and manufactured in an effort to make PE a lot easier and more effective than before. Among such devices are Jelqing device and stamina trainer. The Jelqing device helps in performing Jelqing routines a lot more efficient than performing it manually.

On the other hand, the stamina trainer helps men train and achieve better stamina prior to actual sexual intercourse. Stamina trainer is also helpful for those men who have issues with rapid or premature ejaculations.

The long history of penis enlargement was able to produce various techniques such as the use of pills and numerous PE devices.

Certainly, this trend will continue to develop as current companies involved behind all these are continuously conducting research to improve the product, and perhaps formulate, produce and manufacture more advanced products in the future. Truly, there is no shortage of ideas, and ideas being converted to tangible PE devices.


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