How To Do A Soothingly Relaxing And Sensual Massage On Her Back To Revved Up Her Mood


Certainly, a back massage is relaxing. Giving her a sensual massage can make her in tune into a good mood, which is good if both of you have a plan to have sex, later. This act of making a girl relax has been used for a long time and proven to be good and effective when it comes to calming both her mind and body.

Sensual massaging is practiced on intimate partners with an intimate relationship to revved each other’s sexual desire, doing it every day may be a daunting task.

Doing such activity for 2 or 3 times a month can be a good idea, especially when there is a memorable event such as an anniversary of any kind, or perhaps an intimate celebration of something achieved by either partner.

Soothing and Relaxing Back Massage

If you have not yet given her a sensual or perhaps a simple relaxing massage on the back, chances she wants you to do it, yet she did not ask for it. Do not wait until she’ll ask you for it.

The majority of women do not ask men to do what they want unless you trained her to do so. On the other hand, there are women who tend to do sensual massaging for their man, yet still, there are those who do not ask for reciprocity.

If you are a man who experienced the latter, never hesitate to do the same onto her. The power of reciprocity invokes so much appreciation, and when it comes to an intimate relationship this means a satisfying sex performance and experience.

Just like what the experts say, if you work out her kinks, she will be inclined to indulge yours.

Before we go to the actual massaging technique, let us understand how will this affect her and bring her into a good mood. Here are the 3 things you need to learn before you attempt your first sensual touch on her back.

For first timers, do not be afraid to make your first move. After all, the best way to master it is to do it.

Back Massage Facing Down

1 – Set The Mood

Before letting your hands give the first touch, make sure she is comfortable and relax. One of the things you can do is lay a towel on the bed to avoid any strains with the massaging oil.

Ask her to remove the upper clothing, waist and up. Then, allow her to lie face down on the towel. Another excellent addition to this scene is to have a candlelight while mood music is playing in the background.

Feel like on the spa, right? It is, but this is more intimate since you are both alone with each other.

2 – Always Think Smoothness

Massaging her back with your bare hands can cause stickiness and traction that can lead to making her feel discomfort. To avoid it, rub your hands with almond oils or body oil she is using.

Massage Oils On Hand For Warming Her Up

Furthermore, to keep the oil in your hands more soothing, place the oil right into the microwave and leave there for a few seconds to allow the temperature to rise a bit. Heating oil for 15 to 20 seconds is a good start.

Once it heats up, check the temperature if it has the right temperature. Make sure it is not too hot when it rubs on her skin.

3 – Warm Her Up

Just with everything such as sex requires a great foreplay, performing a massage requires warm up to maximize the experience. Below is a list of moves you can make, from warm-up to cool down.

The Moves Or Back Massage Techniques

Relaxing and Soothing Back Massage Techniques

The Circle Back Move

Using the palms of the hands, create a slow circling motion in the opposite direction beginning at the shoulders down to her entire back. Prior the initial circling motion, make sure the palms are well lubricated with oil as suggested above.

Apply a varying pressure while moving up and down on the back. Moreover, the size of the circling motion can be change, as well. Additionally, periodically changing the course of the circling motion is a great variation.

Circle Back Move

This massaging motion is less intense and perfect for both starting and ending the massage session.

The Heart Warmer Place Move

Position hands on each side of the back just about half an inch off the spine. Then, gently lean or use the force of the body towards the palms so that it creates a pressure.

Heart Warmer Place Massage Technique

While applying the pressure, gently slide both hands upwards to the neck and trace outwards the shoulder blades. Then, bring both hands to the starting point creating a virtual heart-shaped movement.

The Spine Tingler Move

In this movement, start at the lower back. Position the thumbs on both sides of the spine, and gently massage the muscles while avoiding contact of the spine. Additionally, alternating or spending a few seconds on every spot while moving towards the neck. Repeat this step a few times.

Spine Tingler Massage Technique

The Bring It Home Move

Although, the most massaging session in the spa can take an hour or so, aiming a 15-minute sensual massage is enough. It seems a short time, yet it can make her relax substantially without you having muscle pains.

Bring the first movement back and place both hands on the center of the back for a few seconds concluding the massage session. Once the massage session is concluded, leave the room for a 3 to 5 minutes.

Let her continue to relax and get up with a relaxed mind and body. Get back to the room and let her share her experience with you.

Through this 15-minute sensual massage session, it creates a more intimate connection between you and your partner. Although, it is only done a few times, tremendous positive effect in both sexual and emotional relationship is being achieved.


Take a moment to watch this back massage technique video especially to those who don’t have prior experience doing it.


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