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5 Tips To Making Sex Hotter and More Exciting

Achieving a realistic pleasurable sex experience is far from doing porn-style acts and positions. Some of the positions being popularized through porn styles are somewhat awkward rather than great when it comes to achieving pleasurable sex.

Here, we will be discussing certain twists that can be done for the classic sex acts that will produce more intense feeling and pleasure at the same time. Of course, this requires that both partners are willing to explore and make their own twists to it. Everyone has its own preference, so talk together and explore together what works for both.

1. Sex In The Shower

Sex In The Shower

We have seen these movies all the time. The scenes always look fabulous, soaking wet bodies in slow motion, dripping with passion. However, bath tubs and tiles can be slippery, and water washes away natural lubrication.

Additionally, the complicated logistics of stand-up sex makes it more difficult. Plus sex partners having a significant difference in height will force one of the partners to execute a precarious tiptoe maneuver.

Finally, there’s the space problem, unless you have a larger bath tub or a super-sized shower, you will both be constantly bumping by cold surfaces.

Allow the water to warm up. It is a good thing to do everything in the shower except doing the actual sexual intercourse. For instance, both partners can wash each other’s body as a way of doing oral sex or manual sex.

During that time, sexual penetration should be withheld.

If both partners decide to try sexual penetration during the shower, adjusting the shower-head off the bodies upon arousal and keeping lubricants handy are smart moves.

Additionally, if partners are in the tub, having sex while sitting down is a better position. This prevents from the potential calamity of an untimely slip or slide.

2. Spotting The G-Spot

G-Spot Spotting

The popularly known repeated directions for finding the female’s G-Spot involve inserting the finger about 2 inches inside the vagina and making a come-hither motion.

Then, pressing it against the top portion of the wall of the vagina. However, not all women enjoy the G-Spot stimulation.

Play the piano instead of trying to push a single button, so to speak. Consider broadening the coverage of stimulation. The sensitive area is not fixed. It can be higher or lower portion.

Additionally, its size can vary from that of a pinky fingernail to a size of a 50 cent coin. Plus, one should the technique, speed, pressure as well as the angle of approach as every woman has each own preference.

There are women who prefer a massaging motion while others tapping might work best. Put the index and middle finger towards the area and rock them back and forth. Maintain the fingers flat and straight, and vary the pressure.

Pretend just like playing two keys on a piano without curving the fingers.

3. Sex Twists

Sex Twists

Either one is on the giving end or receiving end oral sex is indisputably magnificent. Therefore, what could be even better than enjoying both at once?

The famous 69 sex position can truly be a turn-on the first time, but in general it is complicated, uncomfortable, and distracting.

The anticipated outcome is a mutual orgasm. Most of the time focusing a lot on what is going while not maintaining a constant motion decreases the likelihood of precise pressure for pleasure.

With this position, a woman’s head movements can cause her entire body to move as well making it difficult to tame her sensitive spot.

Furthermore, multitasking during oral sex means the experience will not be particularly stunning on one of the partners.

Famous 69 Position

Laterally lie down facing the woman’s lower half then lay the head on her inner thigh, and let her do the same. Stimulating each other while on the sides will provide more subtle and targeted motions.

Another brilliant twist is to avoid the whole idea of simultaneous stimulation or oral sex, rather do something different. Try new angles to add more powerful sexual variations.

Perform oral sex simultaneously while standing against a wall. If the girl is the recipient, allow her leg to hang onto your shoulder for ease of access. Use the tongue to stimulate her, if the tongue gets tired, the nose, the lips, and even the fingers can be used instead.

4. The Marathon Sex Twist

It has been rumored that Sting has long hours of tantric sex with his wife. However, his daughter told that it is not true. It was simply started as a joke by friends. Realistically, the majority of women do not want or desire on having a long sexual intercourse.

Tantric Sex

A survey conducted by sex therapists discovered that the desirable time for sexual intercourse is ranging from 7 minutes to 13 minutes. On another survey, it was recorded that most women do not want sexual intercourse beyond 20 minutes.

For most guys, these results maybe shocking as most men are trying to find ways on how to last longer in bed. The reality is that, stimulating the woman requires a longer time than actual sexual penetration.

Driving a woman crazy during sexual intercourse requires a variety or a combination of techniques. Women are known to have intense stimulation in a short time rather than long and continuous sensation. Both men and women reach orgasms through different degrees.

Women’s arousal can be compared to a staircase. It is slow and needs continuous stimulation. On the other hand, a man’s arousal is best compared to a pyramid.

It continuously rises up until climax is reached, and then plummet.

A man should learn how to stimulate her with mix techniques through foreplay. Initially, set aside sexual penetration and be playful instead. When talking about oral sex, many will think that it comes before sexual penetration.

In fact, it is. A combination of kissing, squeezing and other sexual stimulations is best to making a woman reach arousal easily.

Furthermore, oral sex can be performed in lieu of sexual penetration. The great thing about doing this is that sex can last for hours as long as both partners are thinking about sex and both are willing to spend time rolling around naked. If you have not tried this, this is certainly exciting rather than aiming at sexual intercourse immediately.

5. Avoid Messy Sex Ending

Many men are influenced by pornography’s ubiquitous sexual act of ejaculating at the woman’s body parts. Most of the time, the interpretation of this act means a man has the power over a woman. However, it could mean disrespect. With that in mind, not all women consider this act as humiliating or offensive.

Clean Sex Session

This act is considered as withdrawal, and for certain couples, this is a form birth control while other women consider as a physical signal for their partner’s satisfaction of sexual pleasure. Although, take note that this can be particularly messy.

For men who are planning on doing such an act, it is a smart idea to discuss with your partner, specially if it is the first sexual encounter. Discussing how sexual intercourse to be ended is an essential aspect when it comes to sexual satisfaction and enjoyment.

When a woman does not allow a man ejaculating on her externally, a man should adjust to avoid offending his partner. However, it is still possible to ejaculate externally, of course, perhaps through a towel.

Oftentimes, a man’s orgasms are associated with a sexual finale. Some women are perhaps more inclined to allow her partner to ejaculate on her externally if that is not a sign of the sexual encounter. There are times when a woman will allow an external ejaculation on her for the second round of sexual encounter.

These are simply tips and suggestions towards a pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience. Whatever one wants can be discussed with his partner about a certain spin that can make a sexual act hotter and exciting.

t is our goal to achieve satisfaction not only for one but for both partners.

Additionally, a man who is prepared both mentally and physically can have a wide range of imagination and creativity to make his partner satisfied. Whether it would be an actual sexual penetration or simply an oral sex, or perhaps a combination of both.


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