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The Real Benefits of Hiring A Male Enhancement Coach For Penile Health and Penis Enlargement

Previously, I’ve written an article talking about tips on how to succeed and maintain a high level of motivation on one’s penis enlargement journey.

The tips mentioned in that article are enough to get one started and be able to maintain motivation especially for the few who know what they truly want to achieve in terms of gains, performance, stamina, and self-esteem.

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However, let us face the fact, there is a greater number of men who want to pursue penis enlargement who do not know what they want exactly.

Just like any aspect of life, one might need a coach whether such as a life coach, health, and fitness coach or speaking coach.

We simply need someone who is an expert who can guide us to the right things and routines.

In sports, for instance, it has been well-documented that the difference between a good coach vs a great coach can have a significant impact on someone or a team’s success of winning every single time.

In the penis enlargement arena, coaching is not that popular, but I know one person who does penis enlargement coaching for a long time now, Big AL or AJ Alfaro of male enhancement coaching.

As mentioned earlier, male enhancement coaching might not be a big deal for those who really know what they want, but for those who are very interested in increasing penile size, coaching is a great deal.

Benefits Of Having A Male Enhancement Coach

  • Bring out one’s motivation and establish the exact goal to achieve.
  • Detailed walkthrough on how to get started.
  • Proper guidance on which routine to start for beginners.
  • Encourage a strong discipline by monitoring one’s progress.
  • Give advice and solution when there is something that hinders in terms of schedules, routines, etc
  • Proper guidance on when to step to the next level of advanced routines at the right time.
  • A coach is someone to tell things one can hardly tell to anyone, especially with penis enlargement.

Why Get A Coach If Information Online Available Is Free?

It an undeniable fact, there are loads of free information available to anyone who wants to get started their penis enlargement journey.

Online resources like thundersplace.org and PEGym provide a phenomenal amount of information. These forums have helped numerous men get started and achieved their desired goals in increasing gains both girth and length.

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On the other hand, this myriad load of information can also lead to information overload for most beginners who are interested in the subject. Interested, but do not have the courage to do self-research due to loads of information that leads to confusion, and fear not to implement the right thing eventually.

Open information available online is not organized in such a way beginners can grasp quickly and able to implement step 1, what is next, and how to do it safely and efficiently.

Now, do these online resources do not do any good? No! In fact, I’ve referred to these sources from time to time, but not really friendly for most individuals who do not have the time to research and organize such available information and then putting these all together into an actionable easy to follow a step-by-step plan of action.

The big difference of having a coach, you will be provided with the exact step-by-step instructions plus helping you establish the right goals to achieve such goals achieving length, girth, and even boosting self-confidence. Just like any coaching area in life, anyone can have higher success when hiring a coach.

How Does Male Enhancement Coaching Program Works?

Fortunately, penis enlargement 1-on-1 coaching does not require the coach to be right in front of telling them things or guiding the hands in the right positions.

Instead, it is done online and private. The entire program and having a penis enlargement coach involves a 5 step process.

Male Enhancement Coaching Process

STEP 1 – Creating A Baseline Report

When you decide to get into a penis enlargement program, the coach will ask about things like health history, goals to achieve such as an increase in length or girth, overcoming premature ejaculation, fixing erectile dysfunction issue(ED), strengthening or improving erection quality, and along with other relevant information that allows the coach to establish a baseline report or profile. All these are done through a baseline questionnaire.

Once the baseline profiling is finished, the coach will create a carefully tailored workout plan suitable for your profile and starting point to reaching needs, wants, or goals.

STEP 2 – Laying The Foundation

The coach will introduce over 30 penile exercises and 10 routines that will help achieve in adding length and girth, as well as improving erection hardness. The workouts can help straighten curved penises by up to 40 percent, and exercises will be able to help achieve multiple orgasms resulting in lasting longer in bed easily every single time.

Furthermore, the coach will provide you with a log where you can record the workouts done, stats and other vital information that allows the coach to monitor progress easily and efficiently, and perhaps provide tweaks or adjustments to the routines to allow maximum potential gains.

STEP 3 – Begin The Workout Implementation

Once the coach gives the green light to begin implementing the workout tailored to you and record which workouts have been done along with current stats.

All these can be entered into the penis enlargement coaching log. When starting to implement the workouts, smooth muscles and erectile tissues in the penis begin to expand.

Also, during this stage, the coach will monitor your progress as well as provide the necessary support to ensure a high level of motivation is maintained. When you begin performing the exercise routines, results might not be realized quickly.

At this point, maintaining a high level of enthusiasm and motivation is necessary to avoid discouragement and timidity to perform the exercises. The coach will monitor the progress of whether the exercises are performed properly to achieve maximum gains.

This is the stage where most individuals who attempted to pursue penis enlargement failed. When there is barely noticeable progress achieved, most individuals would think they are not doing the right thing, or perhaps the exercises do not work at all. When there is no one to turn or ask advice, they simply give up.

Unlike having a coach, you will be guided just like playing any sports, the coach will adjust and tell you the right thing to do in order to succeed.

STEP 4 – Achieving The Desired Gains

At this stage, the exercises given to you by your coach is focused on achieving gains in length and girth. Let’s face the fact, penis enlargement exercises do not provide overnight results.

It is a slow yet effective means of achieving a permanent increase in size. Do the exercises in which the coach tailored for achieving desired gains.

STEP 5 – Achieving Healthy and Rock-Hard Erections For Good

By this stage, you should have achieved certain gains. While still focusing on achieving the gains desired, this stage is also focused on increasing stamina and performance, overcoming premature ejaculations and curing erectile dysfunctions, straighten curved penises, increase ejaculation volume, and build an overall healthy penis and vascular system.

If you are ready to take the first step of a successful penis enlargement journey, JOIN this penis enlargement coaching program. You will be coached with the industry’s top coaches when it comes to male enhancement including AJ “Big Al” Alfaro.

Getting a coach for something that is somewhat difficult to achieve is an essential decision. Once you have learned the necessary skills to continue your penis enlargement journey, perhaps the huge benefit you could have is accountability.

The coach’s forced discipline and undying encouragements can truly help you succeed in your penis enlargement, as well as help you achieve your desired results, gains, performance, stamina, and overall penis health improvement.


  1. When I get started with penis enlargement 2 years ago, I simply gather all the information from free sources like this website and including forums. However, for one who may want to get started so quickly with confidence, coaching program like male enhancement coach could be a perfect solution. I’ve heard Al’s coaching ability and heard of his clients achieve great results. In fact, some his clients(forgot the name) come up with their own routines.

  2. WOW! Never realized until now that such type of coaching program really exist. I have no experience doing penis enlargement, but planning of pursuing it as part of yes…increasing penis size, but main purpose is to improve my sexual health as I’ve heard from many sources, penis exercises are great of improving at it. I’m bad at taking care of my health for many years, but now I realized I have to shift to the opposite direction take action in taking back my good health.

  3. i am actually in search of free and reliable method to increase my penis size. this looks a great option but not free 😛

  4. My partner and i have been have troubles every time we have sex, and i concerned learn that there is something wrong with the size of my penis, i believe it is too little and she is just shy to tell me, because one day she simply made me a notepad which had an advert on penis enlargement. I’m sorry to tell this embarrassing story of mine. But I think there is some way I can improve my size in the long run. I don’t want to just get into anything I am not sure, so I’m taking my chance with this coaching program.

  5. This looks like a great option to try than those pills claiming hype. Personally, I’ve already done penis enlargement exercise routines and they’re great. I’m no hardcore enthusiast, but I’ve experience great results in terms of sexual health maintenance like improving sexual drive, erection quality and stamina. It also made me aware about healthy options for overall health. Better overall health also lead to better sexual health. Anyone who is thinking medication about their sexual health improvement should try this type of solution first. Unless, your doctor advised you to follow certain strict medication regimen.

  6. I just recently thought about attempting doing penis enlargement and I asked my partner exactly what she thought and she didn’t support it and don’t want me to pursue it. She says she is currently feels “filled up” and absolutely has no issue having orgasms. She feels scared that if I got a bigger penis it would hurt her cervix. There are times I strike it and cause discomfort for her. I’m thinking I could try it anyhow, questioning if she ‘d end up liking it. My present size is 6 inches in length with a 5 3/4 inch girth. Exactly what do you think?

    I’m not lying. She’s never ever been with another partner prior to so I’m uncertain if she simply isn’t experienced. If growing would are much better for her, I ‘d attempt.

    • Hey Mack… your size is pretty much above average size according to survey(read more here). If she is satisfied and the fact you are already hitting her cervix and caused discomfort, I think there is no need to it further, unless you want another partner in the future. But, if she is the one you want to be with for the rest of your life, honestly… she told you she got enough.

      What you can do instead is boost your stamina. This can be done with manual exercises like Jelqing routines.

    • You are looking/reading at a program that can help you increase your penis size, a coaching program by Big Al. Or, you can get started with simple massages or with basic manual penis enlargement exercises through Jelqing and stretching.

  7. I thought this thing is weird 🙂 But I realized it’s the same concept as having a personal fitness trainer at the gym. The only difference is…with this one, the coach and client are not seeing each other as the coaching is done through online. Good thinking and beneficial to those who want to gain sexual confidence. This might not help achieve bigger gains, but the confidence gained due to improved performance in sex can be priceless. If I found this one back in the day when I suffered premature ejaculation, I might give this a green light.

    • Good luck on your journey, James. Please come back later and let us know what results you’ve achieve if you decide to get into it.

  8. I think this make sense. I have been researching for more than a month now regarding penis enlargement. Based on what I’ve found out, most people have a hard time achieving success with it. I’m interested because I want to be involve with PE, as well. I’m not planning or expecting to double my length or girth. Perhaps, an inch increase is pretty fulfilling for me. I will look into this coaching program a bit further. It’s interesting and it make sense.

  9. When I first found this, I was pretty intrigued wit the title because if this is my first time and I thought it was a joke. This one of those funny, yet make sense things around the internet. I have not been involved with something like this, but it’s interesting to know there is one.

    • Hi James, I think you are right about that. I was thinking the same thing when I first found this. Unlike you, I’m doing light exercises using stretching. You may never know you’ll be needing such coaching program sooner or later 🙂

  10. Hey Michael, you are right about your insights on free information available online. There are such an overwhelming amount of information available which results to difficulty in organizing especially which and what to start.

  11. Big Al is a popular man in the penis enlargement field. Seen him a lot at PEGym and other penis enlargement dedicated websites. His approach is systematic. I haven’t tried his coaching program as I have my own and I don’t need that much of a help from a coach, btw 🙂

    But one thing I can tell to those who are just beginning or planning of getting into penis enlargement, it can be very difficult if you do not have any goal that established clearly. For instance, the length and girth gains and why you want such a thing when you can just let what you have now.

    When I first started my first routine, it was difficult to stay on track especially that I live with other people in one apartment. So, I have to wait when everybody is out, so I can have privacy 🙂

    It took me months to see some noticeable results, not great but definitely and improvement!

    • Hi Tim, thank for sharing your experience. I appreciate that a lot. And, congratulations for the results you’ve achieved. Yes, penis enlargement cannot be achieved overnight or within a week. Of course, when doing pumping, there is an instant but temporary gains that is usable. However, talking of permanent gains, it can take some time to realized that achievement.

  12. When I’ve first stumbled this on reddit, I thought it was a joke 🙂 I was kinda shocked and laughing at the same time because it’s really funny to find and read something like this. But, in the end as I’ve read it, it seems very probable and make sense. I’m a bit surprised that this thing existed for a long time. Well, good luck to those who are into this endeavor….

    • Thanks T.J. 🙂 And, just like with other coaching endeavors, coaches are helpful. This has been proven in sports and life coaching, as well.


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