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Among the major questions, men ask when it comes to semen-enhancing pills, are;

  • Do these semen volume enhancement pills work?
  • How does this pills work to increase semen volume?

Hopefully, this article will be able to provide you concise answers and show the big picture what semen volume enhancing supplements can do. Particularly, we will be taking a closer look at Volume Pills.

There is no doubt, the more semen a man can produce, the better the sexual experience when he reaches orgasm. During ejaculation, the contraction of Pubococcygeus muscle is what matters most as this is the primary thing that gives a man the most intense pleasure he ejaculated.

The more semen he can ejaculate, translate to longer contraction of the Pubococcygeus muscle in the penis area, which equates to an intense orgasm and ultimate sexual pleasure.

How Ejaculation Occurs Explained and Presented In Animation

Primarily, Volume Pills are formulated to increase the amount of semen production increasing the volume of semen discharge during ejaculation upon reaching orgasm. Let’s forget the porn star when it comes to ejaculation because we’ve seen most porn stars ejaculate like crazy. Instead, let us look back on our past sensation of ejaculation experiences.

Personally, when I ejaculate with less semen, it is not as fulfilling when there is so much to discharge. Most men experience approximately 6 seconds of orgasm during ejaculation. When these 6 seconds are finished, we want more.

We wish we can ejaculate longer than the ejaculation that lasts 6 seconds, most of the time. We even squeeze the penis shaft or ask your girl to squeeze it to release more.

The Ingredients

Volume Pills is formulated from a load of potent ingredients. Many of these ingredients have been proven and used hundreds of years ago by our ancestors. However, the modern medical community has just discovered them recently and put them together into a potent formulation to boost semen production.

A team of scientists specialized in sexual health along with a team of medical professionals created this semen volume enhancing formulation by combining extracts, concentrates, nutrients along with 100% natural herbs.

Each ingredient was chosen particularly due to its proven track record as being potent when it comes to stimulating sexual health and activity, increasing semen volume and maintaining good health of the testicles.

Clinical Test Results

  • Solidin – Helps increase sexual drive and sensation.
  • Xi Lan Rou Gui and Hong Hua Fen – Help increase blood flow to the penis for achieving firmer and bigger erections.
  • Ku Gua – Proven to help boost testosterone levels, a vital component for increased semen production.
  • 4′, 5, 7 Trihydroxyflavone and Embilica Officinalis – This help optimize health of all male sexual organs.
  • San Guo Mu – Beneficial and helpful when it comes to pacing and achieving good control during sexual intercourse.
  • Dong Chong Xia Cao – Helps boost both testosterone production and sexual drive.
  • Zinc Oxide – Helps increase sexual stamina.
  • Ling Zhi – Helps increase sexual stamina and overall vigor.
  • Xian Mao – An ancient aphrodisiac, which is regarded natural alternative to ED medication Viagra.
  • Tian Men Dong – This ingredient is said to be helpful for men experiencing sexual dysfunction or impotence.
  • Drilizen – Helps improve erection quality and capacity, as well as helps increase testosterone production.
  • Fucus Vesiculosus – Helpful for maintaining and improving penile health, as well as overall sexual health.

More detailed information of each of these ingredients can be found at Volume Pills official website.

Benefits and Advantages Of Taking Volume Pills

Due to its natural and potent ingredients, Volume Pills provides men with the following sexual health benefits and advantages helping men;

Volume Pills

  • Achieve a noticeable boost in semen volume
  • Achieve harder and bigger erections on demand
  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Facilitate better blood flow to the penis
  • Achieve better control over erections
  • Improve premature ejaculation instances
  • Achieve and maintain better sexual drive

Doctor-Approved Formulation Without Prescription

Volume Pills male enhancement supplement is endorsed by one of the prominent doctors specialized in male sexual health. Not many natural male enhancement supplementation has earned the endorsements of medical experts. Click here to read more.

Volume Pills has been formulated and developed with safety in mind through a team of medical professionals, along with a group of health scientists under a medical laboratory that is cGMP compliant and certified.

In fact, the people behind Volume Pills are willing and happy to show Certificates of Analysis(upon request) of the ingredients used in the process proving its safety, freshness, and potency.

Prior to releasing the product for consumption, an expiry date along with lot number is marked carefully on every bottle of Volume Pills to ensure safety and tracking purposes.

This proves the team behind this semen-boosting supplement is serious in keeping up their reputation through high standards from its formulation, manufacturing, and distribution.

Testimonials and User Experiences

Paul A. Jones of U.S.A. says;

I have been using Volume Pills for about 5 months now and I’m very pleased with the results I’ve got. I have experienced a substantial increase in both intensities of orgasms and volume of semen during ejaculation. It works for me!

Tim Tegge says;

I have been using Volume Pills for a few months to date, and it seems to have given me a huge amount of improvement in terms of ejaculation. My female partner enjoys it every time, and honestly prior to that, I’ve felt somewhat embarrassed that I have nothing to deliver more. After taking Volume Pills, it helped a lot indeed! Thanks.

Michael Cheung says;

Both improvements and gains have been huge for me. Each time I unload or ejaculate it lasts pretty longer than before. My GF couldn’t believe how long and how much I can unload. Additionally, the volume of semen has been substantially increased. In fact, I was told I shot and unload like and elephant. What’s more, I seem to have been producing this hefty volume of semen daily. Well, it’s well-worth every penny. Great improvement and experience to my active sex life.


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  1. I’ve been wanting to increase the volume of my semen… it feels heaven when the contraction of the muscles take beyond 10 seconds. It’s tiring but the sensation is pleasurable. I haven’t tried any pills like this but looking to trying it out.


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