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The Penis Is A Dipstick For Men’s Overall Health Condition

This news is not as recent as you might think. It first came out last February 2013 when Dr. Oz spoke before the National Governors’ Association meeting as he commented about sex.

Furthermore, he mentioned in an interview with Huff Post the best tool to allow men live longer is sex.

Previously, we’ve covered the healthful benefits of having frequent sex and sex first thing in the morning.

Both articles talked about amazing benefits sex can offer when it comes to maintaining good health both mentally and physically.

Dr. Oz said…

The penis is a dipstick for the male health. If it’s not able to get erect, it’s a reflection that the cells that allow blood to engorge that organ aren’t working in other parts of the body; they’re not working in your kidneys, not working in your heart, your brain, your skin — there are lots of issues going on.

When people are not embarrassed but thoughtful about what this signal is, then, you know, people find solutions.

Male Sexual Health and Cardiovascular Health

Male sexual health is closely linked to a man’s cardiovascular system. In fact, losing weight alone and maintaining ideal weight through a man’s lifetime is a great way of boosting sexual health, as well.

This is a very important fact to those who have concerns about their sexual health. Moreover, men who are endeavoring to increase penis size should consider looking at their overall health condition as it may affect significantly on their effort to achieving their goals.

Simply looking at one’s typical diet is a great start to achieving good overall health. Shifting towards living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult.

Through self-discipline and proper knowledge about how to achieve good health, it is doable and achievable.


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