The Basics Of Penis Pumping and How Penis Pumps Work?


Penis pumps have been around for years used in the medical world aiding men who have difficulty achieving erections. The first penis pumps available are air vacuum penis pumps.

Later, hydro penis pumps or pumps based on water pressure were introduced in the market as a penis enlargement device. Although penis pumping existed for years, it is still often a misunderstood means of increasing penis size.

Hopefully, the information presented here will enlighten many individuals about penis pumping.

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In this article, we are going to cover various types of penis pumps, how it works, and how to pick the right pump for penis enlargement purposes.

Penis pumps are very effective when it comes to achieving permanent gains provided it is used along with proven routines. Typically, routines provided by the manufacturers are good enough to get started.

There are two popular penis pumps available today, Bathmate and Penomet. Both pumps are water-based or hydro penis pumps.

When it comes to air vacuum pumps, there are many available designed with excellence and quality in mind while others are not that much especially when it comes to effectiveness.

The concept of penis pump is to create an air vacuum for air vacuum pumps allowing the penis to expand filling up the air being removed.

On the other hand, hydro pumps produced its vacuum by spilling out water, and the same concept as the air vacuum, the penis expand filling up the spilled water.

Penis pumping, when done consistently and appropriately, are proven over the course of many years delivering permanent penis enlargement gains.

However, while many have achieved great results, others may not.

Everyone’s chemistry is different plus results can depend on many factors such as a routine use, amount of time and effort spent performing the routines, additional penis enlargement techniques used along with pumping, how healthy a person’s lifestyle, and many other reasons.

The Parts Of Penis Pump

Air Vacuum Penile Pump With Pressure Gauge

Conventional air vacuum penis pump is comprised of two components, the cylindrical tube, and a vacuum pumping mechanism. Typically, the length of the cylindrical tube is 9 inches, and a diameter ranging from 1.5 of an inch to 4 inches.

Hydro penis pump has a different design, and usually comprise of just a cylindrical tube along with gaiters that will help create the vacuum to hold against the pelvis. Hydro or water-based pressure penis pumps have innovative designs.

Two of the popular manufacturers designed their pumps differently. For instance, the Bathmate series has a fixed gaiter system with replaceable comfort pad.

Bathmate also manufacturers different models of pumps catering to different penis sizes with different pressures.

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While Penomet, have a different design having only one size of the cylindrical tube with a changeable gaiter system.

Each gaiter has its own preset of pressure. When there is no enough pressure, one can simply change gaiter with higher pressure, and vice versa.

A typical air vacuum penis pumps include a pressure gauge in which one can monitor pressure levels while pumping.

Monitoring pressure is vital in order not to exert overpressure on the penis. Having the right pressure level ensures the safety of the penis, and maximize the results achieved.

On the contrary, hydro penis pumps do not include a pressure gauge monitor. The good news, the gaiter has the desired pressure capacity to avoid overpressure exertion.

Hydro pumps also have a release valve that can be adjusted easily when there is a sensation of overpressure. Every hydro pump that is shipped by the manufacturer includes a detailed user guide and safe practices.

Science Behind Penis Pumping

When water is spilled out in the hydro penis pump, or air is extracted out in the air vacuum penis pump, a vacuum is produced inside the cylindrical tube causing the penis to swell filling up the vacuum. The swelling is when the penis internal parts expand.

It expand the tunica, corpus cavernosa, and corpus spongiosum allowing an increased blood flow as well as pulls the lymphatic liquids.

Additionally, the vacuum generates pressure on the penile ligaments allowing to achieve permanent size increase.

Safety Concerns

Penis pumps whether it is air vacuum pumps or hydro penis pumps are designed with safety in mind.

However, the danger lies when one continues pumping and getting accustomed to the sensation of the vacuum pressure. Most individuals when they do not feel much pressure anymore tend to increase pressure.

Increasing the pressure beyond what is the recommended safe can be dangerous to the penis.

Therefore, discipline is the key to safety when using penis pumps. Stick to the manufacturer’s safety practices to avoid negative impacts instead of gaining positive results.

The pressure in penis pumps are measured through inches of mercury(Hg).

Generally, safe pressure levels range between 0 Hg and 5 Hg, hence when the pressure gauge between these ranges, stay on that range whether you feel the pressure or not.

Way too much pressure use in pumping can result to edema also known as dropsy or hydropsy, this happens when penile tissues expand along with lymphatic fluid.

Symptoms of pumping with overpressure include visible painful blisters within the penis surface, while inside it can cause ruptured blood vessels, and sometimes it can lead to permanent impotence or erectile dysfunction(ED).

Penis pumping should not involve pain, and any sign of discomfort should be taken with substantial consideration. When there is pain during pumping, stop the routine immediately and investigate why pain occurs.

Experience individuals tend to go beyond what is considered safe levels. There are individuals who go as high as 5 Hg, then lower the pressure when pain occurs.

Keep in mind, this is not advisable and safe especially for beginners. Therefore, never attempt to do this unless you already have experience. The goal is pumping should not be painful while benefiting maximum results.

Fortunately, Bathmate pumps are designed with to be an FDA Compliance. It means, as long as the user follows Bathmate’s instructions, the penis pump cannot exceed the pressure allowed by U.S. and European regulators to a medical device.

Purchasing The Right Penis Pump

For penis enlargement purposes, hydro penis pumps are probably the best choice. Not only they are popular, but they provide proven gains for men who have used these devices.

Currently, there are only two known hydro penis pumps available providing both quality and efficacy, the Bathmate and Penomet with Bathmate being the leader both in innovation and as an FDA approved medical device.

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Both of these pumps have detailed reviews on this website that you can check and decide which one you want to own. Additionally, click here to learn more about penis pumps.

Penis Pump Choices

Right now, the highly recommended penis pump is the Bathmate. It offers a wide range of models catering different penis sizes. Plus it has the advantage of over conventional air pump.

Benefits of Using Hydro Penis Pump vs Air Pump

You might be thinking what are the differences between water-pressured penis pumps vs air pumps. After all, they are both pumps that create negative pressure or vacuum.

With a conventional penis puump using air to create vacuum, the pressure could be unequal across the penile shaft. It is because when air is under pressure, it is unpredictable and inconsistent.

When the air pressure is released after performing a penis pump routine, it could cause bruising, bulging of the penis and even bending due to uneven pressure.

Water-pressured penis pumps like Bathmate, on the other hand, provides consistent pressure. Hence, when the water is exerted, it generates an even vacuum pressure. The evenly generated pressure is then envelops the entire penis.

It also serves as an even solid cushion around the penis shaft allowing uniform expansion without bending, bruising, or bulging.

Additionally, Bathmate hydropumps have bellows or gaiters that are designed with elastic recoil strength. It is particularly important so as not to exceed the vacuum pressure for safety.

In other words, it has safety mecahanism built-in through its bellows or gaiters maintaining pressure allowed by European and U.S. medical regulations.

How To Pick The Right Size Penis Pump?

Bathmate offers a wide range of models in which can be confusing to beginners.

The first thing to do is measure your penis size. If you are unsure about your penis size and don’t know how to measure it properly, here is how to measure your penis size?

Measuring and knowing your penis size allows you to make and well-informed decision based on Bathmate recommendations on choosing a particular pump model.

If you already know and sure about your penis size, you’re good to go and simply click here to pick the appropriate pump for you.

Check the Bathmate size quick reference guide, and see which one fits for your requirements. Penomet, on the other hand, only has one size but plenty of options to choose when it comes to gaiters.

Cheaper Options

There are lots of options when it comes to conventional air vacuum penis pumps. probably holds many of these air vacuum pumps with price starts below $100. In fact, lots of these pumps are under $50.

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  1. my penis is 6.7 inches and 5.5 in girth. Im 6ft and 16. What size should i get? what brand ?? this will be my first time doing it so i am somewhat running scared. Likewise do you assume that by penis will grow any more. Im at about a typical size so i am roaming if it will stop growing now? I am still growing in high so im uncertain.

    • Yes, you could still grow your penis if you want to. You could try using first manual exercises like Jelqing and stretching. Then, once you’re comfortable with it and made up your mind to go for it long-term, you can incorporate devices routine such as using Bathmate or Penomet, or even an extender device like SizeGenetics or Male Edge extenders.

      I feel your feeling of uncertainty when it comes to penis enlargement, and the only way to eliminate it is to do it. If you’re afraid of spending anything right from the get go, manual exercises are free and working well, as I’ve said Jelqing and stretching. Do it for 60 days, and see how you progress, if you do the routines consistently and regularly, for sure you’ll experience certain improvement in your erection quality.

      Take note , however, penis enlargement is not something that can be achieved overnight with great results. It’s a long-term commitment and you should stick to that commitment. It’s like committing to a body building or going to the gym to workout and get fit. Penis enlargement is no different from it.


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