10 Simple Sex Tips Women Crave – Men Should Know These


Light the spark of your relationship with these simple yet powerful sex tips.

If you have been following the topics published on this website, you may have noticed there was a post about 10 tips to a more satisfying sexual experience.

Well, this topic is somewhat related to the previous one, but this goes over different approaches to pleasing your woman.

Sex Tips For Men

Knowing what a woman wants in sex is crucial to satisfying her sexual pleasure. It is the job of the man to arouse her into a bedsheet grabbing and back-scratching orgasm.

Perhaps, applying these simple and effective sex tips can dramatically improve a man’s sexual performance almost instantly.

These tips are a combination of psychological and unique twists of sexual acts. Certainly, many men have seen these tips applied in movies.

However, not many realized if those what they have watched would work in real-life situations.

Well, check out these tips below and try yourself. See what your partner has to react and say about you upon applying it appropriately.

Tip #1 – Sexting The Right Way


Sexting is not only about dirty text messages. Certainly, such messages can induce lustfulness of a dry hump, and there is no doubt about it.

However, texting your woman with the right message can spark a much more intimate encounter.

The power of words through sexting can have a deep impact on her, provided those messages can arouse her feeling and make her crave more from you.

Try this sexting twist. Text your girl and remind her the last time she initiated the act of sex. Tell her about what she wore and the smell she had at that time.

Essentially, tell her everything about what she did and how much you loved it. You will be amazed at how well she will respond to it.

Tip #2 – Surprise Her After Shower

After Shower Suprise

The element of surprise entails wondrous power. However, surprise her the way she likes it.

Although, surprising her while she is loading the washing machine is not good, surprising her after she finished shower brings an intimate moment.

Upon coming out of the shower, surprise her and pin her towards the wall. Kiss her like you cannot control yourself.

Tip #3 – Give Her A Handy and Manual Stimulation

Give Her Manual Stimulation

Over 50 percent of women need manual clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm. Choose a sex position where you can both use your penis as well as your finger to stimulate her clit manually.

You will be amazed at how much she responds to the additional manual stimulation and beg for more. Men who are anxious about their penis size can apply this technique.

This is a proven sexual technique in real-life sexual intercourse, yet not many men are doing it.

Ask your girl to lie facing down while you enter into her from behind. Enter into her gently and let her feel you with a few slow strokes.

While your penis is stimulating her vagina doing slow in and out strokes or thrusts, slip your hand under her belly and reach down to her clit.

Gently feel it and stimulate it along with penile penetration. This simple twist might be difficult for some men during the first time. However, women like it and most often she will help you do it more comfortably the next time.

Tip #4 – Make Something Different

Surprise Her In A Different Way

Women are responsive when it comes to sexual stimulation through imagery just like men do.

Here is a thing you can do to surprise her in a different way. Of course, this may present no difference if you are doing this already.

While she is standing in front of a mirror, approach from her back then wrap your arms around her waist while kissing her neck. If you have a large mirror where the entire body can be seen, that would be better.

I bet you have seen this in movies already, but have tried doing it on her. If you have not yet, do it and you will be amazed how much she will love it.

Watching herself while you are caressing her can turn her on a lot more.

Tip #5 – Seduction Through Music

Seductive Music Lyrics

The APA(American Psychological Association) conducted research and discovered that music tracks with explicit lyrics can make a woman harmonized to a man’s sex appeal. This may not be something ideal during the first date. However, for couples that already have an intimate relationship, this can be phenomenal.

Also, serenading her might be a good idea if you have the voice to impress her.

Tip #6 – Ask Her Once If She Is Enjoying What You Are Doing

Ask Her Seductively

While having an intimate moment with her, ask her once if she is enjoying it. Never ask her over and over as it can sound insecurity. Instead, focus more on how to give her more enjoyment whether you are dry humping or having intercourse.

Tip #7 – Apply The Rule Of 10

We are talking here about vaginal penetration. The first 1 to 2 centimeters of the vaginal opening holds the most sensitive nerve endings.

To let her feel the most intense feeling right from the start of vaginal penetration does not require to go deeper. Harness this spot to let her reach orgasm.

Vaginal Penetration

Most men will go deep penetration immediately. Of course, it does feel good and pleasurable on the penis part, but what about your girl?

It is a matter of knowing the basic anatomy of a vagina. You do not need to be a medical professional to explore it. Read resources that giveaway tips on how to please a woman during sexual intercourse.

Harnessing and mastering this sexual technique can have an enormous impact on both partners. Here is a suggestion.

Give her, 9 shallow and slow thrusts followed by a full penile penetration. If you can incorporate this Tip #7 and Tip #3, remarkable results can be achieved.

Tip #8 – Sleep Facedown

Sleep Facedown

The Journal of Dreaming conducted a study on individuals who sleep facing down while putting their hands above the heads can help achieve segmented sleep.

Segmented sleep means experiencing first and second sleep. The first sleep usually ends at 3 AM, and right after that is the start of the second sleep.

Having sex at this time is an awesome experience as both partners rested, and anxieties are not present.

Hence, practice and encourage your partner to sleep facing down. When both of you are awake, take that 3 AM performance gets going.

Tip #9 – Cover As Many Angles As You Can

We are talking here about clitoral stimulation through licking. The up and down pattern of licking is good, but combining it with sideways and circling motion can do a lot more.

Doing such clitoral licking combinations can hit a more sensitive nerve ending of the vaginal opening that makes her feel that intense sensation and beg you for more.

Additionally, with your clean fingers, make a shallow penetration to the vaginal opening along with the licking pattern combination.

Keep in mind, be gentle in using your fingers especially if this is your first time doing it. Just as mentioned earlier keep your fingers clean always before using it to stimulate the vagina.

Tip #10 – Explore and Come Up With Your Own Unique Technique

Research and experience proved that a combination of 3 to 5 different sexual acts in a single session can dramatically increase a woman’s chance of reaching orgasm.

Tip #1 can be used initially or initiate dirty talks with her, and then do manual stimulation or dry humping. Once both you and your partner are in tuned into intercourse, begin applying Tip #7.

Here is an additional tip, performing sex in different positions with full eye contact and manual clitoral stimulation can be extremely exciting.

Seductive Eye Contact During Sex

There you have it. Another set of different sex tips aimed to spark an intimate relationship towards a stratifying sexual experience.

However, these words will simply remain words if you read this and do not apply it. Get these sex tips applied in real life.


  1. I’m still thinking what something I can do to surprise her. I always do make surprise, but I want to make something different this time.


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