A New Study Says Eggs Are Bad Your Heart – But Is It?


Eggs are stable for most people. Why not? There are many health benefits packed inside an egg. However, one recent study1 at JAMA says eggs are bad for your heart.

On the other hand, an earlier study said that daily egg consumption is healthy for the heart. But why this new study says eggs are bad for the heart?

Well, let’s hear from an expert’s point of view about this study. Here is what Ken Berry, M.D. has to say in his video below. He is also the author of the book Lies My Doctor Told Me -Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health.

Cholesterol Is The Problem – But Is It?

The primary issue in which the researchers conclude in this recent study is cholesterol.

higher consumption of dietary cholesterol or eggs was significantly associated with higher risk of incident CVD and all-cause mortality in a dose-response manner. These results should be considered in the development of dietary guidelines and updates

JAMA. 2019;321(11):1081-1095. doi:10.1001/jama.2019.1572

However, cholesterol is not an issue according to the authors of the book The Cholesterol Myth.

Moreover, Dave Feldman, a low carb diet advocate who also dig deep into the cholesterol topic says that cholesterol is a passenger, not the driver.

Here is an interesting interview of Dave Feldman about cholesterol particularly, LDL in which the medical community considers bad.

This is a 2-part interview. Here is part one and part two below it.

What’s Next?

If you skipped watching Ken Berry’s video above, you should go back up and watch, right now. It’s all about common sense, really.

We have been eating eggs for eons of time and eggs become a part of our diet. Well, except for vegans, of course. In the documentary What The Health, eggs are vilified as bad as smoking.

However, for typical people who thrive living healthily, eggs are part of their usual diet. One of these people is the Mediterranean in which health experts agree their way of eating is an ideal diet.

The Quality of the Eggs Matters

Today, the majority of egg supplies come from massive animal farming. In this type of environment, the animals do not experience natural and humane treatment.

Of course, it can affect their production of eggs especially these chickens are fed with foods containing high amount of antibiotics.

Seeing an actual chicken farm make stop eating chickens. Why? The environment where the chickens are raised will make you sick.

On the other hand, authentic organic chickens are healthy chickens raised in their natural habitat.

Hence, always consider the source of the eggs particularly, the environment where the chickens are living. If they’re living organically and happily, certainly, they have high quality nutritious eggs.

Moreover, in supermarkets, you will find a lot of eggs in different category. For sure, you will find eggs from free-range chickens but what does it mean?

You may even find there are brown and white eggs. So, let us explore this very quickly as this a basic information we need to know as consumers. We have the right to choose the foods we should be eating.


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