Penomet Awards – Best Male Enhancement Device 2013 and Best Penis Pump 2014


Last year, October 2012, it was awarded as the “Best Male Enhancement Product 2012” at the Venus Festival in Berlin, Germany. This October 2013, Penomet once shines and stands out among other male enhancement devices as it received this year’s award for “Best Male Enhancement Device 2013” by Sign Europe.

Penomet Best Male Enhancement Device 2013 Award
For two consecutive years, Penomet has been proven with its quality. Thanks to the team behind this amazing hydro pump for continuous development making it not only popular, but able to deliver desirable results in terms of helping men achieve penis size gains.

Furthermore, Penomet pump 3.0 was awarded “Best New Product 2013” at the Venus Festival in Berlin, Germany. In addition to these amazing successes that Penomet have achieved, it also proud to announce the upcoming new pump versions, Mini and XL versions. As soon as it becomes available, it will be posted here. Therefore, stay updated with the latest happening here by bookmarking this page or website, and connect with us on Facebook, and/or Twitter.

Penomet Best New Product 2013 Award

Take A Peak on Penomet Mini and XL Pumps

Penomet Mini and XL Pump Models
All these awards and successes that Penomet achieved were not possible without the hard-working team of professionals behind the product. Penomet is committed to delivering results by providing efficient hydro pump series that can cater various penis sizes.

Another good news, Penomet pumps are now available on various colors since August. With the different colors to choose, you can now own a Penomet pump with your choice of color. Previously, there was only 2 colors to choose, blue and clear. There are now a total of 6 colors to choose. Please check the image below for reference about color choices.

Penomet Pump Colors

To learn more about this amazing pump, visit the Penomet review page for detailed information such as specifications, certifications, and material-type used in manufacturing the pumps.

More Images From The Award

Penomet Awards Picture 1


Penomet Awards Picture 2


Penomet Awards Picture 3


A Glimpse During The Awards Night

Venus 2013 Awards Penomet Booth

Penomet Venus 2013 Awards Pictures

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Penomet Venus Awards Berlin

Penomet Awarded As Best Penis Pump 2014 – Venus Jury Award

The Penomet team did it again and it simply shows their endearing dedication in continuous effort to making Penomet pump a truly premium penis enlargement device.

Best Penis Pump 2014
Venus Award Winner – Jury Award 2014 (Best Penis Pump)

Using Penomet Visual Guide

Checkout the testimonials from happy and satisfied Penomet users

Penomet Pump Happy and Satisfied Users Testimonial


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  1. Is this really a highly recommended penis enlargement device? I have no experience with it…in fact for the entire penis enlargement subject.

  2. Congrats! It’s a deserving device, btw. I owned one and been using it for almost a year now. At the time I got it, there were only two choices of colors, blue and clear. Now, it looks more enticing as there are more colors to choose. Btw, I’m no particular in colors, but the performance of the device when properly used is amazing.

  3. It maybe too late, but congratulations to Penomet for having the award. I had no idea it has come a long way since I first purchased mine back in early 2013. Of course, I haven’t following that much as I’m focused on my routines. So far, so good… I gained almost an inch for over a year of power penomet pumping. So, I’m happy they’re efforts are rewarded as they’re really amazing. I can’t tell about bathmate, on the other hand, as I haven’t used it. Penomet is my first and I don’t think I should get another one unless it’s broken. I got the blue one, but as what I see right now, there are plenty of colors to choose from.

  4. One of the best and efficient way to increase penis size naturally. Of course, you have to put time and effort to achieve permanent results in the long run. Penomet is really great in my opinion and based on actual experience… I like the concept of replaceable gaiters. Although, it’s difficult at first to change gaiters quickly when you’re just beginning to becoming familiar how to do it quickly….in the long run, it’s amazing. I got penomet premium for more than a year now and using it well. I don’t have suction issues because I do shaved so it’s clean and smooth down there.


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