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7 Yoga Poses For Improving Erection Quality

Yoga is ancient holistic practice to unite or connect mind and body. Today, it is one of the practices for maintaining health and wellness. The practice of yoga is useful in solving particular health issue including sexual dysfunction.

In the past, we’ve got an article on yoga poses for sexual health and also yoga poses to overcoming premature ejaculation. Now, we’re going to explore a few yoga poses for improving erection quality.

Why Yoga Is Helpful For Improving Erections

Yoga Poses For Improving Erection

One of the causes of sexual or erectile dysfunction is psychological factor including stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, stress is also predictor for heart disease, and heart problems is linked to sexual health.

Among the effective and natural means of overcoming stress is through yoga practice. This becomes more effective when combined with meditation.

In one study1 it has been found that yoga is significantly helpful in decreasing stress.

In another study2, yoga is also helpful in improving men’s sexual function. There are various yoga poses3 for improving men’s sexual function and we’re going to explore them below.

Yoga Poses For Improving Erection

There are lots of yoga poses that you can practice regularly, but we’ll stick to seven at this time. Aiming to practice as many poses won’t be a good idea especially if you’re a beginner.

Instead, sticking to a few poses or even 1 or 2 poses consistently is better than 10 poses but not doing it. Once you master these few poses, you can decide to move on to more advanced and beneficial yoga poses.

This way, it won’t just beneficial for sexual health, but for overall health and wellness.

1. Naukasana [Boat Pose]

The first of the yoga poses for improving erection is Naukasana or boat pose. It is beneficial for activating male sex hormones. Another benefit of naukasana is it helps strengthen the muscles in hips, thigh, and buttocks.

These group of muscles is useful for sexual performance. If you want to last longer in bed, consider a regular practice of naukasana(boat pose).

In fact, you could achieve better results when you combine pose with a healthy and anti-inflammatory diet and intake of good quality male enhancement pills.

How To Do Naukasana or Boat Pose

Here’s a quick instructional video on how to perform naukasana.

If you notice, when you search online on boat pose, you’ll a different form. Most likely is an inverted boat pose.

2. Kumbhakasana [Plank Pose]

Kumbhakasan or plank is one of the best full body workouts. It’s also good for people with lower back pain.

It develops upper body and core strength allowing one to gain performance between the sheets. Plank is easy, but it’s intense.

The first time you do this pose, you may be able to hold it for a few seconds. But don’t worry. Once you practice it regularly, you’ll be able to hold it longer.

The key is constant and regular practice. The more often you practice, the quicker you’ll gain improvement in endurance.

This is a pose that does not involve a lot movement, but a good test and training for endurance. This certainly helps you connect your mind and body as well as engage every muscle in your body.

How To Do Plank Pose

Here’s a good tutorial on how to do kumbhakasana. Although it appears very simple, pay attention to the proper position. It is in practicing this pose in proper execution you’ll get the desirable results.

3. Uttanpadasana [Raised Leg Pose]

While it looks simple, uttanpadasana or raised leg pose is intense. It is beneficial for strengthening the body’s core, quads, and glutes.

With regular practice, this helps in improving blood flow around the pelvic area where the sexual organs set. Among the benefits include a boost in stamina resulting to longer performance in bed.

How To Do A Raise Leg Pose?

4. Paschimottanasana [Seated Forward Bend]

Regular practice of this easy pose can help strengthens the perineal muscles, as well as enhance endurance.

Perineal muscles play in important role in erection hardness4 in men. This a group of muscles located between the anus and scrotum. In women, it’s between the anus and vulva.

Besides aiding hard erections, a well-functioning perineal muscles aid in achieving longer sex and ejaculatory control.

Therefore, seated forward bend is also beneficial for men with premature ejaculation problem.

How To Do The Seated Forward Bend?

One of the easiest poses, yet it has tremendous positive benefits. The key is consistency.

You may not be able to fully achieve the proper pose for the first time, but regular practice is necessary.

5. Dhanurasana [Bow Pose]

Bow pose is beneficial for men not only for erection hardness, but also for men with premature ejaculation. It stimulates the reproductive organs and helps many sex-related problems including erectile dysfunction.

With regular practice, this pose also helps achieve more intense and satisfying orgasms.

How To Do The Bow Pose?

Furthermore, note that this pose stimulates the solar plexus. This means it is beneficial for boosting self-confidence and magnetism. Both are valuable assets when it comes to sexual attractiveness and even for personal magnetism.

6. Ardha Ushtrasana [Camel Pose]

This yoga pose is also beneficial for men with early ejaculation problems. It is the camel pose as popularly known in Western practice.

This is beneficial in stimulating the male urogenital system. It also strengthens the whole body. This pose is actually a variation of the Ustrasana.

How To Do The Camel Pose?

Here’s an instructional video on how to the ardha ushtrasana properly. Again, don’t fret if you can’t get the perfect pose the first time. With regular and consistent practice, you will be.

7. Ardha Chandrasana [Half-Moon Pose]

Also known as the half-moon pose, Ardha Chandrasana is beneficial for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. It provides additional benefits in men’s sexual organs.

With regular practice, the half-moon pose builds endurance and stamina, which are both valuable for boosting sexual performance.

How To Do The Half-Moon Pose?

Just as with the other poses, it’s good to have a visual demonstration. This is very important especially for beginners in order to execute proper posture.

What’s Next?

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to do practice these poses. It is only through practice that you can gain and enjoy the benefits of these yoga poses for improving erection quality.

There’s no other way but execute and practice it. Simply reading this article and watching the videos won’t be of much value. So, practice, practice and practice it daily.

Of course, during the first week or even a month, you’ll find it not working. However, certain positive benefits may already happen including the gain in flexibility, and perhaps, better mobility, too.

One thing you should keep in mind, these yoga poses are only a part of big picture. Practice these yoga poses regularly along with healthy lifestyle practices. You may be eager in practicing them, but you eat junk and sit most of your days, it won’t be much beneficial.

Take these yoga poses along with your regular physical activities. A lot of these poses are good for warming up purposes especially upon waking up in the morning.


  1. I like what you’ve got here Michael

    I’ve been practicing these exercises, and already two days in I could tell a difference.

    I don’t have ED, but it certainly feels nice to have the extra blood flow going on down there.

    I’m glad I ran across this, and I plan on sharing this page you got here on my website.

    Thank you for this great information


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