Rediscovering A Woman’s Commonly Overlooked Erogenous Zones


Many women feel there is something missing in their sex lives. Most complains are associated with men ignoring the exploration of a woman’s erogenous spots, and directly hitting the target or hot spots.

Unfortunately, vast percentage of men do not these erogenous zones in the woman’s body. There is a good chance that men are not ignoring these spots, simply they do not know about it.

If you are among those men who have no idea and have not done any exploration of your girl’s blissful body, read further. We will not be talking about the body’s anatomy, but we will together explore the spots that are vital to turning on your girl.

The Wrist

A woman’s inner wrist is sensitive when touched lightly. Using the fingers, touch it lightly with a circular motion. Moreover, when in sex mood, licking the inner wrist can be exciting as well as surprising for her. If she has been with other guys previously, she will be bewildered what you are doing, yet excited.

The Wrist

The Neck

Women love when kissed on the neck passionately. How to do that? Give her a soft and warm kisses from the back of the neck. Gently, push her hair away, let her feel your warmth breath and deliver the kiss. Do this way of kissing on both sides of her neck.

Most women simply moan when they experienced this sensual kiss. However, some women do not like to be surprised when kissed this way. Therefore, make certain you do not surprise her especially if you know her just recently.

The Elbow

The inner curve of a woman’s elbow is sensitive to touching and kissing. This part is delicate when kissed. You can feel her shivering delightfully. When in foreplay mood, this is one of the best spots to pay attention as it appears very intimate when having eye contact while kissing this part.

Caress Her Hair

Hair Caressing

Whether she has short or long hair, give her hair a gentle and loving touch. Run your fingers through the entire hair length while making a soft gentle touch to the ear and neck. Moreover, giving her a gentle scalp massage is a brilliant idea.

This produces pleasant sensation as it helps her body released relaxing hormones known as endorphins. Mostly, hair touching is common in teenagers, but tapers when romance goes a long way. Do not forget this simple, yet passionate way of touching her that might allow her to rekindle those first moments.

Touching Behind The Knee

Giving her inner knee a light massage with warm fingers is a romantic experience for her. However, keep in mind that many women are so ticklish in this part. If she is receptive to it, a more charming and daring act can be done. For instance, doing foreplay or sex mood, allow her lie face down and kiss this part up to her butt.

The Ears

The ears are one of the most sensitive part of women and feel ticklish. However, putting her into sex mood, ticklishness can be replaced with a romantic sense.

What you can do is gently suck or nibble her earlobe. Licking the center of her ear also gives her a good sensation. However, this needs testing as not all women will love it, hence, do a quick test. If she loves it, continue doing it.

Sensual Secret of the Ears

Although, she may never know, this part can bring her ample orgasms. If she does not like it the first time, do not give up. Keep in mind, you can train or teach her to like it. If you can let her allow it, you are activating auricologenital reflex inside her ear canal that brings her phenomenal orgasms.

Give Her A Foot Massage

If there is a saying; “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” for men. Well, there is one for women… “The way to a woman’s heart is through her feet.” The interpretation might not be the same. However, giving her a foot massage is like giving her a relaxing sensation.

Relaxing Foot Massage

Foot massaging is easy, yet not many men are doing it for her pleasure. Simply apply appropriate pressure on her soles and heels. Observe if she tickles or feels hurt. The best thing to determine the right pressure is to ask her and practice the massage often.

The more you do it, the better the experience. When giving her a foot massage, pay attention to the point between Achilles tendon and ankle bone as this acupressure point is known to aid in restoring sexual energy.

Kissing and Sucking The Lips

This is about stimulating the frenulum or frenum. The frenulum is the tissue on the center connecting the gums and the upper lip. When kissing, aim at sucking this tissue gently.


The frenulum is believed to be the acupressure that connect to her sensitive private parts. First timers may not notice the difference, but doing it more often can make her feel an immediate reaction to it. Hence, it takes practice and patience.

Give Her A Relaxing Back Massage

Previously, an article about sensual massage was published outlining how to do it. Read more here.

Savor Her Entire Body

Savoring The Body

Exploring her entire body is an exciting act of sex especially if you and your partner have known for awhile. This is a fantastic option for long-time couples. This can be done while she is partially unclothed. Explore every corner of her body such as the armpits, the entire legs, back, neck, butts and crotch.

Do it gently and sensually. Before giving her the exploration mission, make sure your hands are warm and clean. This can be done along with the massaging technique mentioned.

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  1. Nice tips… in fact some of these are very new to me and never thought about it. I guess, when touch the girl in some parts that she feel ticklish, it is something worth exploring during foreplay.


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