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2 Chemicals Found In Household Products Caused Fertility Declined

The 50% decline of sperm count in Western men has been attributed to poor diet, polluted environment and chemicals present in household items.

Now, a recent study1 confirms two of the chemicals such as; diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) and polychlorinated biphenyl 153 (PB153) play a role in fertility decline.

Moreover, the researchers not only linked these chemicals in the decline of human male fertility but in dogs, as well. 

Richard Lea, a reproductive biologist at the University of Nottingham, says;

This new study supports our theory that the domestic dog is indeed a sentinel or mirror for the human male reproductive decline.

Household Items Containing DEHP and PB153

Since now we know these two chemicals are harmful and present in many household products, recognizing it is crucial. Fortunately, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry has a list and description of DEHP.

Among the household products containing DEHP include;

Household Products with Toxic Chemicals
Common Household Products Containing Toxic Chemicals That Can Cause Infertility
  • wall coverings
  • tablecloths
  • floor tiles
  • furniture upholstery
  • shower curtains
  • garden hoses
  • swimming pool liners
  • rainwear
  • baby pants
  • dolls
  • some toys
  • shoes
  • automobile upholstery and tops
  • packaging film and sheets
  • sheathing for wire and cable
  • medical tubing
  • blood storage bags

These are the household products listed by the ASTDR. Furthermore, the United States Environmental Protection Agency provides a list of products with polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB). The agency also recognizes its harmful effects in both human and environment.

Even more alarming, blood storage bags and medical tubing are supposed to be free of harmful chemicals. It is counter-intuitive to discover something that products used for treatment contained toxic chemicals.

Avoiding Products with DEHP and PCB

These are just a few of the long list of harmful chemicals present in many household products. Of course, there are many products particularly, cosmetics.

The documentary “Stink” by Jon Whelan exposes some of the harmful chemicals in cosmetics, clothing and many everyday household products. However, the question, with these so many products containing toxic chemicals, is possible to avoid them all?

It may not be possible to avoid them entirely unless if you’re living in a remote place, where no electricity and every tool you use is made from stuff provided by nature.

However, living in an urban environment, it may be impossible to eliminate them all but certainly, we can minimize exposure. Knowing the products containing these harmful chemicals is the first step to avoiding and reducing the exposure.

The Decline In Male Fertility Is Not Due To Chemicals Alone

While harmful chemicals play a significant role in an increase in male infertility, they’re just a part of an overall equation. Other contributors to the rise in male infertility include;

On the other hand, healthy lifestyle practices such as regular exercise, proper nutrition, and taking supplements like Black Maca and other male supplements help improve fertility.

Even avoiding certain foods with gluten can help boost a man’s fertility.


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