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Married Men Live Longer, Healthier and Have Better Sex

Any man who wants to be healthier, live longer, have better sex and earn more money should get married. Unfortunately, the current statistics of men getting married is the opposite.

The U.S. Census Bureau says there has been a drop in the number of men with marriage commitment. After all, marriage is journey to be explored with excitement.

The trend continues to go down. In the 70’s, there was a 70% drop of men getting married. It continues to decline, and the latest statistics says it is now down to below 40%.

In short, half of the men today are not married. Probably, this is due to men’s negative perception about marriage?

Let’s take a look at this common perception. The Institute of Family Studies says men have the following perception about marriage.

Negative Perception About Marriage

A lot of American men perceive marriage as a prisoner in a ball and chain. Viewing marriage at this angle led men overlooking the many benefits that come from having a spouse.

However, a study by IFS(Institute of Family Studies) reveals something amazing.

Despite men’s prevalence perception of marriage like that of ball and chain, the study finds the opposite. It may be that many of the men are being caught in negativity. Instead of looking the beneficial side of marriage, negative perception prevails.

The study findings say that the benefits of marriage for men are substantial in every conceivable measure such as money, health and longevity, and better sex.

Do Men Really Avoid Marriage?

One episode in Steve Harvey Show where a survey was conducted to men reveals men don’t avoid marriage after all.

3 Significant Benefits of Marriage For Men

The IFS study finds 3 health benefits of marriage for men. These three benefits are substantial enough to make men look at marriage in a different angle.

1. Money

One of the benefits of marriage for men includes job stability, higher income, and more assets.

The study finds that married men are earning as much as $16,000 more compare to their single counterparts.

Note that, even with similar backgrounds in career, married men earnings are higher. Usually, married men have access to second income and tend to save more.

2. Better Sex

Married men have better sex than single or cohabiting men. The key findings of the study says;

…51 percent of married men reported they were extremely satisfied with their sex lives, compared to 39 percent of cohabiting men and 36 percent of single men

More on this survey here.

3. Healthier and Live Longer

Marriage Benefits For Men

The majority longs for longevity, and for men getting married may just be one of the answers. In this study, researchers find that married men live longer compared to unmarried men. The difference in lifespan can read up to a decade.

Living 10 years more is an advantage especially for those who have clear goals. Moreover, the study finds that married men are almost twice happier than singles.

In short, it’s clear that married men enjoy better mental and physical health than single men. Hence, marriage benefits for men are worth looking.

Final Thoughts

Speaking from a married man’s point of view, truly marriage has many benefits.

However, it also involves certain changes in mindset.

Study says that men who enter into fatherhood experience beneficial brain changes.

It really feels amazing being with my wife and daughter.

Additionally, one factor that makes marriage more beneficial is choosing the right partner. When it comes to marriage, it’s not just about sex, but respect, communication and unconditional love.


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