Foods and Supplement Ingredients Touted Bad For Health But Turn Out Good Except Sugar and Tobacco


Whenever the idea of natural enhancement for sexual health and performance comes to mind, most people always think of herbal ingredients on supplements known to boost libido, act as aphrodisiacs, and free from any adverse side effects.

However, this is not always the case. In fact, many natural dietary ingredients when consumed on a regular basis can result in reduced sexual activity, decreased libido and even cause male impotence, or erectile dysfunction(ED).

Yohimbe (Yohimbine)

Yohimbine, on the other hand, is a stimulant extracted from Pausinystalia johimbe barkScientific Assessment of Yohimbe. Often, it is use as a supplement by men who who want to boost hardness in erections and virility. Some indigenous referred it as herbal or natural Viagra, although it is has less potency as real Viagra.

There are different about Yohimbe herb. Historically, Yohimbe bark has been regarded and used as a sexual stimulant, or aphrodisiac. Durin the recent studies, Yohimbe has also been found as a potential treatment for ED(erectile dysfunction) or commonly known as male impotence.

Pausinystalia Johimbe

The big issue comes from its active ingredient called Yohimbine, which is an alkaloid that is under investigation by the FDA. Moreover, there is only a few clinical studies conducted proving the effects of Yohimbine in sexual performance.

Clinical trials conducted on Yohimbine have revealed contradictory results when it comes to effectiveness. In Germany, Yohimbine bark has been declared unsafe due to complications such as increased blood pressure and heart rate as well as kidney failure.

Also, the USNCCM(United States National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) reported that, taking Yohimbe continuously can be dangerous in the long run. It could cause health conditions such as headaches, insomnia, and hypertension.

Yohimbe or male enhancement supplements that contain Yohimbe should not be taken by those who have heart problems, anxiety, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and those who are taking antidepressant medications. All these facts make Yohimbe a controversial drug in which safety and effectiveness are yet to be established through future clinical tests.

Unfortunately, Yohimbine is not accepted as a reliable treatment for incessant erectile dysfunction; hence, it should only be taken by men who are well-healthy who want to boost their virility. It is essential to keep in mind no to take or supplement with Yohimbine while taking medications like antipsychotic, or antidepressant medications.

Additionally, DO NOT take Yohimbe along with prescription medication for erectile dysfunction such as Cialis or Viagra. Extreme caution should be taken when taking Yohimbine along with other stimulants like caffeine, synephrine, and alcohol.

Sadly, the pure and natural Pausinystalia johimbe bark cannot be use directly as a supplement as it contains other psychoactive compounds that are not meant to be taken internally.

As a friendly reminder! Always read, understand and follow the manufacturer’s dosage instructions when taking supplementation containing Yohimbe. Among the popular natural male enhancement supplements that contain Yohimbe is ExtenZe Extended Release in Gel Caps. Hence, men who have medical issues mentioned previously should avoid taking ExtenZe.

Instead, other natural male supplements such as Male Extra and VigRX Plus are both good choices.

Nicotine From Tobacco

Many clinical tests and studies found a strong link between tobacco smoking and difficulties achieving erections. In fact, nicotine is a vasoconstrictor that narrows the blood vessels restricting proper blood flow on the entire body.

Tobacco Nicotine

Long-term perspective, nicotine has been proven to cause irreversible damage to the arteries. When there are major issues in the cardiovascular system, penile erections are affected significantly as it depends on blood flow.

Addiction Behavior published a study showing that male smokers have difficulty achieving harder erections than males who are non-smokers. In fact, the research found 40 percent of men affected by erectile dysfunction were smokers compared to only 28 percent of the overall male population. The results in that study were also corroborated by review of all other studies conducted on impotent men for the past 20 years.

On the other hand, e-cigs or e-cigarettes maybe less harmful than tobacco, but the nicotine in it still addictive just as with the tobacco. Also, the long-term effects of getting addictive to nicotine through e-cigs are still uncertain. So, my personal view, it’s better to avoid smoking or vaping completely and stay with a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you want to know more about e-cigs safety and health risks, BeTobaccoFree.HHS.GOV, and FDA e-cig page.


Caffeine causes blood pressure to rise, which is a condition linked with men’s infertility and decreased libido. In addition, caffeine put additional stress on the adrenal glands, which are essential in creating the majority of the hormones.


Research and medical tests reveal that excessive consumption of caffeine decreases the production of testosterone, plus increases muscle tension causing it difficult to relax. This condition is detrimental because the state of relaxation is essential towards a satisfying sexual experience. With normal consumption, however, caffeine has numerous health benefits.

Moreover, just as with nicotine, caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, which can impede blood flow to the penis causing a difficulty in achieving hard erections.

If you’re a coffee lover like me, I think you’re disappointed right now from all the facts presented here. These facts are based on over consumption of caffeine whether in coffee, chocolate, or tea. Just as with any other things in life, over consumption can lead to something bad particularly health risks such as those mentioned earlier.

The good news, caffeine when consumed moderately has proven numerous health benefits such as boost energy levels and concentration, boost metabolic rate for better fat burning action in the body, may help protect against Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia…just to name a few among other numerous benefits. Recommended consumption of coffee according to experts is 2 to 3 cups a day and no more. In addition, don’t consume coffee after 3 PM as it might impair sleep quality.

Personally, I do consume 2-cups of coffee during morning right after waking up. It’s good as day starter. I freshly brew my coffee and I don’t put sugar on it. Plus, I’m a fan of upgraded coffee, which is delicious and put more potency into the coffee.

The difference with my upgraded coffee is I don’t use MCT Oil just as the original recipe suggested. Instead, I use coconut oil, which I personally made. It’s VCO, btw, or virgin coconut oil and I prefer cold brew coffee.

If you’re new to upgraded coffee, check out the Upgraded Bulletproof Coffee Kit to know more. Btw, it is not necessary to buy the kit. I don’t buy it because I have an ample supply of coffee in my local area, which I brew freshly every morning.

If possible, avoid instant coffee of any kind. Even those marketed as healthy coffee, avoid that as you don’t know the actual ingredients in it. The coffee itself is healthy when consumed at the right amount.

However, due to numerous ingredients such as sugar, creamier, etc, it becomes unhealthy. But, I can attest that my version of upgraded coffee is really effective when consumed at the right amount. I don’t notice any negative effects, and I’ve been drinking it for over 2 years now.

Therefore, in short… coffee is bad for the health when consumed beyond the right amount, but healthy when it is just consumed right.

Sugar (Glucose)

Erectile dysfunction is mostly associated with diabetic men who have high blood sugar level. In fact, this is the first link between diabetes and impotence. An increased in blood sugar levels damage both the nerves and blood vessels that are vital for men in achieving and maintaining erections.


The damage in blood vessels resulting in the inability to release Nitric Oxide properly.

As previously mentioned in this post, nitric oxide is essential because it is the chemical that carries the message to the arteries within the muscles of the penis telling it is time to relax and allow blood to fill in resulting an erection.

Sugar is really destructive to health specially refined sugar. I don’t use commercial sugar anymore very often, but sparingly when needed. I don’t use in coffee as I drink my coffee sugar-free. Fruits, on the other hand, are good sources of sugar but don’t juice them, eat them instead as juicing increases the sugar concentration according to one expert. Eating fruits you got lots of fiber, too…which is good for the digestive system.

If you love sweets, think again. Last year, July 2014 a health group in the U.K. was calling for sugar tax to cut the growing number of obese children.


Just as with glucose, there are many men suffering from high cholesterol level who are also suffered erectile dysfunction. A person having a high cholesterol has fatty deposits in the artery walls. This is known in medicine as atherosclerosis. The fatty deposits will not only cause high blood pressure but impotence, as well.

Additionally, it can contribute to impotence itself since it not just decreases proper blood flow into the penis, but interfere the ability of the body to allow blood vessels to dilate appropriately to achieve hard erections.

Well, according to Dr. Stephen Sinatra, that was an old school concept. New research has found cholesterol is not the case of heart disease and high blood pressure that has both effects on a male sexual health particularly erections. To learn more about this new findings and reversed the previous concept about cholesterol, watch this video.

…here’s another video on Cholesterol Myth

You can also read more on that here.


One of the major sources of protein in many drinks and foods is soy. The Federal Drug Administration(FDA) permits label claims that soy foods aids in reducing cholesterol. Additionally, other studies found that soy can help lower risk of prostate cancer.

Soy Products

On the other hand, researchers have not ruled out the likelihood that over consumption of soy can affect a man’s sexual health negatively. The main reason, one of the ways soy achieve its healthful benefits is through mimicking the female sexual hormone. Soy has an estrogenic effect. Although, there is no evidence found that moderate consumption of soy can impact a man’s sexual life negatively, researchers say it is possible when taken overly, at least theoretically.

On the contrary, let’s look at the good and bright side of soy as it is not totally bad. Dr. Mercola explained it very well in his video below. Detailed about his soy article can also be read here. Notice, he mentioned in the video about fermented soy and GMO soy.


Mentioned above is only a short list about of what to avoid, or at least minimize its intake to keep a man’s sexual health in good condition. Simply put this, maintaining and achieving a healthy sexual life for men does not only involve avoiding certain dietary components but adopting a well-balanced diet and healthy way of life.

As you’ve noticed, the majority of these foods are not totally bad when consumed in the right amount and prepared in the right way. I guess, the best way we can do is to continuously put ourselves in the learning mode, and aim to consume foods that are naturally and organically produced.

According to many sexologists and health experts, among the best ways to improving sexual is health through avoiding what is bad and adopting what is good. Furthermore, making smart food choices can help prevent common male health issues like erectile dysfunction or impotency.


  1. As long as you’re concious about eating healthy and careful about what you put in your mouth, you’re good. That is based on my personal experience. I was once a heavy smoker, but I quit a year ago for good. I was once a daily alcohol consumer, but I quit it also. It was difficult, but possible. Now, I go to the gym every other day and runs during weekends and developed a healthy eating habit. Feels good! 🙂

  2. Hi i have actually had psychogenic impotence for about 3 months. It began after a break up with my girfriend. We returned together and i have an incredibly tough time getting an erection now. Ive looked all over the net for options and found nothing. I talked to about 5 doctors and they stated it was all in my head and they didnt take me really seriously. Is this type of condition permanant? Or exists no cure or i have no i dea? Has any individual esle been through this?


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