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Is Casual Sex A Modern Society’s Way Of Exploring Beyond Traditional Relationships

Casual sex may not be everyone’s preference. Commonly, it was a practiced as a dorm room hookups in many college campuses.

However, modern society treats it as a way to explore beyond the boundaries of customary relationships like monogamy. This new way of coupling has replaced the semi-consistent sex without any strings attached.

The Casual Sex Of Today

Casual sexism can be associated with extramarital sex, one-night affair, sex for those who do not have an emotional attachment, as well as both swinging and prostitution. Casual sexism is for individuals solely looking for sexual pleasures without commitments.

Roughly, it is estimated that around two-thirds of American students practiced casual sex once while in college.

Interestingly, a research conducted at the University of Iowa revealed that holding off sex activities for young people does not produce successful and strong future relationships. They have discovered, what truly matters is the individual’s goal of getting into a relationship.

Moreover, if an individual’s goal is to have a good and successful relationship later in life, hooking up early in life can be helpful. In this regard, there are cultures around the world who will not agree on this, especially religious groups.

Casual Sex Is Common In Individuals Such As;

  • Newly college graduates flirting while figuring out life.
  • Professionals who are young and busy at work looking for something exciting at the end of the day.
  • Divorced individuals who are exploring outside a married life.
  • Older individuals savoring old age mean benefits.
  • Individuals who are engaging in extra-marital affairs.

Casual Sexism Occurrences

Casual Sexism Is Also Known As;

  • Recreational sex
  • Non-relationship sex
  • NSA or no strings attached relationship
  • Sex with no games

Is It Really Casual?

Most of the time, it is not casual. Occasionally, the terrible experience leans towards the ladies resulting in regrets and frustrations. On the other hand, men are handling in a different way entirely and successfully.

Although there are people who will agree that men are good in separating emotion from sex, it is not the case. Perhaps men in nature are good at picking casual sex partners.

Interesting Talk About Casual Sexism


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