8 Tips On How To Take Advantage Of Haptics To Capture Her Affection


Haptics is a science of responsive touch to understand and improve the interactions of human with the physical world through the sense of touch.

It is a branch of psychology that interprets this information has recently made some exciting discoveries.

Previously, we’ve covered a topic on how to boost sexual arousal through the five senses.

Now, we’re going in-depth on how to take advantage of the sense of touch. Touching is an important secret towards instant affinity by only using the fingertips. The skin is 2 square meters of intimate sensory data.

Clearly, when in contact or touched by the opposite sex, it is enough to turn off the neural response to stress.

Moreover, women who were touched on their arm by a man were more likely to give him their number than those who were not, according to a French study conducted.

Positive touches stimulate the brains to produce endorphins, the human body’s natural opiates according to masseuse and touch therapist. This can be a good thing for men to invoke his partner’s affection and make her turn on for a wilder action in bed.

Touching The Wrist

Wrist Touching

Naturally, women love to display their wrists when interested in a potential partner. If she is sitting with a wrist exposed, lean forward while saying something and touching it lightly. When she initiates an eye contact, it is a good sign.

Conversely, if the woman is not interested, she would likely to turn her hands, so the knuckles are facing towards you. If that fist moves towards you at a speed, duck and admit defeat.

Targeting The Neck

Whispering and Touching Her Neck

Here, neck pulse points make it an unsung erogenous zone, hence, build up to this slowly. In public places, for instance, whisper in her right ear while at the same time running a finger gently down the left side of her neck.

If she turned fidgety or starts to play with her hair, she is excited, and it is a good sign. On the contrary, if she fearful and nervous, she will likely to fold her arms and then step back. Now, that is a sign you need to back off.

Looking For Opportunity While On Queue

A hand on her shoulder will send out a subconscious message of reliability and trustworthiness. Normally, it is a supportive gesture. Queues will present a good opportunity to try this out as suggested by experts.

Here is what you can do. Try and listen with your hands. Touch lightly and see if she pushes back gently towards you.

If she does, you have gotten a green light to step things up to the next level. Otherwise, back off, or at least try some other time again.

Aiming The Fingertip


The fingertip has 3000 touch receptors. Clearly, stroking one of hers can be pretty intense. Slowly do this and watch her reaction. Her response will indicate where the evening is going beyond touching.

On the other hand, if she is not attracted to you, she will likely to pull herself away from you. Otherwise, she will begin playing with your finger back, and things are looking up great.

Looking For Chance With The Forearm

Probably, the forearm is an easy non-invasive place for contact. Try brushing hers as you point out something across the room. It is possible she would not even notice such a touch, but she will likely to respond subconsciously.

A study conducted on gauging the effect of this gesture found subjects were 23 percent more likely to interact positively if touched on the arm than those who were not.

The Bear Hug

Bear Hug

For a more physical approach without the Benny Hill undertones and a non-dating occasion, give her a friendly bear hug from behind. Envelop her so her hands are by the side of her breasts.

However, make sure the hands are flat and not cupped. When she freezes or tenses up slightly, release or de-hug her quickly.

Conversely, if she relaxes and touches the back of your elbows, it is a positive indication. It is up to you to take it to the next level.

Guiding With The Hand

Guide Her Gently With Your Hands

Touching her back in the right way can communicate leadership. This is a treat whom women find somewhat attractive. In a busy bar, guide her to a quieter spot with a hand lightly on her back for a few seconds.

When there is no noticeable reaction, relax and do not panic. If she is un-fazed, that is a positive indication she is comfortable with it. However, if she moves away, it is beyond for her at this point. Therefore, step back and wait for the next opportunity.

Touching The Thigh

Touching The Thigh

Touching her on the thigh just above her knees is a sign of reassurance. Therefore, this is a great chance to play if she had a bad day, or seems insecure.

However, make the stroke brief and gentle, which simply covers a couple of inches.

Ideally, she will hold your hand in place. Observe and wait if she reaches for your leg in the next minute. When she does, this reciprocation is a positive sign.

Now, it is up to you to take it beyond this point.


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