Affectionate And Lustful Tips To Coping Long Distance Sex Relationship


A long-distance relationship is very much common in today’s digital age wherein one’s partner is working on the other side of the world, or even reside in a different state, or city.

It could be a difficult situation for many who are in this situation.

However, there are simple things to be done in order to fill those lonely moments while the partner is away to keep sexual relationship fervent and alive.

Long Distance Relationship Tips

Fortunately, technological advancement allows us to communicate more often quickly and easily.

There is numerous medium that can be utilized such as cellphone, iPhone, and computers. Simply by connecting to your partner through any of the medium available, you can share affection.

Affection is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Research have proven that an affectionate person is someone who is satisfied sexually.

Hence, make the most of an affectionate communication through calls and texts.

Affectionate Tips


Define A Clear Goals On Your Relationship

Establishing a relationship goal is truly essential especially in the long-distance relationship. Be very clear about the ground rules such as being physically exclusive.

Although, this can be vague in some relationship especially on newly established relationships.

However, when both partners discuss their future plans, it is easy to define clear goals on what both partners want in the future with regards to their relationship.

In addition, communication will become open, and trust between partners will begin to established.

Initiate Regular Communication

Without a doubt, communication is the solid foundation of a healthy and successful relationship.

Today, technological advancements make it easy for long-distance lovers and partners to communicate through cellphones, telephones, and even through the internet.

Constant and regular communication make it feel the partner exists physically.

Send virtual hugs, kisses, and smiley faces. There are countless of these emoticons to choose from to express affection to the receiving end, the partner.

Utilize real-time video conversation through applications like Skype and Viber. These online apps are extremely useful to talk live in real-time even for partners half the world apart.

Establish Trust

Just as with open and constant communication, trust is another huge factor when it comes to a relationship, whether long-distance or not.

Sometimes, there are situations when it is hard to reach your partner at any medium due to unavoidable external factors. When any of these situations happened, never assumed worst situations that can happen.

The best option is to keep calm and relax and avoid making false accusations before knowing what happen and why it is difficult to contact.

Perhaps, there was a communication breakdown due to nature’s unavoidable circumstances, or perhaps he/she is in the middle of the meeting with the big boss, or other important personalities.

Be Thoughtful

Loneliness or feeling of solitary is one of the major effects of long distance relationship.

However, loneliness can be handle easily with thoughtfulness. Both thoughtfulness and affection can fill the feeling with physical separation significantly.

Simply texting him/her before going to bed, or perhaps right after waking up. There are numerous ways to be thoughtful even partners are half the world apart.

Some of the most simple yet meaningful message of thoughtfulness like “I miss you”, “I love you”, “I’m always thinking of you”, and many others you can think that are very personal to both of you.

Lustful Tips

Lustful Tips

Dirty Talking

Basically, dirty talking is a preparation or rehearsal to having sex on the phone. Experts discovered that the majority of women are tongue tied in bed, and asking her to guide you verbally is a smart move.

From time to time, ask her if she likes what you are doing. Having a dirty talk conversation is something of an insight in sexual fantasies. The good news that work either ways, men or women.

Having Phone Sex

Phone sex is one way of maintaining sexuality and intimacy that is being shared between partners.

Phone sexing is an interesting act of long distance relationship especially when both partners participate actively.

Additionally, incorporating dirty talk adds more spice to the conversation. The best thing about phone sexing is both partner can hear the gustiness of breathing due to excitement.

When both partners are comfortable doing phone sex, it can provide an amazing experience, and even both partners are able to reach orgasms. Of course, when doing phone sex, privacy is always a priority.

Make sure you are locked in the room and make sure no one is listening to the conversation through phone extensions.


The internet is a wide-open window to whatever you want to do. When you have a long distance sex relationship, write an erotic message to your girlfriend of wife.

According to sex experts, writing an erotic message to a partner tends to magnify the element of intimacy. Sending erotic messages make the receiver’s mind create images, and in turn the body response to the images the mind created.

Try it, you will be surprised how receptive she will be and response accordingly.

Furthermore, both partners can take e-sexing explicitly by going live in front of the web cam.

Online apps mentioned previously like Skype, allows a private conversation between two parties while doing live video chat, and both partners can whatever they want to while in front of the web cam invoking both sexual desires and fantasies.


  1. I love the tips 😉 and guess what, most of these are past times for both me and my hubby. We living apart because of his job in Asia, but as often as we can, we communicate through online means.

    • The internet is really helpful for getting couples close together even not physically, but the affection and intimacy can be maintained substantially.

  2. I wish these means of communication were available back in the late 80s 😀 Back then, it was only through hand written letters and telephone calls.

  3. Advancement in technology especially in communication makes communication very easy, quick and cheap. When I travel abroad, I always have my laptop with me, find a wi-fi spot, connect online and I just communicate with my husband. Thanks for the ideas, btw!!!!!!!!!!

  4. These are very simple tips actually, and thanks for sharing them as most people tend to forget these simple things due to emotions and feelings of being away. But, honestly since the YM days, I always it. That was the first messenger I’ve used to communicate with my family back in the days when it was just dial up available to connect online.

  5. Very interesting article, and I can tell I can relate to this one. Me and my hubby are living countries apart due to his job in the middle east. Although, he came home once in every 3 months, and sometimes we and the kids travel to his job site, it is still interesting to meet and talk online. Skype and Viber are amazing, it simply connect us as a family. A lot of time when we are having dinner here at home we go online and point the camera towards us while he(my husband) join us on the other side of the world.

    It’s great, really as it feels he is with us physically talking, and hearing his voice telling stories and reminding the kids. Being a father and husband, me and the kids feel his deep affection. Of course, it’s different when he is here, or we’re with him physically, but these tips really help.

    As far as intimacy is concern, my laptop is very useful. When I locked inside the room and the kids were at their room, we do some intimate moments online. Sometimes, due to difference in time, it just happen quick, but the feeling is there… 🙂


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